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    F1 2020 Denuvo

    Well the way I see it the problems online are mainly there because there is no central place were everything is calculated and simulated. Every client has to trust all the other clients and they just say where they are and none of the other clients gives a hoot about how they got there. Your client doesn't even know the setups of the other cars so it wouldn't know what speeds should be possible etc. It's just a trust system and that's very bad in a game where the difference all too often is in the 0.001 regions. I get that everything should be simulated on your pc first and you'd want 0 input lag but there should be a dedicated host server that just keeps track of everything and corrects clients whenever they do funny stuff, and it's from there that spectators should get their information too. Apart from giving paying customers a worse experience, they indeed also stop us from modding the game and fixing things they are too lazy (or constraint by time) to do themselves which is a bad thing. While i get that in terms of car liveries, especially if they want to sell more stupid Haloween dlc, but they should really make everything else but the models moddable, (or... you know... changeable in game by design.) Personally i don't think it's a good idea to let your paying customers suffer for your fear for cheaters either. Small as this games playerbase is (might change if they finally fix multiplayer though) it's al community leagues anyway where people know eachother well enough and it just wouldn't make sense to try to cheat in such an environment. especially if races get streamed it will take exactly 1 race for people to be on to you and throw your cheaty ass in the bin where you belong. And to be honest i DO feel it's a job of the leagues to make sure everybody plays by the rules. Cripple your game AND failing to protect game integrity is even worse though, so they should just stop crippling. If anything it's this stupid ranked mode that makes people cheat to try hard max rank to brag or whatnot. i think your rank should just be based on all your online lap times you did. (of course very much relative to laps in the same conditions/fuel load/tires) that gives us a WAY better idea of how quick someone is and would stop kids from cheating to get high rank in the 5 lap crashmode.
  2. Why is someone ai'ing at the start in the first place? ๐Ÿ˜› that's what i'd like to know And i see @BarryBL got exactly what i was talking about.. mediums with the rest on softs with no way to choose..
  3. Bicarda

    F1 2020 Denuvo

    Ha! so when your game crashes, and it takes over 2 minutes to get back in the session because of the insanely long loadtimes, it's really codies messing your race up on purpose? ๐Ÿ˜‚ that's hilarious. And it speaks volumes about their priorities. If the online was working that would be the perfect DRM That and mod support via the steam workshop. (The things we could fix ourselves....... my god just thinking about it makes me sad) Smart developers don't punish their paying customers to scrape a little bit of cash. (if at all) They make sure the online part of the game is up to scratch so you wouldn't want to play without it (mods being an option too looking at cities skylines for example) If online is good, people are able to make their own livery/helmet designs and share via the workshop, download mods to fix and tweak the game in any way you want again via the workshop, and has sensible dlc (e.g. Classic cars/tracks) then you would NOT need to cripple your own game with shitshows like denuvo.
  4. Can you even do 5 lap sprint AND 25% feature? 25% sprint is usually about 5-6 laps anyway. Something to think about @BarryBL and something you can tell the devs after we encountered it: What tires you do quali on doesn't matter for what you start the race on. and what you start the race on is RANDOM .. Very fun in the sprint race if everyone's on the softer tire and you're on the harder i can tell you. I'll try to be there if i can get myself an early weekend from work
  5. Bicarda

    Poll: Music while driving

    need to hear them damn revs... gearshifts are sooooo finicky in this game ๐Ÿ˜› Next one might be different
  6. Looks good ๐Ÿ™‚ i'll try it out. Also i get the logic behind using the first letters of the words but can't we just use zxcvb or asdfg or something? these keys are really scattered ๐Ÿ™ˆ Update: I really love them for switching around the drivers quickly! takes some getting used to but it feels very good to not have that window open all the time. Now we just need time penalties to be visible as a top priority. (and please get rid of the 5 sec pitstop penalty for anything but pit speed limit offenses because they are usually wrong and we can't fix that stuff at the end of the race if someone served it already. time penalties we can)
  7. F1 2019 bug but potentially also in f1 2020 because i've not yet seen a report on this so i doubt it's fixed. 1. A description of the issue: Lad has already set a time in his first stint (he's in p2) he's on his outlap in the second stint and crosses the line off track. This gives him a this and previous lap invalidated. Fair enough so far. Even though his 'previous lap' was his outlap, however. the game still removes the time he did before even though it shouldn't. (it should have removed the 'outlap' maybe but.. since that wasn't a time the game probably just took the last timed lap) 2. What version of the game: 1.22 3. How many times have you recreated your issue? tried 2 times with similar results. bit of a hassle to set up obvs because you need to do 2 stints. 4. What troubleshooting efforts have you made? It's 100% games fault. 5. Any screenshots or video of the issue? https://streamable.com/yvme8i
  8. Bicarda

    Multiplayer: reversed grid not working?

