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  1. Haha then i get you. but i have a hard time believing one would have difficulty take that one flat with the weel (and can easily do it with the pad 😛 )
  2. Bicarda

    An overview of issues with F1 2019

    Or maybe one of the mods can copy paste this in the "PC Known Issues" topic here: Maybe @BarryBL ? Cause that list is rather incomplete as you can see. All issues in this post above should be known issues by now. (Although i get not all of them are bugs, most of them are) (Those issues mentioned in faya's topic that have been known about since about launch are still very much there btw)
  3. Turn 6 is full throttle on pad? 😵 The hell?? And even if we're not talking about the same one.. Apart from 2,5 and 8 i don't think there should be any flat corners and both of those go flat full well with a wheel or a pad i'm sure.
  4. Not saying your wrong (i don't know obvs) But very curious what corner on austria one would take flat out 😛
  5. Bicarda

    An overview of issues with F1 2019

    This extensive list needs to get stickied I think 🙂 This has to be a goldmine for the developers. With this they could show that they care and maybe stop this game from dying as it is now.
  6. I think that's because the force feedback is not very good at telling you how far you need to turn the wheel.
  7. Bicarda


    Sorry but i disagree. If you want to go e-sports and have the races commentated and broadcast and look like real f1, the least you can do is make the interface for spectators look like the interface for spectators on tv. It's not hard to do. It adds a LOT to the immersion if you're watching a stream (esports or whatever league) And they can always give the option to use the old-style graphics while driving. It would also be of tremendous help to the commentators to have simple things like a purple box for the fastest lap. So you don't have to switch to the fastest laps if you want to see that. (And for the love of all that is holy, add a penalty tab to the mix) I'm sure this small update will add a lot to the game for a lot of people, and a lot to the appeal of the f1 e-sports. So personally I'm baffled that they haven't already done it. at least for spectators.
  8. Bicarda

    F1 2019 UDP Specification

    So for a league we want to use an overlay standings thing while spectating, so we can get the penalties on there. (or, you know, please add it to the game already 🧐) Just the thing of the left. Now this would have worked perfectly in the last game but in a continuing effort to make it impossible for us to spectate league races effectively, we've now been denied multiplayer names in the telemetry. While there is of course no reason for that cause we get all those names anyway by just looking at the game, it is very unfortunate cause it would make the overlay rather useless. Now my question is, apart from the obvious please make those overlays obsolete and add penalties (and tire wear/wing damage) to the spectate menu, Is there a way to edit the telemetry send by the game so we can, in advance, for league races (where we know in advance who is gonna participate) enter the names that the telemetry is gonna export? That way the streamers can use that and not be handicapped and reliant on the race engineers (who now use the telemetry without names btw because **** us right?) to give them frequent penalty updates during the race.