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  1. iainc

    Punishment vs rewards

    +1 from me. excellent idea.
  2. iainc

    Improving Top Issues - Duels

    For me, Grid starts are probably my favourite. I agree with you that there needs to be a change, but it should be to the damage model and evaluation so that someone driving like a torpedo loses the race. It really shouldn't be hard to code a calculation to deal with it.
  3. iainc

    Anyone drives with driver's POV?

    Cosare uses cockpit view.
  4. iainc

    About Official cars

    Go to your cars - you should now have 3 cars (two default ones and your official car) . You'll see a selector on the screen to choose which of your car you want to used. APP has said that the offical cars are cosmetic only and perform identically. However, you can now have 9 set ups (3 set ups across 3 cars) instead of 6.
  5. iainc

    Brazil 0 PI Challenge top lap times

    top lap times are now 52 seconds. as the user names are very anti-code masters, i’m guessing that someone cheated.... wonder how long before they notice?
  6. iainc

    Game is rigged?

    Also - if you are at Elite 1, why are you still bothering to Duel? Just wait until next month and start again....
  7. iainc

    Another update...

    Thanks Cosare - I'm beginning to see where I am getting my lines wrong. I also need to get the hand of not using brake assist.
  8. iainc

    Another update...

    SO another update has been delivered. How are people finding it? My observations are... Engine cutouts seem to be reduced. Corner cutting seems to be more tolerated. Homicidal drivers seem to have more ability to take you out without damaging their car. Safety rating seems to have disappeared / been hidden A new premium event for those that want to spend £5 has appeared. I decided to bit the bullet and try it, but it seems that cheating is just as rife as in the non premium events. At least - I would LOVE to see a one minute 16 second lap. My best is a one minute 27. So apparently I am 11 seconds off the pace. My car is not too shabby now with fairly high aero (622), and I can see that with upgrades it should be possible to get a one 20, But one 16? What are other people seeing?
  9. iainc


    Agreed. If only there was some sort of system. Say a "red flag" when the track is dangerous / blocked, and a "yellow flag" when a car is in the wall. Apparently this works well in some motor racing categories...
  10. Curious to see if people hate the same tracks or not... Mine is Bahrain. I just cannot get the right timing for the first corner. I never get a good result. There is just something about it that doesn't sit well with me. Second place is Monza at the moment due to those stupid two by fours on the chicanes. My best tracks tend to be the faster ones, e.g. Spa, Silverstone, Suzuka Favourite street circuit is Baku. Biggest switcheroo - Paul Ricard. hated it at first, now win almost every time.
  11. iainc

    Improving Top Issues - Duels

    I get that you are keen to improve things, but i think there are better ways of solving duel cheating. For example, you could introduce a progressive damage model so that in the bottom leagues you can play bumper cars, but to play in the elite leagues you have a full damage model where a hit on another car is going to give you wing damage or a puncture, and put you out of contention in terms of performance. Get rid of the stupid engine cut out and apply a stewards penalty at the end of the race just like in... er... formula one! Apply stewards penalties appropriately - so going off track doesn’t confer a penalty unless the driver gets an advantage. Then you can get rid of the invisible walls. Disqualify qually laps if the car exceeds track limits just like in er... formula one! Oh and solve the bots braking issues. Increase the number of laps for duels too - maybe give players the option to opt out of longer races if they want to.
  12. iainc


    well, i think it’s great that they have balanced out some of the crashing / cheating in update 8.5. oh hang on. that would appear to be a lie. Chris - why make a headline out of fixing a problem that you HAVEN’T FIXED. It’s not like we haven’t all told you what needs to be implemented - i.e. se fairly simple logic whereby if someone hits you following a massive swerve or from the back, or when they aren’t at least half a car length in front of you - that’s a penalty. And STOP CUTTING THE ENGINE OUT. Apply the penalty at the end of the race. You know. Just like in F1 which this game is supposed to represent. OR Introduce a proper damage model. you could even grade it by league so that newer players have a more bumper cars experience and by the time you get to elite leagues hitting someone destroys your wing / rips a wheel off / badly affects your ability to go forward - you know just like in F1. same thing with qually - by elite league, exceeding track limits - lose. end of. but increase it to a best of 3 laps.