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  1. Bicarda

    This is getting ridiculous.

    And boy did we get bamboozled.
  2. Bicarda

    This is getting ridiculous.

    Apparently we should be asking questions to @RedDevilKT and @hoo (doesn't work for some reason) now So the questions of the First post are henceforth directed at them as well.
  3. Bicarda

    This is getting ridiculous.

    I'm just surprised F1 itself wants to put up with this ****. It surely has to be one of the goals of FOM for handing them the licence in the first place? to improve the visibility of the sport and attract more fans? Well if you don't make a good game you're not gonna attract people that weren't fans in the first place. If people don't play or stream it after a few months they might as well not bother. Or is it just easy buck for FOM too?
  4. Bicarda

    This is getting ridiculous.

    Well it's not like we're personally attacking anyone. Just asking questions. over and over. Until someone answers them. They obviously don't take us seriously enough but we can only hope in time they will.
  5. Bicarda

    This is getting ridiculous.

    It were just some of the examples.. I didn't want to make this a list of all the things that need fixing because the forum is full of them. Just some very general and obvious ones that were at the top of my head. And just ask. Again. where they think they are going with this game and why there is such a huge lack of communication. Cause as it stands, it looks like it isn't gonna get fixed, And that's a bad thing for the community to feel if you want them to actually keep playing the game. Which it looks like they do, seeing they're going for leages, online events, cosmetic dlc patches. They would sell so much more cosmetics if they fixed the game first and there were actually people willing to buy that stuff=
  6. Bicarda

    This is getting ridiculous.

    I should have specified, in leagues. I agree that championship mode was the best way to play coop and it's just a mistake to make people use leagues for that now.
  7. Bicarda

    This is getting ridiculous.

    well of course it's fine the option is there doesn't change the fact that it's absurd that we can't have human reserves.
  8. Bicarda

    Where is the 1.10 patch?

    I don't think you should be allowed to call it a patch if you don't patch anything...
  9. Bicarda

    Why Codemasters beeing EA

    The fact that they even dare put out a cosmetic update with the abysmal state the game is in right now... it's incredible. The disdain they have for us is beyond measure.
  10. Bicarda

    What is the best way to complain

    We can only keep posting here.. and hope that, for the love of god, FOM wakes up and gives the license to a more capable company. One that actually puts a team on the job that's big enough/up for the task.
  11. So while I of course get that you guys want to sell some more worthless cosmetics before throwing in the towel, the fact that no (0) of the countless issues with the game got fixed this patch, or there being not even a mention that you guys are even AWARE and INTENT ON FIXING any of the countless issues with the game, can be seen as just a very big insult to your customers and a very big '**** YOU' to anyone that once believed in codemasters as a company. Instead we got 'for future patches' Balanced AI pace in the wet Ability to disable voting in Leagues Fanatec DD1 wheel base not being recognised on PS That last one is arguably very bad, can't have one of the more expensive wheels not working on your game, But the fact that you think these are the main issues the game has that need to be fixed you guys are truelly in denial. Why is there no mention of all the countless stability issues? (we have to restart 4/5 of the lobbies before races even start) (rpm glitch still not fixed) Why is there no mention of all the issues with racing in general (mainly penalties and inconsistent ghosting) If you want to us to use the league system so much: why is there still no good way to add reserves to the league? NOONE wants ai. NOONE. And with the inability to really use league mode.. the fact that you removed championship mode (which was fine) in combination with the abysmal stability means we race a lot of races without tire-park ferme rules in place. I'm not even gonna start on how sad it is that the spectator/commentary side of things didn't get looked at for YEARS now even though that is the mode that would have gotten the greatest benefit from the new graphics. (real drivers in an f1 car have the HUD turned of....) @Faya Can you please tell us these things: - Is there still a development team? or just people doing cosmetics now. - Is there any intention at all to fix most, if not all of the issues? (stability issues being, of course, the most important) - Why is communication between developers and community so bad? Is it just you guys don't 'dare' tell us you're not gonna fix anything? - Are you working on f1 2020 already and if so, why? Will it be better? why? - Is there really a belief at Codemasters that sticking your head in the sand like an ostrich will make all the problems go away? Why is there no sign that you KNOW about all the issues with the game. It would make people who lost faith with the game and you as a company maybe a bit inclined to give you time to fix it. As it stands now you just **** in our mouths by not even acknowledging the messy state the game is in but DO try to get even more money from our pockets with worthless stupid cosmetics. And granted, the cosmetics would be fine if there was actually a good game to play. But to only bother with cosmetics after you've made people pay 60 for such an unpolished, unfinished, just bad game with issues that have been with us since f1 2017 or even longer now.. It really really looks like this is a social experiment. "How far can we go and how little can we do while STILL having some f1 fans buy the game every year." I hope you guys quickly realize how much potential you are wasting by not fixing your game, or I hope FOM quickly realizes how you are prostituting its licence and giving the sport a bad name in the process.
  12. Bicarda

    Where is the 1.10 patch?

    Especially when it seems like you're not trying. If they'd said "we've been trying for weeks to fix all the broken lobbies and the crashes but we can't figure out where the problem is" But they don't. they say nothing. Giving all of us the impression that they don't care. And if they don't why believe they care about 2020?
  13. Bicarda

    Where is the 1.10 patch?

    Dude you hit the nail on the head. This is SPOT ON how codemasters deals with issues with their game. The community tries so hard. And even though the tone is slightly changing now i feel we've been so patient.. They honestly don't give a ****.
  14. Bicarda

    Bug cheat or exploit?

    This. It happens often with people joining the lobby during (1 shot) quali and getting pole.. Only yesterday i saw a guy come home in fifth but his last lap got registered 1.09 (on france) for some reason so he won... even though he was 10+ sconds behind p1 Please don't call the players cheaters.. Codemasters is cheating us by having us pay so much for a game so broken.
  15. Bicarda

    Codemasters F1 licence

    Let's hope they lose the license very soon... I think these games are becoming very bad advertisement for F1 in general. All this years release proved is that even when they try they fail miserably