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  1. 16 hours ago, steviejay69 said:

    @Bicarda you should have left it here. We are appreciative for your input into the issue. Yes, I will continue to hide posts that are not contributing to the resolution of the actual thread.

    There is nothing more the community team can do than to document the issues and to forward them to the relevant teams, as is within our remit. We cannot promise that they will be able to be corrected as we do not have the responsibility for them.

    I understand your frustrations, but you do need to perhaps consider your last (visible) post in the context of your (now invisible) other post. 

    You may well have the idea of what needs to be done to correct this particular issue or many of the issues with the game. With posts like the hidden ones, you will not get the chance to communicate them, as it is not how things are done and simply lacks the required levels of tact and protocol to achieve anything.


    They don't though. A lot of posts get ignored. This one as well as can be seen by the absent tag, this issue has clearly NOT been forwarded to the developers. 
    And it saddens me that you would make it seem like it is. 

    I've never ever encountered a game developer company that is so bad at talking to their customers. Addressing issues. Explaining why they haven't been fixed for years and laying out a plan for the future. 

    Calling me out on my 'tact' and making it seem like that by following protocol things actually get done is beyond hilarious. I know for a fact you're here long enough to know that is a lie. I've tried that for a long time. People are trying as long as I can remember. They get ignored and lied to and then some. 

    I always hold you in such high regard man. but if you feel the form of the discussion is more important than the validity of the points, even if the frustration is justified (after years of disaster after disaster) then you've lost touch with what's important. The time for sugarcoating is over. It's februari and league mode is still not working. It's inexcusable. And them not even trying to fix it but just ignoring stuff into oblivion makes it all the more horrendous. The only thing they actually put effort in fixing is the damn in-game shop. 

  2. 1 hour ago, BarryBL said:

    Thanks @QmanXV

    To clear this one up, there's no message of 'Team mate in the pits' like there would be on say a F1 2020 Official grid for example. If so, I can see the frustration here.

    That and you don't know who your teammate is so you can't discuss that amongst yourselves either. 

    This is another clear example of something that gets reported for 2 full game cycles now. It's incredible that it's still in, and that no one at codies thought this would be a problem in the first place. A game with pitstops that usually happen around the same time. And double stacking being notoriously bad anyway..  Ill thought out for a multiplayer game. 



    1 hour ago, zampa said:

    You can loophole around this by sorting the driver numbers, pretty sure the game places them in order along the pit wall. 

    But yeah, assigning someone as a team mate in multiplayer cars or just knowing which person you've been assigned to would be handy.

    That's super interesting to know! 
    I always assumed it was the order you joined the lobby.. but this is much easier to manipulate. 

  3. @BarryBL

    A reply would be nice. 

    We would very much like to get your game to work before our new season starts or find a workaround for our issues. 

    League mode gets brought up by a lot of people as the first thing that annoys the hell out of them with this game. 

  4. On 2/12/2021 at 1:18 PM, BarryB said:

    I don't think you should use the online leagues, they're not flexible at all. If you must have the quali and race on a different day, just host yourself.

    Yeah well that way we have no way to save tires/weather/parc ferme. It's how we're gonna do it now but it's far from ideal. and it shows that even if we're willing to think of whatever workaround we can to make league mode work. it's not possible with the best will in the world. Apart from it not working (parc fermé) 



    @BarryBL What do you think? Can you take this to the devs and are they actually gonna do something about it?
    Or will league mode in next game be as unusable as this game?

    And another question: Why don't you guys host the forum league in league mode? If you did you could have found the issues for the devs... these are not things you need to play the game 2k hours to spot. These are things that you notice the instant you try to create a league...

  5. Thank you very much @steviejay69! hope the devs can take a look at is cause it seems like a very easy fix and this weird decision makes league mode as good as useless as in its current state.
    I've never encountered a league that wants ai in their races so it's super weird that this setting got in the game as it is. 

    If the devs need help with fixing the league mode, or for helping you make it usable in the next game. I'm would gladly offer my services. I think I have a very good idea of what most leagues would want from a league mode. Or how it would be usable for them. 

    But either way: Please don't mess it up 3 games in a row. That stuff like this (or a non-working park ferme) sneaks in, let alone be unfixed nearly 8 months after release.. It's just so unnecessary.

  6. Don't know about xbox but on pc this occasionally happens for no obvious reason and when you quit and try again (sometimes after restarting steam) it works again. 

    Hope such is the case for you too!

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  7. 1 hour ago, GnrDreagon said:

    And a bug report is how you tell a developer to fix their game. Because just saying fix it is literally the most unhelpful thing you can say.

