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  1. I hope this thread gets a little bit of attention... Topic: F1 2019 don't let us invite friends to ranked lobbies anymore. Why they probably done that: To ensure, friends don't boost each other to ranks they don't deserve. To ensure, friends with D rank don't get invited to S or A lobbies. This leads to: Many players stopped playing lobbies at all. The playerbase is obviously smaller than in F1 2018. S-Lobbies are rare. To find lobbies at all, they put S-players in C/D-Lobbies nethertheless. Most time you will find no ranked lobby at all 25% lobbies are dead. plus: ranked is not a bit fairer than in F1 2018 My personal experience: I am a community leader from germany. We are 750 gamers and 70 active F1 players (in our 3 leagues) at the moment. Our community and the friends from other german communities loved F1 2018 and loved playing ranked together. We don't have a single unfair player with us. Almost everyday a few of us played ranked together and we enjoyed that a lot. It is a good distraction from league races. ...Why would you play alone when you are in teamspeak with other people. Now we as a whole community stopped playing lobbies... From what I read hear and on reddit, ranked is not a bit fairer than in F1 2018. Also boosting was never a problem in F1 2018. Not like in other games like rocket league (where you still can play ranked with friends and it works great). "Just play unranked" Most players just play to compare themselves with others in competitive manner. And almost every other game let people do that with their friends. PC-Gamers trend to play games in teams und often don't care about unranked modes at all. Also unfair players are allowed to crash you in every second corner without any punishment. You can't avoid this people in unranked. We want to play together with other people online the drive as fair as we do. Suggestion There will still be people out there that will disagree with this thread. I hope all players that usually play ranked alone won't dislike this thread straightforward. 1) There is a simple solution: Bring friend-invites back, but if the safety rank of the invited player don't fits the regulations of the lobby put him in visitor state. Of course: In a C-Lobby you should still be allowed to invite S-ranked friends as they should be aware of possible D-ranked players in this lobby. @Faya Kind regards, iosis
  2. Kinda... And thats pretty much all we are doing since a year. League race, league race preparation, league race, league race preparation... no wonder some of us went to Assetto Corsa Competizione for some variety.
  3. I dont know the numbers but i played ranked in f1 18 almost daily with my friends. And the biggest problem there was that you could invite friends with bad safety ranks to lobbies. Of course some players with D-rank where annoiying. This problem could be fix easily with the suggestion that we mentioned earlier in this thread. If it is a B-rank lobby: put invited D-ranked friend in visitor-mode. Dont let them race. Was it a problem that a ridiculous low number of people helped each other gain better ranks? Never. If some friend drives unfair so some other guy gains one or two positions, he has to sacrifice his safety rank... I think most people underestimate this topic. So many people (with friends) still want to play competitive.
  4. We are talking like there is such a great amount of people that cheat ranks. This is not even the case.
  5. And if there is no technical possibility to check the safety rating before the invite than check afterwards and put unallowed players in a spectactor mode.
  6. Yes, that would be great!!
  7. I can speak for 50 people in my league here: We have no fun in unranked lobbies. We want to gain ranks. We want to achieve a good safety rank so we get matched against other fair drivers. Some people like us just enjoy games in ranked modes. CM removing this feature in f1 2019 hit us hard.
  8. Who cares? Its still better than empty lobbies. Even if some guys would do this, (never saw someone doing this in f1 18) they would have a bad experience as soon as they get ranked against better players.
  9. Please, i cant stand another year playing just alone. I dont understand why you would rather have no ranked mode where you cant invite friends than no ranked mode at all... (because atm ranked is dead)
  10. The next game will soon release,... ranked lobbies will be empty for for another year and... nobody cares.
  11. iosis

    What Did You All Think About #NotTheAusGP ?

