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  1. Rallih

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Share your Videos!

    Look, I can roll.
  2. Thrustmaster T80 here on PS4. High Saturation since I am a "flicker" when driving. I really like to move the wheel when I get stressed and this prevents that for me with this wheel. Throttle Saturation at 90% so I hit the gas little earlier than normal. Needed for a slow guy as me. Brake saturation is 60 since this pedals often elevate from floor (not attached to floor 100%) when hitting the brakes normally. Now I can just "pinch" the brakes and safety is there.
  3. Hi Guys, Can we please share settings between us who uses Thrustmaster T80? It´s a cheaper wheel for us that does not play that much 😉 Even better would if we share settings cross-plattform. PS4 and PC. I am on PS4 and having a little bit of trouble finding the right "feeling". My settings right now: Steering Deadzone 5% Steering Saturation 100% Steering Linearity 0 Best, Rallih