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    Crowd To Loud !!

    Why is the crowd so loud you can barley hear the engine. This should’ve been a no brainer for y’all, all you had to do was put in a way for us to turn it off but didn’t. It is sooooo distracting. All you had to do was just put a simple way for us to turn the crowd off why didn’t y’all do that. Anyone who is a racer doesn’t care about the crowd and they’re cheering for you
  2. You guys you guys at Codemasters what are you ******* doing? People are getting kicked off I am getting kicked off after every game. I get kicked off randomly randomly during games. All I do is play multiplayer nothing else. It keeps getting worse and worse and worse. Why can y’all not fix this? Last night after an hour of trying to play I finally just said **** it got off. This is just dumb that in 2020 a game company can’t fix online multiplayer.
  3. Skyfly17151715

    [F1 2020] My Team

    It f ridiculous is it? I cannot believe the company in 2020 can’t fix their video game. So that when people play it they don’t get kicked off and stupid little issues don’t happen. They can fix it they just don’t give a **** to fix it. We’ve already bought the game so they’re already paid
  4. Skyfly17151715

    [F1 2020] My Team

    What the **** is wrong with this game. I’m getting kicked out of game while in them. I get kicked out every time I do finish one. As well as it just will completely quit randomly and I’m left staring at my Home Screen. It happens every day, every time I play. What the **** is wrong with you did y’all can’t fix this? Codemasters what’s wrong with y’all?????????????????????????????????
  5. Skyfly17151715

    F1 2020

    USA here and it’s not working. I’m signed in, but I’m not signed in to “online services”. It just keeps getting worse and worse. Last three weeks been nothing but just disconnections in the middle of games culminating in this, not even being able to get online to play. Sick of it
  6. It’s not you. I can’t sign on to F1 2020 either. I’m signed in on my Xbox account, but it won’t sign in to F1 2020. This thing is just getting worse and worse. It’s been just disconnecting all by itself in the middle of races. I’m starting to really hate it.