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  1. Esports is a joke when someone can use cheats with minimal effort. There are sites that give you cheats (griphack, more ers etc.) for free. This is a message from the WdL: a league organisation from germany with several hundred drivers. (so please don't ignore it)... šŸ¤¬
  2. i agree with TicoF1Gamer. ABS ist WAY to overpowered. I guess most drivers would accept non-ABS-users having benefits... We have 3 leagues. Only in league 1 ABS is banned. In this season some league 2 drivers, that didnt use ABS in F1 2020, turned ABS on, because they had such a big disadvantage over a whole race. If someone like Jarno Opmeer who uses "ABS off" in perfection is just 1 tenth away from his "ABS on" time - every one else will lose much more time by turning the assist off. I also think this game wont change even after the complaints. They are working
  3. i hope so... i heard today this cheat site offers free cheats for f1. We are currently in discussion with 2 players who are under suspicion for cheating... hard times for leagues
  4. how do i know if someone has a 1% grip hack and is it completly impossible to install an anticheat tool? or do you NOT CARE...
  5. It would be great if you could explain if you are aware of the problem, and what you are doing to stop cheating in F1 Games. @BarryBL
  6. i agree. ABS is to powerful. Totally understandable that some dont have the time to play without ABS. But it should make you slower when you use that assist. It should be the same as with TC. Its frustrating for all non-ABS-users when they have to race against others that use ABS. I cant forbid ABS in all leagues.
  7. we had the same problem in a AOR1 race and in our own league race yesterday with 4 drivers. (PC/STEAM - unranked Lobby)
  8. so you all think this is realistic and would happen like that in reallife?^^
  9. https://clips.twitch.tv/ClearFrigidTitanPJSalt-gLamAaj741wrZgwG - Clip from our first league race in this game. (very stable setup) I was half on the throttle an slided at a speed of 50-100km/h to the left. My rear was stable as i accelerated. Shouldnt it at least be possible to catch the car while sliding? Or do the curbs work like the bananas in Mario Kart in this game? It hard to drive at the limits when you can't predict such things to happen. @David Greco
  10. the ranked mode was great in F1 2018 and non existent ever since F1 2019.
  11. When we drive with 20 friends together in a unranked lobby some can start significantly earlier than others. Other drivers also have big disadvantages. There is something wrong with the times on the top left. It also occured several times that someone was 0,1s in front at the finish line and was a place down on the results. I think this is the 0,1s the other player started earlier and these two problems have something to do with each other.
  12. the ranked lobbies are dead since you couldnt invite friends anymore.
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