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  1. Stepen

    Car setup

    I agree bro, the R & D is broke from the first this game released. You know that mercedes car has a quick gear shift, no matter how much you put the power on other cars you have, you could not beat mercedes. Hearing from the sound of gear shift is already enough to ensure those power numbers is just nothing
  2. Stepen

    Car setup

    I see... Now its meaningless going duel race for grind epic card especially when you got with power stat epic cards This game is broke from the first update, the only stats which affect the car so far is just 2 aero and handling, the other seems just a blank number
  3. Stepen

    Car setup

    Whats the meaning of R&D in power if Aero is more powerful than power? It seems useless when we got an epic card if the other rare cards provide more aero