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  1. Everyone knows that it isnt a bug. This is all about Codemasters using servers instead of p2p connections. If companies like kudos or psyonix can afford servers, codemasters / EA should be able too as well.
  2. @BarryB ... We are a league... we are all from Germany, Austria or Switzerland and our connections are not the problem. Leagues (with reserve drivers) have to use the open lobby section of the game. The league section is for different reasons not suitable for online league racing. (f.e. you cant have reserve drivers) The problem is: If you lose your steam-connection, you lose the connection to the host of the lobby. (because of p2p) If the game does not find another host you drive against bots. If steam shuts down this affects everyone, and has nothing to do with poo
  3. 75 league members, ...and the multiplayer experience gets worse every year...
  4. every league would pay to have a stable server. This "player to player" connection ******** is annoying!
  5. Info: We race in open lobbies on the PC(Steam). We have disconnects to steam in almost every race. Last week we had to stop the race in the middle of the race because half of the grid disconnected and wasnt able to rejoin and this week we had to restart the lobby in qualifying because of the same problem and then again had a total lobby failure in the race. That is no longer acceptable. These problems started in F1 2019 but it's a joke how unstable the connection to Steam is in F1 2021. We have this problems on all of our 3 leagues and with different hosters. Esport
  6. Please give us the option to just change the frontwing and dont force drivers to change the tyres.
  7. Please give people a 5s time penalty instead of a drive through penalty when they exceed the vsc delta by a few tenth... like in real life F1! So we (the league-admins) can delete time penalties when the vsc is bugged every other week. Drive through penalties are too hard in 50% races with same car performance.
  8. i did contact his partner: thrustmaster. They said "Hello, thank you so much for your message That is something I will ask and I will come back with the info "
  9. Consider that we know how to set up our FFB. Aso we are all from germany, austria or switzerland, so connection isnt a problem at all. I am talking from a experienced league racers perspective... 😕 We (several stewards of our league) talked about the differences between f1 2018 and f1 2020 after we watched a video on youtube from OMG its Jo (F1 2018: IS THIS THE BEST F1 GAME?) The biggest difference was contact between two cars in turns. We talked about how easy it was in F1 2018 to control the car after contact or to catch it after losing some traction and how hard it is now
  10. What is your opinion on the F1 2020 online contact model? Do you think you spin to easy after the slightest contact or is it good in your opinion? /discuss
  11. i just found out that the chinese f1 2020 champion yifan yuan is using this pedals. I wonder which springs and brake force he uses.
  12. i tried the red and black spring with 3 washers and brake force on 70. that feels so much better.
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