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  1. So just like most companies, the guys over at Paradox Development Studio have enjoyed a Christmas holiday, and being based in Sweden, and it gets very dark in Sweden in winter, they have a longer one than most. Upon return however, they more than make up for a few weeks of silence by writing a developers diary containing more words than every word from Codemasters employees on this forum combined, And i wanted to share this with you guys, Especially @BarryBL. https://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/index.php?threads/euiv-development-diary-14th-of-january-2020.1307998/&utm_source=stcom-owned&utm_medium=social-owned&utm_content=post&utm_campaign=empe_eu_20200114_for_dd This is a perfect example of a company that is: -Dedicated towards its followers -Ambitious and passionate where it concerns their games, -Tries to make money by making the game the best they can be, instead of by selling the same mediocre bug fest for years in a row -Very keen on fixing every last bug and glitch with their games. This is also a perfect example of what interaction should look like. They tell us what they are working on, what direction they want to take, and even some personal opinions of the writer. This is what we need to see cause as it stands we only know the Codemasters F1 devs as liars that are too scared to talk to the public. All we get is a PR guy who takes weeks to write a post containing 5 points and looks to be in place just to keep the plebs at a distance and make it look like Codemasters cares.. The whole position being an affront to the people that actually hope that someday we'll get a Codemasters f1 game that isn't a ********. If there's anyone at Codemasters who still believes in the game Now would be the time to tell us why. People are fleeing to Iracing left, right and center. Yesterday we had a league race, and after the hosts game crashed at the start of the formation lap the first time, we had to reset the lobby (again) Nearing the race conclusion in lap 21 everybody lost connection to steam without warning. There isn't a week going by without league races getting made impossible by the deplorable state of the game. If you want ANY person to buy the name game.. It's time to start showing you guys can fix things and why we should believe next one will be any different. Cause as it stands now it looks very much like you're well content delivering these glitchfests and prostituting the F1 license.
  2. Bicarda

    An overview of issues with F1 2019

    Don't give me that. YOU feel I need to do this. I'm perfectly happy with the way all issues are neatly put together in a list here. Some of them already have videos or pictures attached. This is easily accessible for the devs. (and it looked like you were too when you said "However, I want to make sure the list is correct and we have answers for the points wherever possible") Sad to see! it looked really promising when you said you wanted to make change. But I was naive again it seems. Much too easy to lie to. If anyone at Codemasters really wanted to fix the game this list would be enough. Cause you don't have to be a rocket scientist to know when and where the glitches occur. But I'll make the 111 topics you want. in the format you want. Should have known Codemasters was not about efficiency.
  3. Bicarda

    An overview of issues with F1 2019

    Just play the game for more than a few minutes and you'll encounter COUNTLESS things that need fixing lol. Just try to start a league race. See if you can do it without peoples games crashing or people being desynced. Lobbies glitching, commentators getting the wrong tire info and more such nonsense. Almost all those issues have been reported somewhere in one way or another but just ignored. and that post you made has FIVE things. and one of them is for people using a KEYBOARD ON XBOX for crying out loud. If you think you can say 'these 5 little things we're working on' and think that is enough to fix the mess this game is in that's hilarious. But fine then i'll go about making a bug report for EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THOSE THINGS. But then i'll expect you not to ignore them like has happened with a lot of reports and forum posts in the past. And not lie again like you did when you said " I want to have as many answers for everyone as possible" You just want to be done with it as easily as possible. A lot off the issues in the list above are formulated well enough that they could be a bug report on their own. But fine. I'll go about making 100+ bug report topics. Would be good display of the trashy state the game is in anyway. But if you see the topmost point in the list "There is a complete lack of communication to the community. There is so much feedback about the game and it just seems to get ignored. Keep us updated about what you're working on. Be transparent. Start actively looking for issues with the game instead of waiting for people to report things." You are really pointing out exactly what we mean here. We made this impressive, comprehensive list, to make it EASIER for everyone cause all the forum posts just get ignored. And still that's not enough work WE DID FOR YOU. It shouldn't be our job to find these issues but we did. And now you're making me post all these things in seperate topics. Can't help but feel that's just a deterrent. But i'm going to do it when i have time later tonight. And since you make me go through all that effort id would be no more than reasonable if you personally reply to each and every one of them. @BarryBL
  4. Bicarda

