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  1. iainc

    Car setup

    i have full aero, full handling and max car rating setups. always use full aero except monaco where handling seems to be far more important
  2. iainc

    Car setup

    So, we now have the enhancements we asked for where you can choose car setup for a circuit. it even remembers the setup. Here is my new problem. Apart from Monaco, i haven’t found a setup other than full aero which is of any use. it seems that the best strategy is to sort by aero and chuck all the highest rated cards onto your car. then you start winning more. doesn’t matter if they are purple, blue or white, as long as they are aeromax. anyone else find any worthwhile setups?
  3. iainc

    Events - How to stop the cheats?

    Apply F1 rules. If the corner is cut to gain an advantage, then stewards impose a 5 or 10 second penalty. As there are no pit stops, it just gets added to the final time. That should be the approach throughout rather than jiggering about with the engine.
  4. that's true. I had forgotten the "bot slams on the brakes" scenario.
  5. iainc

    Inventory buy back

    Then at least let us archive them!
  6. I don't mind the engine punishment for hitting bots. I mind the engine punishment when they hit me from behind. There needs to be a check on where the hit is.
  7. iainc

    Duel Mode Issues - Massive Point Losses

    Personally I found RR3 just as frustrating but in different ways. Basically, each series is uncompletable unless you spend tons of £ on gold. Tracks are restricted by the upgrades you put on each car, so if you haven't upgraded enough you can't progress. In addition the upgrades often cost gold just as many of the cars do. At the moment this is far less pay to win.
  8. iainc

    Need to Tune before racing duel

    Another agree here. A good setup for Spa is going to be vastly different that a good setup for Monaco. The question is how to implement it? I think some saved setups, and tap the setup you want to use for the race. Otherwise you are at much higher risk of your opponent wandering off whilst you configure your car. Or - allow users to assign an optimal setup against a track. The alternative would be the RealRacing approach where the track for a Duel is fixed for say 15 minutes and then changes to the next track. Personally I prefer the saved setup system.