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  1. iosis

    Ranked always empty

    Its the same since we cant invite friends anymore. Enjoy it 😄
  2. iosis

    Game breaking DSQ Bug

    i guess the clip provides all the information... its an unreanked lobby on PC in Patch 1.08. One person crashes in the pit entry in russia, several others try to pit and get disqualified for blocking. This happened also in f1 2018 in russia where i get dsq on polepositon in quali for driving to slow in the pits.
  3. https://clips.twitch.tv/SuspiciousTalentedDurianPanicBasket PC 1.08
  4. iosis

    Show PENALTYS on spectator menu

    Great idea, since the tracklimits are stricter than in real f1 almost everyone have penalties
  5. iosis

    Multiplayer - TO DO LIST!

    + drive through penalties when speeding under vsc. The vsc is so bugged, one driver got a drive through while in the pits... In real f1 you just get 5s...
  6. iosis


    This is btw the old thread from the f1 2019 forum.
  7. ... This is true, unless their limits were behind the curbs, not before. It was a little space for failures, which is needed in my opinion when you take corners with such an amount of speed. Even the pros that knew that there were the limits did mistakes there.
  8. 3 or 6 times over a whole race? ...Turn 10 and 1 in Austria...
  9. maybe hosting the only german league that dont allow players that are under 21, takling with someone that is fine with tracklimits in 50% races though he isnt even driving 50% races. puh...
  10. tracklimits like this wouldnt be feasible in real f1. Fans would go crazy. Even hamilton and co. will get at least 3 warnings in a race, even when they focus on nothing other than the tl.
  11. i am sure you will do better than 90% of our drivers.
  12. boy you are in the wrong discussion. I am the host of one of the fastest german leagues (no flex, just facts) and do league racing since years. Maybe dont judge if i am getting tired after 10 laps. Just do some 50% races on strict for your self, than join this conversation again. The only thing that makes me tired is people talking about things they have 0 experiences with.
  13. i like it how people that only drive 5 lap races disliking comments that criticize our opinion on how it feels to do 50% races within this tracklimits.
  14. if you practise 3 full races and focus and still get 9s over 33 laps... and like 2 people managing to not get penalized. This is going to be a fun season...