    An overview of issues with F1 2019

    @BarryBL Haha! No but i mean the big post you were writing with updates and answers regarding all the issues. More specifically the ones above. I recall you saying "There is a vast amount of things I'm looking to cover in a forum update shortly, covering a wide range of topics. " Remember? the one you referred to as being the size of a small novel (since it took more than 6 weeks to write) I'm as glad as anyone that you actually wrote something again, don't get me wrong. But still waiting for the real update that you promised. addressing all the issues with the game right now and telling us why they haven't been fixed yet, And what is gonna get fixed and when. Those 5 points you wrote are all on the list above but.. The game is much worse than that (as you know) The list above has 111 points. which is why at first we thought it fair that you took WEEKS to address them all. When it became months it started looking really fishy and disappointing again. But if after a month and a half, All you come up with is a list of 5 points and think That is it...... well i hope you can imagine my disappointment lol. We were literally asked by Codemasters staff to make a list of the issues. The game (while pretty) is so **** and there are so many, that a different forum post for everything just isn't efficient. So we did it, went all out of our way for you doing work that YOU and the devs should actually have done. (tested your game for you.. made the comprehensible list) After which you told us you were working on a forum post regarding all the issues. Then we don't hear from you for weeks and then you come up with that stupid post...? Where's the rest? I really hope you are joking.. We can't have waited 6 months just for another "Oh and the reall issues.. i don't have an answer yet that requires some time as someone from codemasters actually needs to do something" I THOUGHT YOU WHERE DOING THAT! i thought the last 7 weeks you were talking with the devs about these issues so you could make a good forum post about them.. i thought THAT's what took so long! If it's not that then what took you 6 weeks to write it lol? It's good that there's still some things being fixed. It's horrible that stability and crashes and desyncs are not among those. as well as 105 other issues. And i really feel fooled by you now. lied to. You kept saying 'have patience i'm working on a big update addressing all the issues just you wait it's the size of a novel" and Then after weeks come with this.. "For some topics, especially for some that create the most discussion with everyone, an update can take some time as more people from Codemasters will usually be involved." First of all 106 out of the 111 points is not 'some topics' its 'virtually all topics' And 2nd of all How do you think this looks to us? 😂 Do you think this gives us any good hopes for the next game? If the company that makes it can't even address forum posts and bug reports? And lastly IF YOU CANT DO IT, write those things, for the love of god tell the devs to actually make developer diaries for us and tell us what they will fix for this one, and what direction they will be going for the next one. Tell us if they actually have faith in their own game.. Codemasters should let them talk to us cause apparently you don't have permission to say things on your own. Very disappointing start to the new year this! Codemasters doesn't look good again.
  5. Bicarda

    An overview of issues with F1 2019

    Any news on the update @BarryBL Seeing as we're well into 2020 already 🙂
  6. Bicarda


    Veeeeeeeeeery curious too! Feels very much like you're saying that to keep us quiet for a while... Codemasters, once again, doesn't look good here.. treating customers like this. And please don't say 'just be patient 🤪' We've been more than patient enough. Just put out what you have now! a month and a half is more than enough time to write your stuff. and if the news isn't good.. tell us too. Stop with the lies.
  7. Bicarda

    Fix Suzuka Bump PLS

    So you are saying there's actually a team working on level design? What have they been doing all these years lol? I don't think there's anyone working on this game anymore except for the DLC boys and honestly, shame on them if they really feel this is a state they can leave a 55 euro's game in. With features not working and hilarious oversights like this remaining in the games for every new version, no matter how many times they are reported. but the worst part is: NOONE IS TELLING US ANYTHING. we have no idea why it hasn't been fixed for this one and if it is being worked on for the next one? @BarryBL has been writing a lot for 7 weeks now.. the results of which have not been revealed to us yet.. The devs are telling us nothing about their future plans with the game. Either because they don't have any or because codemasters does not allow them? Who can tell. It Honestly just feels like they're waiting to announce the new game comes out in may and hope we forget this horrible version ever existed. But i hope they realize it will be very hard for people to get interested in the new game, when this one was o so bad and litteraly ZERO effort has been done to fix any of the issues, some of which have been around for years, some have been introduced in this game. This bump is THE perfect example for how codemasters fails to identify and fix issues with the CORE of the game. this should have been a day 1 hotfix with a "terribly sorry this snuck passed testing guys.. we're as embarrassed as we should be" note.
  8. Bicarda

    ***, why am I starting with flat tires

    Guess they're still writing a response. Apparently it's Codemasters policy that that takes months to do. Just hope they'll be working on it at the same time but HAHAHAHAHA who am i kidding?
  9. Bicarda

    Fix Suzuka Bump PLS

    @sanderu1983 I wholeheartedly agree that if the devs have NOT found time to fix the Suzuka bump(as one of the many things wrong), and did find time to make and sell more skins, it makes it very obvious how wrongly distributed their priorities are. We're dealing with next level incompetence mixed with greed here. One could make a better game to sell more and make more money but why do it? if you can go for short-term gain and try to squeeze out the few people that haven't written you and your game off yet for every last penny? Codemasters is oggling EA's worst company award it seems. Trying to sell cosmetic DLC for a broken game.
  10. Ai probably just uses the pit assist while exiting the pits so it isn't really 'alive' at that point. It just blindly throws the car into the first apex just as people with pit assist on would (That assist should be removed btw.. it is a cheat on one end and a huge liability on the other end of the pitlane.. it doesn't really 'assist' in anything. Just makes it more dangerous for everyone) and in the process screwing over anyone who is unfortunate enough to be approaching. They should have the AI take notice of the main straight from the moment they cross the pit limiter line and wait/aim for a gap accordingly. If the devs are unable to make it happen they should ghost AI cars coming out of the pits (as well as people using pit assist) until they are.
  11. Bicarda

    Safety car

    It's a very big part of f1 and when it does go out it affects the race of a lot of people very drastically. so i find it kind of strange that you think a function that has a huge impact on the results of races and isn't working properly is not a problem. When there's a big crash at the start: 3 cars without tires stationary on the straight, People needing to pit. Those times it makes sense to send out the safety car from a realism (safety) as well as a race standpoint (not 4 drivers 40 seconds down from the start) but we most likely get nothing. But all too often a driver retires in the pits mid-race. And after retiring the car goes on to make its pitstop, smart ai drives back on track causes a safety car. @1512marcel Not everybody just plays time trial.. Some people do actual races and when a huge mechanic determining the outcome of the race is NOT working properly it is a big issue and a very logical reason not to buy the game. It's realistic you lose your lead if the safety car comes out but if it is for NO reason at all it gets very frustrating very quickly. If then the next race you drive through a car graveyard and there's no sign of any safety car and you realize that s hit might as well be random, and it all is just a lottery based on hardly anything, then you'll know that the game has it very wrong. Racing should never feel like a lottery because that literally messes up your 'core of a racing game'.
  12. Bicarda

    F1 2019 UDP Specification

    Since it's been a while without an answer I'll try again. Will we be getting the driver names in the next update? It worked fine in f1 2018. Removing that function has literally just expanded the workload of the people in the league who want to give the drivers relevant information, and the commentators who want to see who has what penalty. What is the cause for this huge leap backwards in QoL and user-friendliness? And lastly, the obligatory comment that half of those issues would also be fixed if we would just get a penalty tab in the spectator driver position list, and it is beyond ridiculous it isn't in the game yet. Commentators in every league are commentating rather blindly if they're not having someone in the chat who keeps them updated on the penalties. (And even then the telemetry doesn't show 5 second penalties which is a problem in and of its own.)
  13. Bicarda