    The bug reports have been done my man. And doing that cleaaaaaaaarly doesn't work. So my guess is OP just tried another way out of desperation. Or annoyance. 

    What you say makes sense with a normal developer that wants to make a good game out of principle. but these guys here give SO little ***** about us or their game (that we've already payed for so why should they) They don't care about being the laughing stock of the game industry as long as they make money over the back of the f1 licence.

    They know they have a monopoly on f1 games so they can get by with veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery little effort and it shows.

    So yeah. get what you're saying. but with codemasters it's the opposite. You give them a bug report and they do nothing with it.. (or.. well... they cherry-pick 1/100 that looks easy to do all the while leaving the really big ones in)

  8. Okay since i don't get a response on the league post I made in suggestions here: https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/74779-league-mode/

    I'm gonna make a bug report out of the thing that makes it nearly impossible to use the league mode as it is:

    • A detailed description of the issue.  
      An even more detailed description in the link above but short story here. 
      We want to do quali and race on different days (cause full quali and 100% race is too long for one go) 
      We decided to brave hell and try to use league mode to do this. (although we now found out we might as well nog as parc ferme isn't working. link to report here: 

      The only way we found we could use league mode in general (even if that parc ferme thing wasn't the case) Was by making a new  league for every event. 
      Because it is impossible for us to know for every race that there's gonna be 20 people. and we don't want AI in our race. and this rule makes this impossible: 


    • Platform
    • What version of the game you are using (Shown on the start screen in the bottom left corner of the screen) 
    • Ranked/Unranked/Leagues
    • Wired or Wireless Connection?
      Not relevant 
    • The amount of players in your session?
      YOU only have to try and set up a league to notice all the settings you can't set the way you want to make it remotely usable.
    • Were you the host?
    • Did this issue happens for everyone in the session, just some people or just yourself? What did they see?
      To everyone. Other people tried making leagues and they run into this issue too.
    • We need to be able to make your problem happen internally so we can fix the issue. Can you make the problem happen again?
    • How do you make the problem happen?
      Not wanting ai in your league races. And running into this problem from the get-go. 
    • Can you add a report code. How to find this is in Main Menu > Game Options > Settings > 16 digit code in the bottom left of the screen. Please make sure that this is the code from the session you had the issue in. Adding report codes from as many users in your session as possible would be really helpful here.
      It's super easy to replicate. 
    • Video of the issue, including timestamps. Did you stream the session?
      Screenshot above. 
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  9. Okay since i don't get a response on the league post I made in suggestions here: https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/74779-league-mode/

    I'm gonna make a bug report out of the thing that is now making league mode totally useless for us: Parc ferme is NOT working. 

    • A detailed description of the issue.  
      An even more detailed description in the link above but short story here. 
      We want to do quali and race on different days (cause full quali and 100% race is too long for one go) 
      We decided to brave hell and try to use league mode to do this (1 event.. every week a new league.. because of FORCED AI in 'on demand' leagues if you don't have the same amount of drivers as signups..)
      But found that, despite parc ferme being turned on in the settings. if you leave the session after quali and then come back to it, setups won't be locked by parc ferme. which makes league mode useless even for the ONE use we thought we could give it. 
    • Platform
    • What version of the game you are using (Shown on the start screen in the bottom left corner of the screen) 
    • Ranked/Unranked/Leagues
    • Wired or Wireless Connection?
      YEs i think it's the wifi too. 
    • The amount of players in your session?
      Tried with 3-4-6 and 7. Same results.
    • Were you the host?
    • Did this issue happens for everyone in the session, just some people or just yourself? What did they see?
      To everyone. We all could pick setup prior to the race despite having done quali (and the setup being locked there after going out once)
    • We need to be able to make your problem happen internally so we can fix the issue. Can you make the problem happen again?
      Yes. Start a league (on demand, with session saves turned on) After quail. have the admin not continue to the race. and everyone will go back to the main menu. Then go  back into the league and start the race. Setups won't be fixed (or saved for that matter) defeating the point of parc ferme and league mode. 
    • How do you make the problem happen?
    • Can you add a report code. How to find this is in Main Menu > Game Options > Settings > 16 digit code in the bottom left of the screen. Please make sure that this is the code from the session you had the issue in. Adding report codes from as many users in your session as possible would be really helpful here.
      It's super easy to replicate. 
    • Video of the issue, including timestamps. Did you stream the session?
      No but. sometimes words are as good as pictures. we all know what it looks like when you can pick a setup, as opposed to... not being able to. 



