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  1. I've had the game for a week and a half now, and here are my impressions. I think it's even quite a bit better than DR1. In fact, I've stopped playing the latter in principle (except at work, where I've now got an old laptop on which it runs on basically the very lowest settings; I'd play Dirt 3 there, which I never played before, except it doesn't have clutch kick, which I discovered less than a month ago but which I'm already much attached to). I just miss seeing and feeling the loose gravel and mud so much! Still, I can glean that it would be far better even in VR. Things I really like about it include 1) that it gives the locations which were new in Dirt 4 a second chance—with handcrafted stages this time, making them so much better! I already liked them quite a bit in D4, and now we can experience their full potential—; 2) that it kept the best bits of D4's career and team management options, and further improved them; 3) that it also kept the other small improvements from D4, e.g. more realistic tarmac and the option to bind specific gears to specific buttons. On top of all that, I really like the new classic cars—been having great fun with my DS21, for example! The only gripe I can think of is that there's no explanations in the options menu—something that could almost literally have been copy/pasted from DR1... Lastly, I don't care for rallycross, so I can't really say anything sensible about that. I hope to see remakes of my favourite stages from DR1—Wales, Greece, and Finland, in that order—in the Season 2 DLC. But what I hope for most is, of course, PSVR support. Great job thus far, Codemasters! P.S. I forgot to say I play the game in chase cam view, since all other views are a joke to me now that I know VR. At least chase cam view more or less shows the car as a 3D object in a 3D environment... P.P.S. Oh, and I also really like the three all-new locations. In fact, I like 2.0's locations better, overall, than DR1's even!
  2. For the record: I preordered the Deluxe Edition even before Oculus support was announced, and this announcement has made me quite certain not to cancel it. I won't buy another CM game as long as 2.0 doesn't have PSVR support, though! (Handheld games are exempt from this rule. And I will probably buy the rest of the DLC as well.)