    An overview of issues with F1 2019

    And now it's christmas and we're still waiting. I appreciate all the effort that @BarryBL is going through.. it has to be a massive encyclopedia by now. Even if he just wrote 20 words a day it's already a bigger post than ANY we've ever seen from codemasers (and this is not a joke i checked this). And i'm quite sure he is a capable guy and is doing what he can which is surely way more than 20 words a day. I do ask however: if this is such a huge task why is he doing this on his own? No amount of written text about a game should take more than a month to write. I know this means we will get a 20k + words essay. and i am really looking forward to it. and this community needs it. This game needs it. It just feels like they've put too much weight on one persons shoulders if it takes 6 weeks to write an update on bug reports. It also has one very bad side effect: Even though we finally have someone writing things, it is taking so long that for the public, it looks like STILL nothing is being done! This is very sad and surely not doing justice to the multiple hours each day BarryBL is spending on writing this essay. So Codemasters please don't put too much workload on your staff! spread it out please! if someone is taking 6 weeks to write a reply to bug reports (starting 5 months after launch) Then it should have been written by more people. Is there any chance we will be seeing it this year still? Or does it really take till next year to make a reply to a november 17 list of CONFIRMED BUGS? Don't get me wrong i do appreciate taking the time to get it right. But it appears this just wasn't a one man job and that should have been noticed way earlier... If kids give this performance for school projects they get rightfully reprimanded.
  14. The list is not for us.. the list is for the developers. Cause clearly the testers haven't done their job so we, without real choice, did it for them. All those things have been reported in seperate threads too. and all totally game breaking issues that need fixing right now are in there. Noone should have to report any of those bugs ever again because they have been reported enough times already. Also: it would be AMAZINGLY helpful in terms of bug reporting if someone from codemasters told us which bugs they are already working on fixing and which they are aware of so we dont have to keep reporting stuff in perpetuity.
  15. @1512marcel @UP100 There already is one such thread... It's this one.. and it's woefully incomplete i might add. That's why the community went out of its way to provide for Codemasters what they're too lazy to do themselves: It's all here 🙂 all done for you guys. 4-5 weeks ago. Thing is it has already taken you guys about 5 weeks (which is about 10% of the lifespan of the game) to get to us with an answer.. (and counting.. cause we don't have it yet) For some of the things in the list I can see how they're subjective and can be called (bad) design choice (Like there being no penalties in the spectator interface, or when someone totally destroys you in quali and you get a grid penalty to boot, retired cars in the pits driving out again and causing safety cars... I can go on and on) Although the issue described in the original post is obviously a bug that should have been noticed and fixed well before launch.. (one just has to play the career for a bit to find out) But the most important things like: 'desyncs' (cars driving while the rest waits.. or just indefinite waiting, or the start lights being desynchronized) and 'crashes' (to desktop) and 'freezes' (When you're the host and someone leaves (huge freeze + huge glitchfest) or when you're whoever and someone joins the lobby) are a disgrace to the game. It's bad that they weren't patched 2 weeks after launch. It's bordering on the hilarious (if it weren't so sad) that these aren't patched now. 6 months in. last night I watched some of our 2018 league races back. and I can't even watch that **** anymore. so bad does it look in comparison to this game.. cars twitching everywhere and moving very unrealistic. Which makes it even sadder that the devs went out of their way to make it so much better (looking) But just didn't walk the extra mile to make the game actually stable, and thus actually enjoyable. So, to end with a question to anyone from Codemasters who can be bothered to respond: How can it be that the stability of this game is not a priority? And if it is a priority, How can it be possible that it doesn't get fixed for 6 months and that we don't get told what is being done to fix it? And lastly: WHAT IS BEING DONE TO FIX IT?