    I find it amazing that the league mode got used so little that nobody noticed this until now.
  9. The thing is that it's actually not just a graphics thingy, but the whole simulation stops for a bit, hence why people can jump back a bit when it happens. (visually for other people, because it takes them a fraction of a second to receive the news that it happened) and you lose time in quali laps.
  10. gtx 1060 here. (6gb) I experience them sometimes randomly, and often when someone joins or leaves the lobby but that is, i think, another issue. No g-sync (60 hz plebmonitor) I connect through DVI (Plebmonitor like i said) 60 hz No v-sync. (it gives me input lag) Frame limit is 120 Fullscreen 60 hz (The thing can't do anything else) application controlled (so off)
  11. Bicarda

    Poll: What view do you drive with??

    On pad i actually always used offset.. dunno why ๐Ÿ˜› gave me a better sense of perspective. But since i have a wheel it makes me nauseous and i use the normal tv-pod. Cockpit whenever vr becomes a thing tho
  12. I would invite you to heave a look at our league races sometimes. (a lot of which can be found here https://www.youtube.com/user/1aml337/videos) if you play against people you know it's a ton of fun. way better than the bot train. Just don't play against randoms.. I don't think the problem is worse in this game than any other but seeing as it's so easy for someone to spoil your fun.. driving against people you respect (and in the knowledge that when they **** up there are stewards who will penalize them accordingly) is the only way to play this game 'actually' ai is good for practice and testing purposes... It's a bit of a problem though with codemasters catering so much to the casuals... most people who would take online racing seriously go play acc or iracing, so you're left with a relatively bigger share of crashlords online
  13. Bicarda

    Request: Turn off reliability issues [online]

    I agree. Maybe that a 1/40 (or something) chance of having your engine catch fire spectacularly or a gearbox failure during the 'race' would add something to the game, but those drs failures are silly anyway and don't happen anymore too. (Yes i've seen the renault drs fly of the car but that was testing :P) Also NOT IN QUALI PLZ. that is just way too annoying and unfair. We need the option to turn them off (for quali and race seperately ideally) and if they're still in we need better ones than the drs failures.
  14. Which could be just fine if they actually fix league mode, and add the same options we had in championship mode. Which is a no-brainer anyway. Nobody used league mode, ever. except maybe for some coop fun that was indeed better done in championship mode, and if they want to keep going down that route (which is a good call imo) they know they have to make drastic changes and give us ALL the possible options there are to be had, and then some.
  15. Bicarda

