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  1. Bicarda

    Rwagnation League Invitation (PC)

    Hello Folks! Just to let you know there's an awesome f1 2018 community (twitch/discord) spearheaded by twitch.tv/rwaggy Over the past few months we've hosted a semi-casual league, which still is good fun, but the season is nearly coming to a close. Now the second season of the Rwagnation Online League is beginning shortly. And it's going to be a bit more serious than last time. We are dead set on making it the best thing since the Big Tasty, with quality casting, a good field of drivers, and a well structured orginization. While the first 10 seats will be given to the top 10 drivers from last season, the last 10 seats are open for grasp in a qualifying event on march 9th. A full version of the story is in the discord under the 'season 2' tab, as well as links to the aplication forms. Short version is this: -Races will be held Saturday at 20:00 BST -Qualify starts at 20:00 to the second. -Twitch.tv/Rwaggy and Twitch.tv/Amkasa will cast and it will be legendary. -No assists apart from Line and gears -top 10 drivers from season one that want to stay remain in -Try-Outs for spot 11-20 will be held SATURDAY 9TH OF MARCH 20:00 BST (21:00 Euro time) -No random reserve drivers (Team specific reserve drivers that ideally play jeff for the team -Every team needs a jeff. A jeff is basically someone who uses the telemetry app to monitor the two drivers and helps them with race strategy, tyres, gaps, and anything you can think of really. it really adds a lot to the game to have one. https://discord.gg/wYGvWRE Is the link to the discord. Again, look for all info under the 'season 2' tab and apply only if you really intent to finish the league (even if the first 3 races go ****) I hope to see lots of you guys there and if you don't want to participate, maybe to see you watch a race or two! Kind regards! Bica