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  1. As a developer myself, I can understand that things aren't always as straightforward as users think ("just fix this already!"). And that's why I understand that perfectly policing crashes between players is not something that can be done to always generate the perfect results. However, there are a lot of very obvious situations that could be fixed quite easily and that would fix 80% of the problems seen by users. For instance: make bots have normal speed. They are ridiculously fast on the straights and they are honestly getting in the way of having a DUEL (a "duel" by definition is a match between just TWO opponents). Especially since the entire race is just one lap, having two crazy AI cars means it's impossible to drive the way you would normally drive in F1 (e.g. wait for passing opportunities as opposed to just going for it at every corner) and still hope to be able to catch your opponent. bots should never ever behave like crazy players. I'm really not sure how they ended up programmed like this and how they passed any kind of testing. Every grid start on a track with a slow turn 1 (e.g. Bahrain, Monza, Spa etc) is just ridiculous. They have no notion of "there's no space here, brake", they just slam into me as I'm braking for the corner, they ram into the side of me and if I just stay wide and let them through, they completely miss the corner!! How is this normal behavior for the AI? An AI that isn't really in the fight for anything, since it doesn't matter if you finish 1st or 11th, as long as your opponent is behind you. handle obvious impacts between players. I know some impacts are hard to judge automatically whos fault it was, but there are plenty of instances where it's really easy to notice the intentional manner in which one of the players hit the other: steering into the other player while going on a straight simply not braking and ramming into the player in front as he brakes for the corner do not decrease SR for impact with the bots. Especially given their current agressive/insane nature. But even if that's fixed, as I was saying earlier, if you are 1-2 places behind your opponent, you're gonna have to take risks in overtaking the bots to get to find your actual opponent because you have just half a lap to do it. And I don't care if my opponent is overly aggressive towards AI players, I just care how he behaves when finding human players. do not decrease SR for going outside the track. I find it really ridiculous to see my SR drop because I run wide and get on to the gravel. I already had my speed reduced by magic from 250kph to 40kph, I got an engine penalty, my opponent has already sailed into the distance. I had nothing to gain by it. It makes no sense to also drop the SR.
  2. Ice2k

    Insane AI

    One more thing regarding the AI: when they go outside the track, stop making them rejoin by crossing the track at 90degrees, it’s virtually impossible to avoid the huge accident when they’re pulling a grosjean like that.
  3. Ice2k

    Insane AI

    Hi Chris, Thanks for the reply. I'm just wondering, ridiculously aggressive behavior aside, why are the AI cars so fast on the straights? It's not even close to the real players' speed. Since this is called a DUEL (meaning "a contest between TWO opponents"), why are the AI challenging at all? Since the race is just one lap long (which is another big problem in my opinion, I don't see any reason why we wouldn't have 3/5/10 lap duels available to better simulate a race), if there's one/two AI cars between me and my opponent and we are closely matched, there's really no real chance (except the AI going carmageddon on one of us) to catch the car in front in just one lap. Seems like it would be much better to have the AIs at something like 90% performance compared to the real players so we're not alone on track but let the real battle be between the real players. Furthermore, there's no point in them being so strong since there's nothing to gain by finishing 1st or finishing 10th. You just need to be in front of your real opponent. To summarize my feedback: don't count crashes with the AI towards the Safety Rating of a player, especially given the AI's current state of insanity. It's infuriating to get rammed from behind by a crazy AI going for a move that was never going to happen, get thrown on the gravel, get slammed with a corner cut engine penalty and then see my safety rating dropped. It's ruining the game. I don't care if the other player is being aggressive with the AI cars, I just care if it's the kind of player that's gonna try and ram me of the road as I go past him. make AI cars slower in duels to allow the duel to actually be a duel. add some sort of deterant for players to ram into the back of the other player, something much more drastic then a safety rating drop or a temporary engine penalty. I see more and more the tactic of just not braking and ramming into the player in front at turn 1 of grid starts or sprint races at tracks where turn 1 is a slow turn (e.g. hungary, monza, spa etc). The other player just positions himself right behind me and rams into me as I'm braking. He gets stopped by the impact and can carry on while I end up on the gravel and lose 2-3s getting back on track. Seems like a "broken front wing, duel lost", similar to when you break a wheel would be more than adequate for very powerful front-to-rear impacts. allow the selection of different race lengths. I would love to be able to play 3-5 lap duels where you can actually take your time and plan your attack rather than having to go with the desperate approach of "i have just half of lap to get past, it's all or nothing". To be fair, they did fix the grid starts which were the biggest problem.
  4. Ice2k

    Insane AI

    I don’t understand why they programmed the AI cars the way they did, they are simply insane. It doesn’t matter if there’s a passing opportunity or not, if the line is free or not, they just go for it and simply ram into me as I brake for the corner. At the moment they are worse than the most aggresive real players simply because there’s more of them and they don’t care if they crash alongside you or not. Add to that their absolutely ridiculous straight line speed and every race with slow corners is a gamble...i get taken out of the race or catapulted outside the track by AI cars so damn often.... this is suppose to be a “duel” (meaning 2 opponents) but it’s extremely rarely that I can actually fight the other player on track. The AI cars often decide the outcome.