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  1. thats all because there are so many players out there who play video games with their friends and only have fun when doing that. Most of them stopped playing ranked because they have no fun playing alone. These are your missing 120-140 players. We tried unranked in the beginning, but we had no fun there because unfair drivers dont get penalized and we couldnt fight for good ranks together like last year.
  2. Thank you for your reply, "the system currently isn't able to inspect safety ratings before the invitation is sent" Okay this is a big problem. But not impossible to fix. A simple "if"-clause after the player joins the lobby. If the player is not in safety range of "minimum safety rank" put him in status "spectator". The player gets a message "You safety rating is to low to participate in your friends lobby". He can spectate and nothing else. The same thing for skill rating or ping... I mean lobbies were so much better in F1 2018. A much bigger problem is that we can't play ranked with our friends. Siriously. Most of the people don't play alone. Yesterday we were three guys in our voicechat. Two of us had the pleasure to play in a lobby with other very good drivers with A or S safety rank. Me who is also in S and 2300 SR was not able to participate. This is just a simple example. A lot of players complain about "no player in S lobbies or 25% lobbies" This was no issue in F1 2018 because there was a lot bigger playerbase. This whole situation whould be better if you still could invite friends. Even if this means that once in the time a wild D player appears. Who cares. At least you can play most times on a good safety rank in fair lobbies with your friends.
  3. First if all, thanks for the reply. Im afraid that the answer is still missing. This other thread is about the amount of skillpoints we lose or gain in ranked. You also talk about you dont want to put a skill rating system in unranked. This is okay.. This thread is all about letting us invite friends into ranked lobbies when they are in a certain range of safety rating. I made some pretty good suggestion and also explained why unranked lobbies are no option. I see that all of my 60-80 friends from our league and friend from other leagues stopped playing online at all. This is frustrating since I love the game. Its just a shame you cant play competitive with friends like in f1 2018. Atm we practise on sunday and do leagueracing tuesdays. Thats all. I saw what happened in the last month and if you dont take this seriously the playercase will be a joke in a few months...
  4. I see. Then i hope @RedDevilKT or @Hoo will check out this topic and leave some replies..
  5. Very good communication CM...
  6. iosis

    This is getting ridiculous.

    CM wont answer... like they dont answer here... So frustrating...
  7. iosis

    Enough is enough CM

    I loved F1 2018, but i am so much disappointed by the unability from CM to answer here. It is so frustating...
  8. @Faya Are you aware of this topic? A response whould be great...
  9. iosis

    No response to problems

    jep... Ich glaube bei CM arbeitet momentan ein Mitarbeiter an den F2 2019 Autos und alle anderen sitzen an GRID.
  10. I love the f1 games, regardless of its tons of flaws. Even F1 2018 had its flaws and bugs. But we had the possibility to play together against other A/S or B-safety drivers and had so much fun. ...a reason to overlook all flaws. ...I think codemasters knows how small the playerbase is compared to F1 2018.
  11. "Just play unranked" Yesterday we were 6 people together who wanted to play lobbies together. FAIR ONLINE LOBBIES. So we started an unranked lobby.^^ Its impossible to have fun there due to the crash-kids that don't have to fear any consequences after not breaking in curves and taking others out of the race. We want to play together with other drivers on good safety ranks. Its so frustrating that we are not allowed to do that. I guess the game will be dead in 2 or 3 months. đź’”
  12. I guess not a single cm employee is active in this forum. They are probably working all on GRID. I love f1 games but this is so disappointing...
  13. "There will still be people out there that will disagree with this thread. I hope all players that usually play ranked alone won't dislike this thread straightforward." You say that like it is obvious, but you don't mention a single reason. If there was only one good reason for "no way should you be able to invite friends to ranked lobbies."... You can play competitive as teams or at least together in almost EVERY OTHER Esport game (and besides in F1 2018). Why shouldnt you be able in F1 2019? That you want to play competitive shouldnt mean that you have to play alone. F1 is a game that you usually dont play alone - you play with friends. You team up to play in leagues. But most times league races are just once a week. If codemasters doesnt give a damn about these people, communities/leagues/clans, and their wish to play competitive together this game will have the lowest playerbase in the last decade.
  14. iosis

    Ranked empty lobby issue

    have a look at this thread: