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  1. iainc


    well, i think it’s great that they have balanced out some of the crashing / cheating in update 8.5. oh hang on. that would appear to be a lie. Chris - why make a headline out of fixing a problem that you HAVEN’T FIXED. It’s not like we haven’t all told you what needs to be implemented - i.e. se fairly simple logic whereby if someone hits you following a massive swerve or from the back, or when they aren’t at least half a car length in front of you - that’s a penalty. And STOP CUTTING THE ENGINE OUT. Apply the penalty at the end of the race. You know. Just like in F1 which this game is supposed to represent. OR Introduce a proper damage model. you could even grade it by league so that newer players have a more bumper cars experience and by the time you get to elite leagues hitting someone destroys your wing / rips a wheel off / badly affects your ability to go forward - you know just like in F1. same thing with qually - by elite league, exceeding track limits - lose. end of. but increase it to a best of 3 laps.
  2. iainc

    Shame on you !!!!!

    i’ve seen zip to the and zip to the back. to be honest i think it’s an artefact of the “real time” racing. the game is compensating for input lag from both players, and sometimes it gets out. once the server reconciles, the other player is moved to the point they are actually at rather than where your device has been drawing them.
  3. iainc

    Dirty Drivers

    gonna be a long thread then. they also aren’t doing anything that the game doesn’t allow. it might not be sporting but until the devs do something i don’y think naming and shaming will get you anywhere
  4. So, I did some practice for quali at Singapore. Cleared one of the challenges which was nice. The next challenge was “reach level 7” so i cleared it. then i got levels 6,5,4,3,2, and 1. Credit influx of around 550 creds. i puchased one of those luxury boxes. Checked out my epic cards - then found i had THREE of the new Legendary cards, ‘Woo hoo! Any one else get a christmas bonus?
  5. Hmmm, i’m not sure i would call it “fair”. In RR Firstly nearly all of your race is against bots - you are either massively more powerful than the bots or you lose. Skill is not particularly required. Secondly unless they have done a massive amount of work, races against real people are just as prone to idiots as the ones here. Thirdly and most importantly for me, the game is a MASSIVE pay to win cash grab. You will never get the top cars or complete a series without a substantial gold coin investment. sure you can get quite a few cars with in game currency and play half to a third of each series, but if you are a completist forget it unless you are seriously minted.
  6. iainc

    Hit or be hit? That is the question.

    positive - my opponent was driving away from me and not toward! i like your tactic though. i’ve been taken out by a few of ther “slam you into the wall” merchants. although the feeling of satisfaction when you push the other way and knock their wheel off is incomparable...
  7. iainc

    Hit or be hit? That is the question.

    totally agree. it would also be nice to see a more advanced damage model so that if you start trying to punt bits out of the way it ruins your race. i’ve ended up t-boning a bit twice after my opponent twitched them sideways. I’ve also been taken out by a bot driving the wrong way down the track (presumably sebastien vettel) and the usual bots just not caring that you are there. make bots give us space if we have the racing line. that said, this latest update does seem to be making me drive better. i just wis’h i could flag drivers who are complete T**ts in some way. may be a bookmark so if i get an opponent who drives to kill i ca take them out first?
  8. iainc

    Paying to retry?

    another thing - don’t change the track immediately before implementing a pay to play scheme or at least warn us that the track has been changed. i had to relearn monza due to the bits of wood added everywhere. gong through the chicanes was totally changed from previous races.
  9. iainc

    Paying to retry?

    it doesn’t make sense, because in a real GP you don’t just go out for one lap. if you want to charge us, then how about an out lap followed by at least two flying laps per session?
  10. iainc

    Worlds fastest Austria Grand Prix event

    i agree with Cosare that the developer is to blame. If you look at his final qualli lap, it’s a really good lap, but his front wing would have been destroyed on the first corner. All the developer has to do is give those speed boards some physics. As it is they clearly have no physical properties so the car is unimpeeded. So to get the best lap at the moment there is no benefit in following the best racing line. You have to work out where you can cut corners, where you can have half the car on the grass etc. Kudos to Cosare for taking the time to work it out. But in reality this is the official game of F1. it should therefore at least follow official F1 rules re tyres on the track and physics rules such as grass having a huge effect on the car etc.
  11. iainc

    Strangest Qualifying Yet?

    had another interesting sprint race today where i apparently lost due to my opponent completing the lap about 15 feet above the track, and thus undisturbed by traffic. although i did get the win box?
  12. Just had a quali race where my opponent initially seemed to set off abut 10 seconds before y car was released, but then seemed to stop. Completed my lap with the opponent apparently stationary, and as I approached the finish line, there he was suspended vertically in mid air. Surely that shouldn’t be possible?
  13. iainc

    Setup for Grid start

    i found that max balanced worked (highest overall car score) better for me in the last event on the grid start. I then switched to full aero for the 2nd and 3rd parts,
  14. iainc


    I'm with Dr Zaius a bit. It does seem extreme that Bruce has managed to get that high that quickly. But then I always look in the event high scores and think "I thought I was pretty good at this track. How are these guys finishing 10 seconds faster and staying within track limits?". I'd really like a feature where we could watch other people's races. I'd like to learn where my lines are wrong, see how much more powerful their car is than mine etc. It would also make it really easy for us to report a cheat also.
  15. iainc

    Development Ideas

    I was also thinking about dual mode and had an idea. Firstly, reduce the incidence of qualifying laps (or are they just being used to cover for no opponents being available I estimate out of my last 30 races, at least 20 have been qualies?) or at least introduce a weighting so you don't get them all the time. Second, make all qualifying races 3 laps best lap wins, but lap time is disqualified if track limits are exceeded. This has two benefits. The first is to get round the "I haven't played this track for a few weeks and can't remember the braking points" issue. Secondly it forces players to drive to the actual track using F1 rules. At the moment to get a win you need to know which corners you can cut and get away with. Then I had a brainwave for bad behaviour. How about an Uber style rating system. Rate your opponent after completing a grid or rolling race. Aggressive / dangerous drivers would soon be evident and sanctions could be applied. Of course there is a risk of poor loser style red flagging but in theory it should balance out. You could even ask for a self evaluation although I suspect that not enough people would be honest about driving like an idiot - but if you use that as a measure against the opposition rating you might be able to draw some conclusions. I had a race today where I was in the lead, took a corner badly and reentered the track badly, accidentally hitting my opponent (who still beat me). I'd have rated myself 2 out of 5 for that. Deserved to lose. On the other hand I had a race yesterday where the opposition was definitely trying to drive me into the walls, and succeeded at the end of baku by driving me so hard into a wall my wheels broke off. I'd like a way of red flagging that driver. Final one - introduce some 3 and 5 lap grid / rolling races. You could always add a dual preference somewhere so that if people don't want longer races they don't get them.