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  1. Colinobe

    Player AZFAR - AZF 2

    Play fair 😂 never ever gonna happen
  2. F1 Mobile is not even one year old yet !!! so there is still a long long way to go, as the game evolves we are still going to experience a load of idiots cheats and bugs and Issues beyond our control ? ? ? but in saying all that I think this is one of the best mobile racing apps currently on the market, and i'am confident in the long run the game will get better with updates and feedback from the most experience players and will make all the frustration we have all experience one way or another be worthwhile. Codemasters please see attached: I must say I do not agree with the current charge for VIP this should be FREE Considering all the pain and the frustration and the confusion also the lack of communication when we need you most plus loss of points when the game crashes etc etc Codemasters you have put us through unnecessary stress !!! so Chris Groves we need to be compensated for our patients do the right thing and speak to the powers to be and get the VIP we well deserve for all your Pro league players that have shown and given there loyalty to the game.
  3. Colinobe


    Don’t give up keep fighting the game will evolve and can only get better !!! Be positive if you have done it once you can do it again.
  4. If you only finished the Qualifying then I believe you may have to spend 10 credits and complete the race ... this is the option I believe is available
  5. I would like to confirm I have just received my rewards for Completing the Azerbaijan Race happy days better late than never cheers
  6. Please see attached notification and let me know where the rewards are hiding so I can retrieve them, Pls confirm they will eventually be sent out to me and many others who have not received them. Also your latest Update 5: Is in need of some tweaking as we still have your preprogrammed kamikaze stunt drivers: Call them what you like ( Al cars Bot cars pla 22 cars ) Who are still ruining the game for others Either by blocking us or ramming us from behind Simple solution turn down there engine mode in duel and sprint races so we can overtake. One more thing before I go your penalty system is not Effective enough as there are still idiots who are deliberately sideswiping and ramming people of the track they do get a penalty but it is not long enough and it is very frustrating that they end up winning the race look into this and get it addressed.
  7. Please see attached photos: The problem we have currently with F1 Mobile racing Isn’t the upcoming weekend events I’ve seen you recently posted and talked about ie to address corner cutting and other issues? From my experience and many other users of the game If you look at one of the photos I was hit so hard from behind I became airborne, The No 1 main issues currently playing F1 Mobile Quote are your CRAZY !!!! Preprogrammed kamikaze stunt drivers: Call them what you like ( Al cars Bot cars pla 22 cars ) Are ruining what should be a very enjoyable experience for alot of your paying and non customers. This problem should be addressed with Immediate affect there’s no point in doing random updates that have a shelf life of only a few weeks, the problems are there and they need to be addressed.
  8. Colinobe


    Is it my imagination? Or is it déjà vu But why do I feel like we have gone back to good old bumper car style racing. AI car seems a lot more aggressive lately very strange as I thought he was on a long holiday, I don’t know if anybody else has notice that the Al cars are getting a bit more defensive and it is very difficult at the best of times to overtake the Al cars and by the time you do you overtake the guy that was way behind you is in front of you now. Codemaster you need to introduce the blue flag to the game like NOW ??? Frustrating like superman being hit by kryptonite, but as anybody else been deliberately pushed off the track from behind by another driver who has nothing to lose and is a **** racer and a cheat and does not get penalised ( what a joke ) this I find very hard to digest I honestly do believe the bugs have come back i’ve seen cars flying etc etc we are going to be in need of some more maintenance update again If not now in the very near future.
  9. Codemaster please explain to all your customers WHY ? you have totally removed all F1 credits If they enter the final gp event this weekend. I have also noticed your scoring system when playing F1 Mobile is totally up the wall the system seems to be deducting random cups when losing in a duel match also the DRS system is not 100%
  10. New updated version 4 of F1 Mobile I have completed several challenges duel races etc etc and I have not yet seen the brand new XP SYSTEM in action or move a fraction whatsoever. Codemaster Please confirm that the brand new XP system is functioning ???
  11. Come on Codemasters take duel grid start out as a NON STARTER until you have resolved and sorted out the technical issues It’s not fair on your paying and non paying customers to suffer any more unnecessary frustration I understand that game is still in development stage, but the sheer fact of losing points & races time and time again in duel grid mode is getting tiring Al cars are far too aggressive