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  1. WCRrayrayray

    Russia TT setup (1:29.8)

    3-6 50-69 RRLL 1-2-1-11-1-2 84-53 22.6-20.7 Use 2-10 for races
  2. WCRrayrayray

    WCR - Looking for Drivers [PC]

  3. WCRrayrayray

    Gameplay Feedback (League Racing)

    Oh yea, forgot to mention. In certain tracks the game promotes terrible driving, a good example of this is Hungary (Video by Veloce Jaaames https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R4HMmDr6xp4) where it's better to just lock up into the corners, this is a thing in many corners, I understand this is simcade and there's always going to be a few unconvential op techniques but imo locking up into the corners just doesnt make sense. Same for using 1st gear, shouldn't be a thing
  4. WCRrayrayray

    Gameplay Feedback (League Racing)

    A few more i'd like to add, most are nothing new but they are really necessary: - First thing i'd like to expand on is something related to the second point: why are there so many variations of the car. TT feels completely different to offline short qualifying, which feels different to online short qualifying. TT kinda makes sense but it shouldn't be as different as it is imo, TT is in very specific conditions, but if those same conditions are met in short quali it should be the same. Online and offline should also feel the same I don't understand why it's so different. They should be exactly the same (given equal conditions). The mp cars feels absolutely undriveable and completely different to the 2019 cars. Additionally, while some claim this is just placebo, to me different cars feel completely different handling-wise, to the point where I am 0.5-1s slower with the Mclaren than with the Mercedes/Williams (you can be equally fast with all cars but you gotta get used to it). - DRS failures..... what's even the point of this outside of career mode. - Contact model: makes the racing impossible. It's too often that you down the inside, have minor contact and you completely spin around, this makes wheel-to-wheel racing impossible and overall very risky for no reward (because of op slipstream, even if you get ahead you won't be able to get away so it's worse for you). - Nothing to add regarding slipstream trains. Codemasters needs to take esports guys and work with them closely until a good balance is found. This is for me and many people, what makes the game unenjoyable. - Qualifying tyres. In some tracks qualifying on the mediums is better strategy-wise at a cost of starting position, but with how it currently is, it forces you to do a one-shot qualifying (to have 2 shots you have to do multiple laps on the same tyres). Allow us to freely choose the amount of tyres of each compound available (eg 4 medium tyres for quali) - Minor one but imo racing line is too OP, it's way too accurate. Imo assists should be a thing exclusively new-ish drivers use, it doesn't make sense that some of the fastest players in the game are using it (they use it because it's very accurate and just gives you more consistency with no downside). - Wet races: imo the way the car behaves in the wet is just not fun nor realistic, the lines you take, the way you have to drive etc etc. Makes no sense imo - Dedicated servers: a very requested feature but honestly, it's needed, especially with the contact model, the massive desync and bugs as the one in which ppl leaving the lobby makes the lobby host get massive screenfreezes. - Allow us to not serve 5 second stop-gos (and have 5 seconds added at the end of the race). This one wouldn't make sense if the game was perfect, but since it's not, let us not serve stop-go penalties and leave it up to the league stewards whether those 5 seconds are kept or not. - As Br0wnie mentioned, please work on the force feedback, I can barely feel anything. - Make Xbox/PS4/PC feel the same. I haven't tried multiple platforms so this may just be a myth but from what I have been told and what I have seen in gameplay (hotlaps and such), the grip is different, setups are different (PC setups don't work on Xbox apparently) etc etc - Improved jeff, give the drivers the option to ask for information about people that aren't p1/the guy in front/the guy behind. Get him to give us information on whether there is a gap to pit (eg "By my estimations, if we were to pit right now we'd come out in P8, 1 second behind the car in front and 3 seconds ahead of the car behind"), or maybe just information on how far behind a certain driver is and how many penalties he has - An already very known thing but track limits are too inconsistent. Some corners allow no room for error, others can be abused ridiculously and others are a gamble (following the same line and sometimes it's valid and sometimes it's not). - Finally, a pretty obvious one but ERS is such a pain in the ass, it's existence is imo a good addition but the way it has been implemented is just ridiculous. I know a few of these have been said a million times, but they're not getting fixed so may as well keep mentioning them. You can go ahead and completely ignore all of these but the truth is a lot of drivers are leaving and even esports drivers completely hate the game. For reference i'm part of a discord server in which most members were top drivers in F1 2017-2018 (Esports/AOR Tier 1/AOR Tier 2), except for 5/6 ppl (with some of them being part of the esports pro series), everyone has completely quit the game and moved on to iRacing
  5. WCRrayrayray

    21st car on the "grid"

    I agree with this
  6. WCRrayrayray

    WCR - Looking for Drivers [PC]

    Gud league
  7. WCRrayrayray

    F1 & F2 2019 PC League - 4 TIERS - WCR

    WCR Season 3 has already gathered more than 100 sign-ups for this season but we are still looking for drivers that would be interested in joining. Drivers-wise we have a wide range of skills, from drivers with TT world records and frequent top 10s to drivers in the top 1000-2000 range, and everything in between. WCR also counts with phenomenal casters for all tiers. Races are on Fridays 7pm CEST (short qualifying and 50% race, assists will depend on the tier). ------------------------------------------------------------------- If you would like to join, join our Discord server here: https://discord.gg/DCgZSM7