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    Car setup

    I agree bro, the R & D is broke from the first this game released. You know that mercedes car has a quick gear shift, no matter how much you put the power on other cars you have, you could not beat mercedes. Hearing from the sound of gear shift is already enough to ensure those power numbers is just nothing
  2. Stepen

    Car setup

    I see... Now its meaningless going duel race for grind epic card especially when you got with power stat epic cards This game is broke from the first update, the only stats which affect the car so far is just 2 aero and handling, the other seems just a blank number
  3. Stepen

    Car setup

    Whats the meaning of R&D in power if Aero is more powerful than power? It seems useless when we got an epic card if the other rare cards provide more aero
  4. Stepen

    Paid cars vs custom cars

    I had tried some official cars, the fastest is mercedes with fast accellaration and gear shift. The other official cars is same with custom cars
  5. Stepen

    Request for a new penalty system

    They wont be passed and they want to pass me with barbaric driving style... They try to ram my car, sometimes avoided them and DNF... LOL They deserve that
  6. Stepen

    XP rating

    When the braking assist bug will be fixed?
  7. Stepen

    Numbers on profile in duel

    We met once on duel XD
  8. Stepen

    Post-Update 4 topics to address

    I will stop playing for a while until the braking assist fixed, could not play with no braking assist... Only if i could play with tilts
  9. Stepen

    Post-Update 4 topics to address

    Please fix the bugs about breaking assists and racing line asap... Its annoying for player which use left right tap to turn
  10. Stepen

    Post-Update 4 topics to address

    At least they need fews month to fix this bugs...
  11. This is definitely annoying bugs since this update, old bugs fixed, another bugs has come out again and again, f1 mobile racing beta version
  12. Yeah i play with braking assist too... Now its hard without braking assist, because i play with left and right tap
  13. Stepen

    New XP System and R&D Boxes

    I agree... I think they need to give us a long laps race, not a 1, 3 or 5 laps race. Just like F1 2016, you can do 15% laps, 25% or 50% laps, and you got pitstop there... And they need to add car tuning system like F1 2018 on PS/PC, such as tuning your front wing, rear wing or chasis... So we dont too depending on R&D stats points too much
  14. Stepen

    New XP System and R&D Boxes

    Cant wait for next update come out, hope all bugs has fixed
  15. Stepen

    New XP System and R&D Boxes

    When the update will come out?
  16. Stepen

    Sprint and Qualifying

    Hmm... Now its hard to win a single grid starts... When you passed ur opponent, they will ram your car from inside of corner with high speed. Some track with U turns were the example where the AI or ur opponent will ram your card from the inside will make ur car go off from track... Now i never finished grid starts, quit the race after countdown startart. No worth to try
  17. Stepen

    Where's the car behind?

    Please update and fix this quickly...
  18. Stepen

    Post-patch 3.5 topics to address

    Yeah... For the first time i set up my car with full aero, 102 power, 0 brakes... ***.... I can not accept this... How could my car run faster even accellarate faster then my previous set with all epic card... This is ridiculous and smell fishy, the devs & publisher want us to spend much money on this non sense purple card(Pay To Win). But its not p2w, its called pay4nothing... Luckily i just pay for f1 official cars, not on some ridiculous thing called gacha for epic parts cards. I still wonder what if every epic cards reached lv 7 but your aero still below 400?
  19. Stepen

    Next update

    Any information about this update when will come out?
  20. Stepen

    Post-patch 3.5 topics to address

    On grid starts if you could not overtake your opponent at the first corner, then you should quit the race, no meaning to finish the race, you absolutely can not win, if you success overtake, at very long straight line you must blocking the way to prevent its unnatural speed. Now just found something interesting, Aero build so overpowered, so whats the meaning of those R&D cards? The other blue? The other purple? No matter what you put and how much the power, aero, lightweight and the other stats its useless unless your aero is below 400+, just play with aero only... Even on the other tracks the have less DRS, you still could win easily with high aero, the car accellaration is superb. I'd tested on every track with aero total 598, i beat my own best lap, 1-2 seconds faster than my last best lap... Thats very unlogic which my power only 102. So the more power you got the more speed you got for the engine, aero and lightweight is just supporting your car speed, its all just myths...
  21. Stepen

    codemasters exposed

    So its useless to grind any rare card if aero is the most important Yeah, i had tried it at baku or other straight line track, my speed could reached 330km/h, with other build before i only could reached 316km/h...
  22. Stepen

    Post-patch 3.5 topics to address

    Yeah i agree.. while want to turn, the AI always blocking me from inside with high speed
  23. Stepen

    Win ratio in Grid Starts

    Aero is everything, so whats the point of raising other stats? Still unclear about this. Even some track with many turns you could got the best lap times with aero settings. Does the power stats or accelaration is useless? I hope they fix or make sure about this for next update
  24. Stepen

    Problems after last update 1.7.3

    Sometimes sprint races still oversteer, sometimes not... My DRS being cancelled on the straight line because sometimes the car doesnt follow the racing line, just like grid race and qualifying race Please, optimize or make sure about car performance stats, does every each stats affect the car significantly? 1. Big power, average aero, big lightweight : Lost to big aero car with less power 2. Brakes stats : does this really works? It said your car will brake at the right time to prevent late brake or brakelock before cornering
  25. Stepen

    Post-patch 3.5 topics to address

    Why sometimes some sprint races feel oversteer? And sometimes its annoying because the DRS cancelled while on the straight line. Its mean the car doesnt follow the racing line even i already set steering assist to full. Its feel different while you got grid race or qualifying, your car definitely follow the racing line if you put your steering assist to full