    Critical aspects of F1 2020

    I'm not even sure about that turn 4. Bear in mind: The rule is 2 tires between the lines. We can't see it.. but there's a high chance on a corner like this that his rear tires only go off track as his front tires (at least the right one) is already on the track again. (and maybe rear right never leaves it) This is also what makes you cut turn 1 in germany, or the last chicane in canada (for example) a bit more than you would have thought and sometimes be surprised it wasn't an invalidation. (although what you can do with the chicane before the hairpin is just abuse) I think The cars are a bit bigger in comparison to the track in the game than they are in the actual.. (you can easily see this in the pits.. it's way more cramped everything and there's a lot of places where 3 wide is impossible where they do 3 wide on tv ๐Ÿ˜› ) And indeed during time trial you will be hard pressed to call the corner cut ai on ******** (except if you lift a lot and then.. fair enough) During the RACE however is where the inconsistency kicks in. And where you have a lot of occasions where you can go wide quite a bit, and get nothing, And go wide 1 millimeter and get a warning. (Like litteraly had a race yesterday where i got 3 warning in total and they were ALL those '1 millimeter on the line' things that no one ever in a regular f1 race would notice. Everybody knows how you can go wide by miles on stowe and then when you keep your right tires on the line you suddenly get a warning.. That's what i would have change. I think going wide extremely marginally (tire still touching the line) should only get you warnings if you do it repeatedly. and going wide more instantly give you a warning. Cutting should always give you a warning. The system with the game calculating "how much you gained" is broken because it calls it as soon as you enter the track again which is too soon and you can still lose it after that. AND YOU SHOULDN'T GET WARNINGS WHILE GOING SIDE BY SIDE. A big problem in this game is that people try to squeeze with 2 through a chicane because no one wants to lift because they will get a warning. Whereas in real racing, the car who is in the least favorable position will usually yield, cut the corner, and slot in behind. The game should recognize this WAY BETTER than it currently does (now it sometimes feels you need to bang wheels for it to give you no warning. This would improve driving A LOT.. take turn 4-5 monza. Car on the outside, if he is not far enough ahead to stay ahead, should have the option to cut the chicane and slot in behind always.... without risk of warning. same with the last chicane in canada. or les combes. incidents happen there because the outside car is expecting space which there isn't. because the alternative is a warning. If you're going side by side you're not gaining time ANYWAY. you're fighting with someone. so in a fight (or even... at the hint of a fight) i would have the corner cut system deactivate for those cars and have the stewards sort it all out.. (also.. no illegal overtake penalties by the game plz...) Too often people get warnings for giving people space, or, for leaving the track to not go in the back of someone etc. Maybe a nice and easy: gap less than 0.2 seconds to another car = no warning. although that might be exploitable. Any incidents that the game still spots can then be flagged in a replay system, so the stewards can then take a closer look if there were any track extensions/illegal overtakes. But to just have the game randomly applying those penalties even though it clearly has no idea what is going on most of the time is just no good. Just make a nice steward mode. where the stewads can knock themselves out after a race studying the replay of all the points that the game flagged.. or that drivers flagged by a hotkey. and handing penalties accordingly. Which is my last point: Please give us a steward/race director suite. Save the replay of the race, have the game hand out warnings but otherwise FLAG everything it notices for the stewards in the replay, (Big cuts, illegal overtakes, contact) Give drivers the option of (via hotkey) flag certain points in the race for the stewards to look at. And then after the race give the stewards the option to get in, watch the flagged points together, (if someone thought a warning was BS he could have flagged that one too) And then do actual stewarding, having all the camera angles and stuff, after which they produce an official race result screen with everything fixed that they can post on the discord, website, forum, whatever. You can even make it work for single player too for people who would love to do this as a little cooling down after a long and tiring race. I feel the only thing the game can be really entrusted with is doing the pit speed limit penalties. But this, apart from reserving a spot in the lobby for a 'race director' who can send out safety car/vsc , dsq people, instead of the game. would go a long way of making the game more enjoyable and fair.
  16. Bicarda

    Cool down lap added to game

    Seems immersion wins by a landslide.
  17. Bicarda


    tbf, as soon as I saw what I had done I wanted to delete/edit the message but I didn't know how to delete it and I don't dare edit stuff on this forum cause i always get errors ๐Ÿ˜…
  18. Bicarda


    I agree with you that a better livery designer would be nice, But too many video's dude ๐Ÿ™ˆ a bit less would have made your point equally well.
  19. Bicarda

    HUD for replays in F1 2020

    What i said sounded wrong i didn't mean i didn't want it for single player ๐Ÿ˜› obviously for both. I meant we need replays in general for mp ๐Ÿ˜› cause we don't even got those. (xept the theatre thing that was fun for a few times when it just came out)
  20. Bicarda

