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  1. iosis

    What Did You All Think About #NotTheAusGP ?

    It was entertaining. I guess next time they will have their stream issues fixed.
  2. And you still have to play alone for obvious reasons.
  3. there are so many people experiencing and feeling like that. If there wasnt league racing i would play something else...
  4. I want to say something. The 50 guys in my league didn't enjoy this game as much as F1 2018/2017!! Not because it is worse, but because we can't play in ranked lobbies together which we loved back then. We can play in unranked lobbies, but nobody has fun there... (obvious reasons!) Since F1 2019 we are in a bubble and just play against ourselves in league races and self made lobbies for us.
  5. Who are these strange people that have friends and want to enjoy this game "competitive" with them? #facepalm Bendylanes
  6. iosis

    F1 2020 Informations

    It would be great if they also manage to model Mugello.
  7. No i was just a spectator of the stream and talked to the people that competed.
  8. Further Feedback from another league (KRL) SC stops completely on track. Everyone gets disqualified. with Timecode (unranked Lobby, PC, 1.20, 20 players, No AI.)
  9. Further Feedback from another league (KRL) SC stops completely on track. Everyone gets disqualified.
  10. @BarryBL Hi Barry, it would be great if CM would consider this topic for f1 2020. Kind regards
  11. There should be 2 variables in the lobby settings to change the sensititivity of SC-appearance. Opt 1: Pre patch, Opt 2: Post Patch. Our league league was totally fine with the SC settings before this patch released.
  12. I agree 100%. You should revert this part of the patch.
  13. Just SCs. it sounds like the game behaved, in terms of deployment, as limited from the patch notes. oh it did - but it isnt fun anymore when you prepare hours for a race and then every crash results in a SC and then the results are completely random. We have to switch off SC for the next races or people wont participate anymore. Also consider this: "Cuts (that dont result in winning time) behind a sc give 10 Seconds time penalty which means alot when everybody is stacked. Numerous drive through penalties because missing delta-displays for driving too fast behind the sc." I can give you video examples after our steward inquiries are finished.