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  1. Bicarda

    F1 game research, your voice matters!

    Yeah true. Although personally i'd want for them to first fix all the bugs and crashes and desyncs. before fixing their weird design choices. I agree with all these things though and 2 and 3 look really easy to implement.
  2. Bicarda

    F1 game research, your voice matters!

    Well they are obviously not reading the forums. They're only now ACKNOWLEDGING the fact that the game is a buggy ******** and you have to start every league race 3 times (and even THEN someone's probably desynced but, whatever, not gonna do all that again, we're already half an hour late)
  3. Bicarda

    F1 game research, your voice matters!

    They responded? To a bug report? IS THIS REAL LIFE?????????? ******* finally. Come on codies fix your broken game.
  4. So now Lando Norris (Thank you, my man) has spoken publicly about the bad state the game is in, is it finally gonna get fixed? I'm not even talking about the total lack of FFB. here. Nor about the weird (understeery) handling, and the fact that tires seem to get hotter as they deteriorate. Those are all design choices, allbeit weird ones. I'm mainly talking about the crashes that make starting a league race really hard. The desyncs too. it's abysmal. sometimes 2 people are desynced with eathother. Sometimes 1 person is desynced with everyone and starts driving away on the grid with everyone waiting. And after waiting 25 minutes to start because it is THAT hard to have 20 people not crash for the duration of the lobby timer, to have to do it all again because someone in the lobby turned out to be desynced. I don't know why you got the license extended because at this point this game is the laughing stock of esports. There's countless other issues with the game. the driving in general. pitcrews fitting whatever the hell tires they want. and not repairing your broken wing to boot. (yes should be always replace even if 100% green. auto should be replace if 1% damaged. no should be never replace) spectators not having the penalties on screen at a glance. cars falling through the road. inconsistent safety cars. (make it a choice then. but we have to have the option to have someone retires on track = safety car... very close to a crane/exit = vsc.. it's not rocket science) inconsistent ghosting. But the sad part is. at it's core it's still a fun game. Those things get fixed? it's a great game. But the stability/connection issues are really really bad and are killing the competitive scene right now. Make it really hard to commentate/stream races, and make this potentially great game "litteraly unplayable" The fact that these issues have been with us since launch (crashes. screenfreezes) and since last game but grown worse (desyncs) And you have not aknowledged them, nor did anything about it to save the online scene from dying is beyond my comprehension. If you want this esports thing to happen you're gonna need people who actually play the game (and the esport guys themselves to be able to race without lobby issues) it is of PARAMOUNT importance that this gets fixed asap and every day you go about doing nothing about it you are giving yourselves a very bad and ignorant reputation, in addition to killing a game you appear to want to remain a thing for the forseeable future. Also fix league mode. make us able to use reserves. we can't use it as is. Or is this really a, "we got the license.. money's in the pocket.. let's just deliver sub-mediocre stuff and cash in <3" kinda situation? I really hope it isn't codemasters. Please prove it to us by fixing your broken game.
  5. Granted, there's still a lot wrong with/missing from the game. (a lot of which i have pointed out in other threads already) and i really really really hope f1 will eventually get the game it deserves. But to give credit where it's due: I am well content with the fps fix in the new patch. (i went from 80ish to 150ish on ultra) So thanks for that Codemasters! (please don't stop there though. There's still countless rpm glitches, lobby glitches, pitstop glitches, missing penalties for spectators, and a whole league game mode to fix)
  6. Bicarda

    This is getting ridiculous.

    And boy did we get bamboozled.
  7. Bicarda

    This is getting ridiculous.

    Apparently we should be asking questions to @RedDevilKT and @hoo (doesn't work for some reason) now So the questions of the First post are henceforth directed at them as well.
  8. Bicarda

    This is getting ridiculous.

    I'm just surprised F1 itself wants to put up with this ****. It surely has to be one of the goals of FOM for handing them the licence in the first place? to improve the visibility of the sport and attract more fans? Well if you don't make a good game you're not gonna attract people that weren't fans in the first place. If people don't play or stream it after a few months they might as well not bother. Or is it just easy buck for FOM too?
  9. Bicarda

    This is getting ridiculous.

    Well it's not like we're personally attacking anyone. Just asking questions. over and over. Until someone answers them. They obviously don't take us seriously enough but we can only hope in time they will.
  10. Bicarda

    This is getting ridiculous.

    It were just some of the examples.. I didn't want to make this a list of all the things that need fixing because the forum is full of them. Just some very general and obvious ones that were at the top of my head. And just ask. Again. where they think they are going with this game and why there is such a huge lack of communication. Cause as it stands, it looks like it isn't gonna get fixed, And that's a bad thing for the community to feel if you want them to actually keep playing the game. Which it looks like they do, seeing they're going for leages, online events, cosmetic dlc patches. They would sell so much more cosmetics if they fixed the game first and there were actually people willing to buy that stuff=
  11. Bicarda

    This is getting ridiculous.

    I should have specified, in leagues. I agree that championship mode was the best way to play coop and it's just a mistake to make people use leagues for that now.
  12. Bicarda

    This is getting ridiculous.

    well of course it's fine the option is there doesn't change the fact that it's absurd that we can't have human reserves.
  13. Bicarda

    Where is the 1.10 patch?

    I don't think you should be allowed to call it a patch if you don't patch anything...
  14. Bicarda

    Why Codemasters beeing EA

    The fact that they even dare put out a cosmetic update with the abysmal state the game is in right now... it's incredible. The disdain they have for us is beyond measure.
  15. Bicarda

    What is the best way to complain

    We can only keep posting here.. and hope that, for the love of god, FOM wakes up and gives the license to a more capable company. One that actually puts a team on the job that's big enough/up for the task.