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    Performance Patch - MyTeam power units?

    best would be if i could choose if i want to apply the changes to my current myteam career. (i dont use a ferrari engine)
  2. iosis

    Performance Patch coming soon?

    best would be if i could choose if i want to apply it to my current myteam career.
  3. iosis

    Performance Patch - MyTeam power units?

    hahaha this is so hilarious. If this is true and it took 3 months to bring the performance patch just to gp and tt modes.
  4. iosis

    Performance Patch coming soon?

    the two cm employees that still work on F1 trying their best.
  5. iosis

    State Of Multiplayer

    I cant agree more and i think thats what bothers all pc leagues atm. We had players lose their connection to steam in almost every league race in F1 2020 so far. (F1 2019 was far more stable in this aspect) Two of our races had to be restarted which is the worst that could happen. Then, the bots, replacing some drivers are driving like they are alone on the track. I guess their is something wrong. The CPU doesnt know when someone is alongside. You also mentioned the problems with the safety car which probably will never be fixed. The VSC ends very unaccountable. I think you should get a time penalty in league races instead of a drive through. So if the penalty was given incorrect, the stewards can correct it. Also: it is stupid that the leagues are driving their league races in unranked lobbies instead of in the league system because of several flaws of it, but this is another topic...
  6. Almost every part of f1 20 is better than f1 19 unless the tracklimits. It was a massive step backwards to make them more strict. To not collect a ton of time time penalties you need to know where the tracklimits are. But in this game it is strange. Sometimes you have to leave the track with all 4 tires before you receive a penalty as it is in real life f1 and as it should be in the game. On the other side on some corners you collect penalties as soon as you leave the track with 2 wheels... It is unpredictable... Please check this out CM. @BarryBL
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    Ranked always empty

    Its the same since we cant invite friends anymore. Enjoy it 😄
  8. https://clips.twitch.tv/SuspiciousTalentedDurianPanicBasket PC 1.08
  9. iosis

    Game breaking DSQ Bug

    i guess the clip provides all the information... its an unreanked lobby on PC in Patch 1.08. One person crashes in the pit entry in russia, several others try to pit and get disqualified for blocking. This happened also in f1 2018 in russia where i get dsq on polepositon in quali for driving to slow in the pits.
  10. I hope this thread gets a little bit of attention... Topic: F1 2020 don't let us invite friends to ranked lobbies anymore. Why they probably done that: To ensure, friends don't boost each other to ranks they don't deserve. To ensure, friends with D rank don't get invited to S or A lobbies. This leads to: Many players stopped playing lobbies at all. The playerbase is obviously smaller than in F1 2018. S-Lobbies are rare. To find lobbies at all, they put S-players in C/D-Lobbies nethertheless. Most time you will find no ranked lobby at all 25% lobbies are dead. plus: ranked is not a bit fairer than in F1 2018 My personal experience: I am a community leader from germany. We are 750 gamers and 70 active F1 players (in our 3 leagues) at the moment. Our community and the friends from other german communities loved F1 2018 and loved playing ranked together. We don't have a single unfair player with us. Almost everyday a few of us played ranked together and we enjoyed that a lot. It is a good distraction from league races. ...Why would you play alone when you are in teamspeak with other people. Now we as a whole community stopped playing lobbies... From what I read hear and on reddit, ranked is not a bit fairer than in F1 2018. Also boosting was never a problem in F1 2018. Not like in other games like rocket league (where you still can play ranked with friends and it works great). "Just play unranked" Most players just play to compare themselves with others in competitive manner. And almost every other game let people do that with their friends. PC-Gamers trend to play games in teams und often don't care about unranked modes at all. Also unfair players are allowed to crash you in every second corner without any punishment. You can't avoid this people in unranked. We want to play together with other people online the drive as fair as we do. Suggestion There will still be people out there that will disagree with this thread. I hope all players that usually play ranked alone won't dislike this thread straightforward. 1) There is a simple solution: Bring friend-invites back, but if the safety rank of the invited player don't fits the regulations of the lobby put him in visitor state. Of course: In a C-Lobby you should still be allowed to invite S-ranked friends as they should be aware of possible D-ranked players in this lobby. Kind regards, iosis
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    Show PENALTYS on spectator menu

    Great idea, since the tracklimits are stricter than in real f1 almost everyone have penalties
  12. iosis

    Multiplayer - TO DO LIST!

    + drive through penalties when speeding under vsc. The vsc is so bugged, one driver got a drive through while in the pits... In real f1 you just get 5s...
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    This is btw the old thread from the f1 2019 forum.
  14. ... This is true, unless their limits were behind the curbs, not before. It was a little space for failures, which is needed in my opinion when you take corners with such an amount of speed. Even the pros that knew that there were the limits did mistakes there.
  15. 3 or 6 times over a whole race? ...Turn 10 and 1 in Austria...
  16. maybe hosting the only german league that dont allow players that are under 21, takling with someone that is fine with tracklimits in 50% races though he isnt even driving 50% races. puh...
  17. tracklimits like this wouldnt be feasible in real f1. Fans would go crazy. Even hamilton and co. will get at least 3 warnings in a race, even when they focus on nothing other than the tl.
  18. i am sure you will do better than 90% of our drivers.
  19. boy you are in the wrong discussion. I am the host of one of the fastest german leagues (no flex, just facts) and do league racing since years. Maybe dont judge if i am getting tired after 10 laps. Just do some 50% races on strict for your self, than join this conversation again. The only thing that makes me tired is people talking about things they have 0 experiences with.
  20. i like it how people that only drive 5 lap races disliking comments that criticize our opinion on how it feels to do 50% races within this tracklimits.
  21. if you practise 3 full races and focus and still get 9s over 33 laps... and like 2 people managing to not get penalized. This is going to be a fun season...
  22. yay another opinion of someone that drives 50% races
  23. great, i am also okay with the tracklimits over 5 lap races ^^ btw it was not confusing in f1 2019 at all.
  24. yeeees, codemasters can put them anywhere they want to. And this time they are to harsh in my opinion. In your opinion they are ok. So what is the discussion about? Do you drive in leagues with strict?