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  1. iainc

    Setup for Grid start

    i found that max balanced worked (highest overall car score) better for me in the last event on the grid start. I then switched to full aero for the 2nd and 3rd parts,
  2. iainc


    I'm with Dr Zaius a bit. It does seem extreme that Bruce has managed to get that high that quickly. But then I always look in the event high scores and think "I thought I was pretty good at this track. How are these guys finishing 10 seconds faster and staying within track limits?". I'd really like a feature where we could watch other people's races. I'd like to learn where my lines are wrong, see how much more powerful their car is than mine etc. It would also make it really easy for us to report a cheat also.
  3. iainc

    Development Ideas

    I was also thinking about dual mode and had an idea. Firstly, reduce the incidence of qualifying laps (or are they just being used to cover for no opponents being available I estimate out of my last 30 races, at least 20 have been qualies?) or at least introduce a weighting so you don't get them all the time. Second, make all qualifying races 3 laps best lap wins, but lap time is disqualified if track limits are exceeded. This has two benefits. The first is to get round the "I haven't played this track for a few weeks and can't remember the braking points" issue. Secondly it forces players to drive to the actual track using F1 rules. At the moment to get a win you need to know which corners you can cut and get away with. Then I had a brainwave for bad behaviour. How about an Uber style rating system. Rate your opponent after completing a grid or rolling race. Aggressive / dangerous drivers would soon be evident and sanctions could be applied. Of course there is a risk of poor loser style red flagging but in theory it should balance out. You could even ask for a self evaluation although I suspect that not enough people would be honest about driving like an idiot - but if you use that as a measure against the opposition rating you might be able to draw some conclusions. I had a race today where I was in the lead, took a corner badly and reentered the track badly, accidentally hitting my opponent (who still beat me). I'd have rated myself 2 out of 5 for that. Deserved to lose. On the other hand I had a race yesterday where the opposition was definitely trying to drive me into the walls, and succeeded at the end of baku by driving me so hard into a wall my wheels broke off. I'd like a way of red flagging that driver. Final one - introduce some 3 and 5 lap grid / rolling races. You could always add a dual preference somewhere so that if people don't want longer races they don't get them.
  4. Adopt F1 rules. Collision from the back, or colliding with car in front - 5 sec penalty added to lap time. Corner cut - ONLY if lap time benefits - 5 sec penalty. stop penalising for accidentally going off track and losing time anyway. Use rules based on Stewards inquiries and develop some coding to work out who is the aggressor. if unclear - racing incident no penalty. deliberate multiple colliisions from opponent - disqualification Stop the engine cut out which disrupts the flow, and just add time to the lap. presumably codemasters have all of these algorithms for their flagship f1 game anyway?
  5. iainc

    Gassly wins Silverstone!!

    i still find it surprising that the mercedes would be 3rd fastest and the red bulls the dominant force. i think i;ve even been led by a williams.
  6. How is the game programmed for the circuit races? Is the team doing it actually familiar with F1? In the second sector of my silverstone race, Lewis Hamilton (5x WFC, 6x Silverstone winner) was down in 5th, Bottas was in 7th nd Pierre Gassly was leading the Grands Prix. I like Gassly, but he has not come close to leading a grands prix for some time. on the other hand, Lewis has won 7 of 9 races so far. Is it too much of a leap to assume that Mercedes would be 1 and 2? Perez often seems to do well in this game too. Bizzzare
  7. iainc

    DRS now reaching 400+ kph!!

    and there was me they added a turbo boost feature
  8. iainc

    Update 6 feedback hub

    is it me, or have they move the chase camera also? it seems to be far too close now. the car no longer tries to stick to the racing line with driving assist on also.
  9. iainc

    Premium Cars

    Thanks. I hadn’t appreciated the need to search an online forum to find out what something in a game is. I’m used to being able to see from the UI. In this game the UI says you can buy official cars and in the information box it says specifically “This is an F1 technical regulation car. Your car will be replaced by the final 2019 teams cars when available” Perhaps it would be better to use the word “livery” rather than “car”? Car to me implies, well, a car inclusive of the things that make up a car, such as (for example) the parts of the car such as the engine, aero parts, DRS etc. So: ”This is an F1 technical regulation livery. Your livery will be replaced by the final 2019 team livery when available. This purchase does not change your cars performance.” would be a lot clearer.
  10. iainc

    Premium Cars

    Hey Chris, it’s would be helpful if there was more information about what a premium car is? is it just decorative or does it come with premium parts? if the latter what;sthe upgrade path - do we have to keep buying premium parts? the lack of info around a £10 purchase is astonishing to me. ‘Has anyone purchased’/
  11. iainc

    French event

    i use most of the assists - braking on medium, and am consistently silver. ‘for the last GP you could save a lot of time by working out where the track limits are - it’s the most annoying part of the game. you benefit from cheating and cutting corners. some corners have a really generous amount of leeway before you hit the penalty slowdown. the first corner and the corner before the chicane on the strait could be chopped a LOT.
  12. iainc

    Car setup

    i have full aero, full handling and max car rating setups. always use full aero except monaco where handling seems to be far more important
  13. iainc

    Car setup

    So, we now have the enhancements we asked for where you can choose car setup for a circuit. it even remembers the setup. Here is my new problem. Apart from Monaco, i haven’t found a setup other than full aero which is of any use. it seems that the best strategy is to sort by aero and chuck all the highest rated cards onto your car. then you start winning more. doesn’t matter if they are purple, blue or white, as long as they are aeromax. anyone else find any worthwhile setups?
  14. iainc

    Events - How to stop the cheats?

    Apply F1 rules. If the corner is cut to gain an advantage, then stewards impose a 5 or 10 second penalty. As there are no pit stops, it just gets added to the final time. That should be the approach throughout rather than jiggering about with the engine.
  15. that's true. I had forgotten the "bot slams on the brakes" scenario.