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  1. Please give people a 5s time penalty instead of a drive through penalty when they exceed the vsc delta by a few tenth... like in real life F1! So we (the league-admins) can delete time penalties when the vsc is bugged every other week. Drive through penalties are too hard in 50% races with same car performance.
  2. iosis

    Thrustmaster pedals

    i did contact his partner: thrustmaster. They said "Hello, thank you so much for your message That is something I will ask and I will come back with the info "
  3. iosis

    F1 2020 Contact Model (online modes)

    Consider that we know how to set up our FFB. Aso we are all from germany, austria or switzerland, so connection isnt a problem at all. I am talking from a experienced league racers perspective... 😕 We (several stewards of our league) talked about the differences between f1 2018 and f1 2020 after we watched a video on youtube from OMG its Jo (F1 2018: IS THIS THE BEST F1 GAME?) The biggest difference was contact between two cars in turns. We talked about how easy it was in F1 2018 to control the car after contact or to catch it after losing some traction and how hard it is now in f1 2020. nimocoser - Twitch Dont get me wrong: its okay if something happens after contact in turns. But its almost like the code is: if (event==contact) traction = 0; ...If only it where possible to catch the car while sliding.
  4. What is your opinion on the F1 2020 online contact model? Do you think you spin to easy after the slightest contact or is it good in your opinion? /discuss
  5. iosis

    Thrustmaster pedals

    i just found out that the chinese f1 2020 champion yifan yuan is using this pedals. I wonder which springs and brake force he uses.
  6. iosis

    Thrustmaster pedals

    i tried the red and black spring with 3 washers and brake force on 70. that feels so much better.
  7. iosis

    Thrustmaster pedals

    i am really frustrated right now. i dont know how to setup the t-lcm pedals. previously i was driving the t3pa and where top 200 in Timetrial on every track, now i am 0.3s off pace. i tried the standard springs with brake force on 65 and that felt to hard. Now i am using the black and white springs on bf 55 and its better but i am still too slow. i dont know which springs to setup and what to do with the brake force value in the calibration tool. Are there any "pros" that use this pedals and would share their settings?
  8. the problem is, they produce superficially good games that result in very good reviews like here: https://www.instagram.com/p/CCy_tydFyPz/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link The game sells very good, because there is no competitor and so they do not make any effort to fix the problems of the game.
  9. iosis


    pls. make it happen in F1 21... 😞
  10. iosis

    Performance Patch - MyTeam power units?

    best would be if i could choose if i want to apply the changes to my current myteam career. (i dont use a ferrari engine)
  11. iosis

    Performance Patch coming soon?

    best would be if i could choose if i want to apply it to my current myteam career.
  12. iosis

    Performance Patch - MyTeam power units?

    hahaha this is so hilarious. If this is true and it took 3 months to bring the performance patch just to gp and tt modes.
  13. iosis

    Performance Patch coming soon?

    the two cm employees that still work on F1 trying their best.
  14. I cant agree more and i think thats what bothers all pc leagues atm. We had players lose their connection to steam in almost every league race in F1 2020 so far. (F1 2019 was far more stable in this aspect) Two of our races had to be restarted which is the worst that could happen. Then, the bots, replacing some drivers are driving like they are alone on the track. I guess their is something wrong. The CPU doesnt know when someone is alongside. You also mentioned the problems with the safety car which probably will never be fixed. The VSC ends very unaccountable. I think you should get a time penalty in league races instead of a drive through. So if the penalty was given incorrect, the stewards can correct it. Also: it is stupid that the leagues are driving their league races in unranked lobbies instead of in the league system because of several flaws of it, but this is another topic...
  15. iosis

    Ranked always empty

    Its the same since we cant invite friends anymore. Enjoy it 😄