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  1. Duel mode continues to be a major issue. While AI car issues were significantly better after last update and grid starts only drop you 2-3 places now as opposed to 6 (you can't call that a fix, btw), the races simply cannot be won. One of my "opponents" today, who was clearly AI, actually, closed over a 1 sec gap to overtake me in the final turn, which I took almost flat out on the racing line, and went ahead around 1 sec to win. Would have been the only win of 10 races run and lost today and clearly unacceptable per the new setup for a player to win even 10% of the time. So that remains just a massive fail here. Current points count since the duel-killer update, -2,200, bringing me to 3,000, so fast approaching a 50% loss in points here. I dont understand why they dont fix it.
  2. Wheeeeee

    Duel Mode Issues - Massive Point Losses

    Just discovered EA sports Real Racing 3. Not F1, but the gameplay is so much better. Think I'll make the switch.
  3. Grid Starts are much improved in recent play, as are AI cars. Would have never expected such an immediate and clear improvement. Impressive, and thanks, Codemasters. The recent dramatic increase in difficulty in Duel mode remains massively off-putting, though. With a much improved car, and setting personal best after personal best in duel mode, Ive still somehow managed to lose 1,500 points in two weeks which is absurd. Can't justify purchasing any more upgrades until there's some sense of reasonable stability restored there.
  4. We're good, UP. I appreciate the links!
  5. UP100 you miss the point. I'm very passionate about F1 and I genuinely loved this game until recently when it just unraveled. Codemasters has an exceptional opportunity with this community of racing fans and players, but it's worth nothing if they won't address basic issues, or at the very least roll back disastrous updates, in a reasonable timeframe once it is clear that a massive fail has occured. A game like this, with the world's most beloved Grand Prix circuits and most incredible racing machines rendered with such high fidelity to the visual and sound qualities of the real thing is like a dream for me as an F1 fan. I just want it to be good soooo badly, and sadly, today, it just isn't.
  6. You need to read and address your players' issues. Completely accurate and consistent across these discussion threads and reflect a massive fail on Codemasters' part to steward players' investments in gameplay. Duel mode was excellent previously, but since last update, duel opponents are clearly bots rather than actual players, and perform artificially such that they cannot be beaten, causing player ratings to slide hundreds or even thousands of points. Your grid start feature is a complete fail with an automatic drop to 11th position on every start, including perfect starts. There is literally a shunt in almost every corner of every track in every race mode except quali. AI cars park on every apex, spear you in every turn, and lose control in the straights such that you're guaranteed to get in at least 2 unavoidable shunts in every race, while your fake AI opponent will cruise to 3rd position from the middle of the grid at the start and easily avoid any contact with other bots. So incredibly disappointing to have game play so massively degraded just as you introduce Grands Prix. You've got enough feeback on the same issues now from many, many dedicated players, so fix it, please.