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  1. same here on 1.03 on pc. Changed the strategy from Red-White to Red-Yellow before the race.
  2. This is a fundamental problem. I can bring video evidence of some corners but should i do this for every corner in all 22 tracks? You get penalties before you leave the track with 4 tires in 50% of all corners.
  3. Almost every part of f1 20 is better than f1 19 unless the tracklimits. It was a massive step backwards to make them more strict. To not collect a ton of time time penalties you need to know where the tracklimits are. But in this game it is strange. Sometimes you have to leave the track with all 4 tires before you receive a penalty as it is in real life f1 and as it should be in the game. On the other side on some corners you collect penalties as soon as you leave the track with 2 wheels... It is unpredictable... Please check this out CM. @BarryBL
  4. iosis

    Friend invitation in ranked lobbies

    I dont know if anyone played as much ranked in f1 18 as me. You are right. We often played against some brazilian guys that played unfair. And after we kicked them, their teammate invited them back in. But its not like solo players are more fair... You will see when you join some empty ranked lobbies next month. In the f1 2019 forum i made a good suggestion about this topic. Short and sweet: let us invite friends. Lobby are flagged with a safety rating x. If they are not on the needed safety rating x+1 they can only spectate the race. In summary, inviting friends is important for most people to play ranked at all. So much players just play with their friends and are not alone in voice chats while playing. You sometimes get matched against unfair drivers, but thats not even close to unranked gameplay. Groups of players are forced to play unranked against d-ranked players (which is not fun). Ranked will be as dead as in f1 19... And i hope the friendless guys that dont want friend invites in ranked are playing ranked at all... About gaining ranks with the help of a friend: never seen that in ranked, and who even cares about that.
  5. iosis

    Leagues vs Unranked Lobbies

    Good question
  6. iosis

    Let us invite friends to ranked

    then enjoy your empty ranked lobbies next month
  7. if you read my suggestion slowly, you will understand that you dont have to race against c or d ranked players if you are in A. If you join ranked, the game will put you in a lobby with other A players. Players can invite a friend, but if the friend don't fit the regulations of the lobby (safety rank S-B), the friend cant join races. Since it isnt programmable to check the safety rank before someone joins a lobby, players that dont fit the safety settings of a lobby - can join, but will stay in visitor mode. Maybe with an alert like "your safety rank is to low to join races in this lobby."
  8. @BarryBL Hi Barry, can you tell us what CM thinks about this topic? And what do you think about this suggestion: 1) There is a simple solution: Bring friend-invites back, but if the safety rank of the invited player don't fits the regulations of the lobby put him in visitor state. Of course: In a C-Lobby you should still be allowed to invite S-ranked friends as they should be aware of possible D-ranked players in this lobby. Best regards
  9. Not possible... -.- Ranked will be dead in a month or 2.
  10. iosis

    F1 2020 Car Handling

    i hope that it is not to easy to master now.
  11. Kinda... And thats pretty much all we are doing since a year. League race, league race preparation, league race, league race preparation... no wonder some of us went to Assetto Corsa Competizione for some variety.
  12. I dont know the numbers but i played ranked in f1 18 almost daily with my friends. And the biggest problem there was that you could invite friends with bad safety ranks to lobbies. Of course some players with D-rank where annoiying. This problem could be fix easily with the suggestion that we mentioned earlier in this thread. If it is a B-rank lobby: put invited D-ranked friend in visitor-mode. Dont let them race. Was it a problem that a ridiculous low number of people helped each other gain better ranks? Never. If some friend drives unfair so some other guy gains one or two positions, he has to sacrifice his safety rank... I think most people underestimate this topic. So many people (with friends) still want to play competitive.
  13. We are talking like there is such a great amount of people that cheat ranks. This is not even the case.
  14. And if there is no technical possibility to check the safety rating before the invite than check afterwards and put unallowed players in a spectactor mode.
  15. Yes, that would be great!!