  10. Okay, update. We did some testing. Ai reserves don't come out in quali which is a relief. 

    We have found something very serious however. and that is that Parc Ferme setups doesn't transfer between quali and the race (if you go back to the menu in between) 
    This is pretty serious and, for us, removes the need to use the league mode altogether, because the whole point of it was to enforce parc ferme. 

    Tires and tire wear do carry over. But tires are easily enforced in unranked anyway and.... in the end we don't really think all that is worth the effort JUST to give the top 10 5% tire wear at the start of every race. It would have been if the setups came across too. but now we found that they don't.  (There's also no way of enforcing it via telemetry as player setups are not in there. (They are however when they leave and the ai takes over their car <-- oversight. but that is of no use for us as we can't go about asking everybody to leave during a session to check their setups.

    So now we're at the point where in f1 2020. it is currently impossible to do quali and race on different days while enforcing parc ferme.. or use the league mode at all because of the reasons above. 

    PLEASE fix this. 2 games in a row league mode is unable for ANY serious league. we need the features that were working so fine in championship mode but got butchered in this league mode behind weird restrictions in terms of forced ai and reserve driver management. And now parc ferme isn't even working. 

    SO updated fix list: 

    -Please have us disable ai, always, altogether
    -Please have us add more than 20 drivers to the league
    -Please fix parc ferme and have it carry over between quali and race, even if it's on different days. I worked fine in championship mode too.


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  11. Agree with most

    Just explained the issues we run into in another topic here: https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/74779-league-mode/ 
    But that's just what even makes it like... almost unusable to even create races for us. Even as 1 off events. (and keep score ourselves with excel like OP says)

    League mode is unusable to use as a league because of the inflexibility with rules and reserves. 

    Adds nothing in terms of gameplay (No engine/gearbox wear) 

    And would be helped so much by dedicated servers indeed...............


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  12. @BarryBL @RedDevilKT

    Made a few topics about this already. But since we now HAVE to use league mode for next season, and I'm testing it at this very moment, I'm gonna explain as clearly as I can, WHY we didn't use it before, still very much rather not use it, and the issues we run into. 

    Firstly, the reason we now have to use league mode is because we want to do quali and race on different days. We want to save the session after qualifying, keep park ferme and q2 quali tires, and do the race the next day.  Now this USED to be so easy to do with championship mode. Save session after quali and continue the next day. We could do this per event or make the calendar in advance, restart a session if things went awry, and the grid didn't get filled with ai drivers. 

    Now championship mode is no more, and I want to explain why league mode is such a huge step backwards, why it is of no use to use as it is, and why we can't even really use it as it is supposed to if we want to. 
    - We NEED to use on demand. because every league needs the flexibility to change times a bit if necessary. But also because you guys made it so the ONLY way we can stop playing after quali, and do the race the next day, is by picking "On Demand" in the settings: WHY4.thumb.png.0d92c11e6fbb215207c2421e1c3a9cc6.png
    - This leads to problems as On demand forces you (for some reason) to fill the grid with ai reserves:


    - This wouldn't be a problem if we could change the number of drivers in the race during the season but alas: 


    So there you have it. A very, very big issue that leagues that don't want to use AI in their races barely can go around. No league can guarantee 20 driver attendance for the entire season, and they shouldn't need to to stop having ai in the races. The thing we're thinking of now is make a league for every event. (just pop the same race after each other 5 times to get around the minimum 5 races thing)  So we can adjust the number of drivers to the number of signups.  So when we have 18 people signed up we change that to 18/4 JUST so we get no ai drivers. and then for next race we need to redo the whole league to set it back to 20 when everyone's present again.. Or, you know, reserves fill the slots. 

    Which brings us to my last big point of why we can never use this league mode the way it's supposed to (like.. have IT keep score for us or something) Is the inflexibility with reserves. Reserves are not PART of the league. you can just invite randoms to fill the spots. And if they are there they both score points for the driver they replace (REALLY WEIRD) as well as their team, or not at all. 


    Firstly, for us and most leagues we DO need them to score for themselves (albeit invisibly) so when they eventually get a full time seat they keep those points. <-- but if this was the  only thing we could live with it.  But we do absolutely need them to score for their team, because that's what our whole team game, and 1 reserve driver per team format is build on. while OBVIOUSLY not scoring for the driver they replace.. because scoring poins for someone else is wrong in SO many ways man.. incredible that this setting got in in this fashion. 