    Monaco Map bug still in F1 2020

    Well i don't want to downplay it ๐Ÿ˜› it is very good that it (and such things) is in the game. and I do like it a lot. Just meant that adding one great detail in an otherwise unpolished game isn't really polishing imo ๐Ÿ™ˆ As per the Cambridge definition of polished: "characterized by a high degree of development, finish, or refinement" 2019 was the opposite of refined (more like.. rushed.. think f2 and league mode, and online in general) let alone finished. So let's hope f1 2020 changes all that.
  21. Let me explain it one more time: Let's say in an extreme example. you are driving monza. and it takes you 2 minutes to complete the track. (very slow i know) someone is driving exactly 20 seconds behind you and is doing the same laptimes as you. The point here is tho; Those 20 seconds are RELATIVE.. if you were both doing 1:21 laptimes, as one would expect during a race, and the gap still being exactly 20 seconds, a pit stop would lose you relatively MORE time, than compared to someone who is doing 2 minute laps. This is an extreme example, of course. but GAP is no true indication of time lost in a pitstop. More extreme example: if you are both driving at 5kph (walking speed) for the entire track, with 20 seconds between you, going into the pit wil actually GAIN you time, and you might come out 40 seconds ahead. It's not enough to just know 'how far back they are' that doesn't really mean anything. it can give you an educated guess as it is doing now, but being in a league (or ai race) where people drive 2 seconds slower than in another race, the predictions will be off. Jeff doesn't use actual lap times or sector times to calculate this. He just sees the gap and assumes everybody is driving exactly the same speed, which is not the case. Heck, it's not far fetched for them to make up close to 2 seconds in 1 sector if they pitted to softer tires a lap earlier than you. And if they're just out of the pits jeff doesn't even have a relevant 'last lap' to compare as their last lap was the in-lap on old tires. It's the same as with the VSC. during a vsc the distance between the drivers stays the same, but the gaps in time change (increase) because they are going slower. So 2 drivers going faster with the same gap, will lose more time relatively with a pitstop than 2 drivers driving even a bit slower. (Not to mention your pitcrew might still be walking casually into the garage from the pitstop your teammate did a lap earlier)
  22. Bicarda

    ERS Deployment - F1 2020

    If you had actually read the comments you're referring to you will find a lot of people complaining are happy the old system is gone, just unhappy that we have 0 control over the new system which is unrealistic to say the least. 2019 was unrealistic labour wise, (but at least we had the same amount of control actual f1 teams have) 2020 seems to be unrealistic control (and simulation) wise. People keep forgetting that we also play as the team in this game. (with making setups and stuff) so having us do the ers during the race gave us the control the actual teams have, just while driving (which wasn't perfect, but understandable as they want this game to be plug and play and not spend a long time making ers mappings) But this is a step back because we DONT get the realism of being able to control our ers mappings (which, again, teams have) and we do lose the control of doing it on the fly.
  23. Time difference is relative though... but the pit time is semi set in stone (because it is ai) And jeff will 'kinda' know the length of the pitstop but it won't know how fast you are on entry and exit, and quite a bit of time can be made or lost there too. And if you enter the pits.. it DOES depend on how fast the driver catching up to you is... where you will come back.. if there's a group of 3 in about where you will come out, and they do the last sector in 28 seconds you might come out behind.. but if they do it in 30 seconds you might come out ahead. the differences are small in this game and 2 seconds can give or lose you 3 positions. so yeah. jeff would have to, like, take their last lap's final sector + turn 1 (on some tracks), see how fast they were, assume they will be as fast again, and then calculate, based on YOUR presumed pit time.. That's a lot of factors where it can go wrong ๐Ÿ˜‰ And once again.. it only works if everyone is consistent. if you're driving in a race where people are not, it's impossible for jeff to make an educated guess.
  24. Bicarda

    Track Evolution

    I don't know if rain resets it, (i don't think so because if the session dries JUST before the end times are usually still very quick) But what the guy above says it's right... if you were to go in a quali session alone, sit in the pits and go out at the last moment, the track will be rubbered in. How many cars are on track doesn't affect it, nor where they actually lay down rubber.
  25. Bicarda

    Monaco Map bug still in F1 2020

    I mean i call the safety car rules being incorrect lack of polish too. SC's are in there but half-arsed.. so unpolished in my book. The quote you just quoted is someone saying codemasters should focus on the right things if i read that correctly. also adding 1 sign isn't polish.. adding ALL THE SIGNS is polish. making sure noone can complain about anything that isn't design choice is polish, and having the game actually work is polish. Not saying i'm not glad they do add some details/easter eggs but i think you're satisfied really quickly if a few tiny details make up for everything they missed and is not WAD. And i think people have spotted jeff saying that... Just doesn't make up for all the nonsense jeff talks the rest of the time. Agreed you can focus on the few things where they did get some polish. but that doesn't take away from the rest of the game where they did NOT. and make you think if they couldn't actually have given jeff some smart lines instead of some over-memed-reference. I think you can only call a game polished if it actually is polished... if there's only polish in some very specific places, where you seem to be hard pressed to find any examples, then they TRIED to polish but failed... and i stand by my point that having stuff WAD is step 1 in polish. not the jeff jokes.