    It was entertaining. I guess next time they will have their stream issues fixed.
  12. And you still have to play alone for obvious reasons.
  13. there are so many people experiencing and feeling like that. If there wasnt league racing i would play something else...
  14. I want to say something. The 50 guys in my league didn't enjoy this game as much as F1 2018/2017!! Not because it is worse, but because we can't play in ranked lobbies together which we loved back then. We can play in unranked lobbies, but nobody has fun there... (obvious reasons!) Since F1 2019 we are in a bubble and just play against ourselves in league races and self made lobbies for us.
  15. Who are these strange people that have friends and want to enjoy this game "competitive" with them? #facepalm Bendylanes
  16. iosis

    F1 2020 Informations

    It would be great if they also manage to model Mugello.
  17. https://www.airborne-gaming.de/deutsche-F1-pc-liga.html Über uns: Hallo an alle deutschsprachigen F1 2019 Spieler, wir, die Airborne Racing League, suchen nach weiteren Fahrern für unsere drei F1 2019 Ligen. Wir sind eine lockerer Haufen erwachsener Männer - ein Einstieg ist, genau deshalb, aber auch leider erst mit 21 Jahren möglich. Das Klima ist sehr angenehm, u.a. auch weil wir darauf achten, dass unsere Fahrer immer fair und freundlich miteinander umgehen. Wir haben Teilnehmer auf allen Skill-Niveaus -> Vom AOR A-Liga 1 Rennsieger bis zum kompletten Neuling in unserer Liga 2. Ihr könnt jederzeit einfach im Teamspeak vorbei schauen und abends (z.B. Online-Lobbies) mitzocken. Lasst euch positiv überraschen. 🙂 Bonus: Alle unsere Rennen werden LIVE kommentiert und bei Twitch übertragen, auf YouTube hochgeladen und wir bieten eine einmalige Website, auf welcher alle eure ARL-Karriere-Statistiken festgehalten werden. Unsere Ligen: Liga 1: wöchentlich dienstags um 20:20 Uhr: kurzes Qualifying + 50% Rennen Schaden komplett Streckenbegrenzung strikt Fahrhilfen: Bremshilfe aus, Boxenstopp-Assistent aus, TK mindestens mittel, Schaltung und ERS manuell Liga 2: wöchentlich mittwochs um 20:20 Uhr: kurzes Qualifying + 50% Rennen Schaden reduziert Streckenbegrenzung strikt Fahrhilfen: Bremshilfe aus, Boxenstopp-Assistent aus 100% Liga, alle 2 Wochen am Sonntag um 19:30 Uhr: kurzes Qualifying + 100% Rennen Schaden komplett Streckenbegrenzung strikt Fahrhilfen: Bremshilfe aus, beide Boxenstopp-Assistenten aus, ERS manuell Wettkampf der Ligen: Außerdem nehmen unsere Top-Fahrer auch an der WdL, einer No-Assist Liga teil. Neben dem normalen Ligabetrieb finden regelmäßig Events wie der Sprint Cup und der Classic Cup statt. Sign-Up Season V Am 29.1.2020 beginnt unsere fünfte Saison. Meldet euch bei uns um ganz unkompliziert teilzunehmen. Wir haben noch freie Plätze und heißen alle Neulinge immer freundlich willkommen. Bis dahin: Jeden Dienstag: Sprint Cup Jeden Donnerstag: Classic Cup Jetzt Kontakt aufnehmen Um mitzumachen solltet ihr einfach den Kontakt zu uns suchen. Entweder direkt über Teamspeak, Steam (https://steamcommunity.com/id/air-iosis/), oder einem Kommentar unter diesem Beitrag. Um alles weitere kümmern wir uns dann. 🙂 Infos, Statistiken, Hall of Fame, Twitch, Fahrerprofile & Tabelle auf: Website: https://www.airborne-gaming.de/deutsche-F1-pc-liga.html LIVE: Immer DIENSTAGS und MITTWOCHS um 20:20 Uhr auf https://twitch.tv/airbornemultigaming Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/AirborneClan101/featured
  18. No i was just a spectator of the stream and talked to the people that competed.
  19. Further Feedback from another league (KRL) SC stops completely on track. Everyone gets disqualified. with Timecode (unranked Lobby, PC, 1.20, 20 players, No AI.)
  20. Further Feedback from another league (KRL) SC stops completely on track. Everyone gets disqualified.
  21. @BarryBL Hi Barry, it would be great if CM would consider this topic for f1 2020. Kind regards
  22. There should be 2 variables in the lobby settings to change the sensititivity of SC-appearance. Opt 1: Pre patch, Opt 2: Post Patch. Our league league was totally fine with the SC settings before this patch released.
  23. I agree 100%. You should revert this part of the patch.