    But yeah. The most obvious improvements to me: 

    -Have us disable ai with 1 setting and force it in NO WAY WHATSOEVER via other options. No. A. I. even if there's only 3 damn people.  On demand or scheduled. 
    -Make it so we can add 30 drivers (at least) to the league (3 per team) that all can score for themselves and their team. First 2 of a team that join the lobby are in, third one that tries gets a message "There are no available slots in your team for this session. If you want to join as spectator ask the league admin for an invite"  This gives us so much more flexibility. and would make us actually able to use the league mode to the the standings for us. 
    -But while it doesn't apply to us: Also make a setting where you can add (at least) 30 drivers to the league where reserves are NOT assigned to a team and are free agents. make both options.

    Until both issues are fixed, League mode is as good as unusable to us. As said we're gonna try it (1 league per event, delete, repeat) for the next season because we HAVE to because you took away our championship mode that was perfect as it was. But KNOW that this increases our workload a LOT just to do quali on a different day. And I already forsee a LOT of issues with late minute people that can't be there after all and we would have to REMAKE THE ENTIRE LEAGUE OR have an ai car in the mix because we're 1 car short then. So I'm already very very very very much NOT looking forward to use it. EVEN race per race. 

    If you guys have any workarounds for the problems we're facing that wouldn't need a patch you're welcome to share with us too. We really need to make this work because if there's no park ferme.. what's the point of doing full quali. and we just can't have ai drivers. 

    Ps. Just thought of this: If someone CAN be present for the race and not for quail... we are now FORCED to have an ai car drive quali for that person... unghosted... ai car.. on track in a multiplayer quali. Sounds like a recipe for disaster to me.  

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  13. Hello guys! 

    Here to notify you all that for our F1 2020 league, the RNL, signups are currently open until Wednesday the 27th at midnight. 
    Quali will be held on Fridays 19:00UK (Subject to change but this is the most likely time at the moment. we are 99% sure)
    Races are held on Saturdays 20:00UK  (With a (commentated) f2 feature race at 19:00UK as part of the stream, this f2 race is open for everyone on a first come first serve basis) 

    Some things about the RNL are a bit different than other leagues so here are some of the most notable: 

    - We do 100% races, as well as full quali
    - Teams in our league have race engineers that use telemetry software to tell you what's going on or help you make strategic decisions. 
    - We have live stewarding, meaning that some of the penalties/removals can be confirmed during the race already, (and acted on accordingly...)
    - Race highlights from last week and a high quality stream for every qualifying/race.  (https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLo6sv6mRzmbLuevFxLjU7IFmt0--8K7MZ Check the RNL video's here if you want to know what they look like)
    - After each season, the top 10 drivers can choose to go on to next season, the other 10 spots + any spots from top 10 driver's that don't continue are up for grasps in a qualifying event. (consisting of actual qualifying.. so let's call it live time trial..)
    -High emphasis on teams. Teams have 1 reserve per team that is specific to them (And can also help as a race engineer in those races)

    In terms of assists, only racing line (corners) is allowed. nothing else. 

    If this sounds like your cup of tea then head over to our discord, accept the rules, and head over to the announcements channel under rwagnation league. Signups and a lot of info are there. 
    And feel free to ask one of the league coordinators any questions you might have. or post them in general chat. 


    Signing up means you will be part of the qualifying event on sat feb 20th. The 11-12 fastest drivers will get a spot. The rest can try to become a reserve driver/jeff for one of the teams if they want. 

    Bica out.


  14. No you're right. crashes are totally not something codies should look into. It's the customers fault! how dare he use wifi. 
    Even though it works in any other game/case it's totally not a bad sign if your game crashes while experiencing an occasional (and presumed) connection hiccup  

    making games is hard enough without fools trying to play without cable anyway. Poor codies.

  15. 2 hours ago, steviejay69 said:

    That's a little 'straight line'. WiFi is subject to degrees of latency that Ethernet is not. Bandwidth requirement and timeouts will vary from title to title.

    Different protocols handle packets differently. Sometimes order is important.

    Connected equipment can also make demands on a routers workload and QoS isn't generally implemented (even on Ethernet).

    He's already stated that the router is a long way from the XBox. Ethernet has only speed of light issues in theory (not really measurable over 100M) and WiFi has decreasing bandwidth at the edge of coverage, more prone to external interference, etc. at way less than 100M (in fact in clear air I don't think a SOHO router would communicate that far, 30M is much more a practical limit).

    Regardless. If he plays a ton of other games online on his xbox, while using his wi-fi, and none of them freeze or crash while the f1 game does, then the problem is most likely with the game. and connecting by cable can be a good workaround until said time codies fix their game, but the problem lies with the game. 

    If other games have the same issue then the issue is most likely his specific situation. that's why I asked. Although I already suspected the answer: and if I read it correctly other games work just fine. 

  16. The reason i asked it is because EVEN IF f1 2020 only crashes while he uses wifi, if no other game crashes while he uses wifi, the problem is with the GAME not with the connection. 

    This guy reports a bug to you. And you say: "See. it makes sense our game crashes, because you use wifi."  Using wifi should not let a game crash. 
    If he uses his wifi and ANY game he plays crashes. THEN the problem is might be his wifi/connection. 
    If he uses his wifi and NO OTHER game he plays crashes. But just f1 2020. Then the problem is clearly with the game. And it is YOU GUYS' job to fix that. Not your poor customer's job to go on a wild goose chase running a cable through his house just to prove to YOU that it is your game that's not always working correctly, and requires some effort from your part to fix. 

  17. 1 minute ago, BarryBL said:

    Thanks @NeilUK02. I ran the Fuel Strategy program in my test, do I need to run the 'Race Strategy' one too, and just lift and coast? Or do you drive at normal pace?

    Fuel management is just challenge to complete for research points.

    Race strategy is where the game adjusts the strat according to your driving. 

    I think if you want to get the same result as OP, you need to run the 'race strategy' one with fuel assists turned on. 

  18. Just now, Y2Kev said:

    Yes, I imagine there would be a red flag in real life. I can honestly say that I don’t get too much rain or wet sessions. It’s all random in career mode though, isn’t it? For multiplayer I believe that the host selects the weather, don’t they?

    Depends totally on the conditions and the circumstances... we've had examples of both in real life aplenty. i can recall only 2 or 3 red flags for rain in as long as I watch f1. and a lot more safety car situations in recent years. 

    You can select the weather as host but you can't set this type of weather. When we had it happen in the last game (it happened twice to me in 2000 hours of playing that game and a lot of league races so really really not often) it was on dynamic and only for a lap or 5 until it eased off again. but it was hella cool and scary. 

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  19. My guess is using the fuel assists makes the game THINK You are gonna use a lot more fuel, but in the actual race it will probably go to lean when it feels like it won't. 
    A full tank is more than enough to complete a 100% race on all the tracks. 

    I would suggest binding easy buttons to go up and down with the fuel manually, as it will make accelerating out of corners a lot easier if you do it on lean fuel, and will cost you time shortly after if you're not on rich for at least the first bit of a straight. (So you will have to change it every corner basically. to lean into the braking and to rich as soon as you find traction and then to standard if your fuel situation demands it.) It will give you more stability and more pace, and a lot more control over your fuel use in general. 

  20. 2 Issues here. 

    - One player sees something else then another. (in this case a desynced ai car that is at the wrong place of the track that probably only he can see. Good job codies'  p2p system, don't blame wifi plz) 
    - This desynced ai car doesn't ghost.  They should ghost even with ghosting turned off guys. This won't 'fix' above issue but it will certainly make it 100x less annoying!

    (As it can happen that another driver, who can't see the desynced ai car, drives through it, spinning it, and then you suddenly have a random desynced car in the middle of the track as a private obstacle. If there's people close to you they won't understand why you take evasive action.. etc.)

    Also @NoConviction rest assured that this has been reported a lot of times already. It's been in the last few iterations of the game. It happens to people regardless whether they're running a wire. (although i guess it reduces the odds)  Barry's just doing his job but his job is making it 'look' like codies care while really they don't. You've already emptied your pockets to be a beta tester anyway. what have they got to gain from fixing it?

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  21. 9 minutes ago, KNT2011 said:

    To be honest I've decided to reassess my approach

    I think we'll be more


    From now

    Just posted this somewhere else but it applies here too: 


    In my humble opinion, the best way to play this game online is to find a community that does fun races/league races. 

    Not saying you can't have fun joining open/ranked lobbies but your mileage will vary greatly.. 
    Let's say this is a game with 'friendly fire' turned on, and the only thing that stands between a good race and anarchy, are the morals (and skill) of random strangers on the internet....

    So in my opinion it's usually a lot more fun if: 
    -You know the people that join aren't filth, 
    -People can be held accountable for their actions. 

    Not to say that if you do league racing in an actual community you can have race engineers (using in game telemetry to help you find the best strategy on the fly, and give valuable info etc)
    And actual race stewards instead of the ingame '5 second time penalty for getting crashed into' nonsense. and Commentary and in effect replays. Because there's not even full race replays in the game for mp races.... so they need to be streamed to even be able to watch your races back. 

    Your best bet is to tag along with a twitch streamer hosting open lobbies or find a discord community that maybe hosts a league, there you can learn about other communities too etc, and find more serious races (of variable skill levels but at least people taking it serious) at most days of the week. 

    I can give you places to start if you want but I don't want to be shamelessly promoting communities I'm part of before you even asked so XD