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  1. Could be wrong but did chris hoy not drive it as part of a mcrae documentary a few years ago for bbc
  2. https://youtu.be/aE8zpcczfr8 innerer feld sprint top 10 in time trial mkII escort
  3. Even for rally? where it's only stage results data that is needed "i mean how hard can it be"
  4. M1 procar new sound https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UeQuUcRg66I
  5. It would be rude not to post this . . . https://youtu.be/QPeB5-bQtX0?t=40s
  6. awesome game the way you can throw car around is so much fun the weight transfer is so intuitive and wow some of the stages are so fast . And rwd is spot on. I've never really enjoyed rx but my god it clicked immediately after 1 corner. Well done codemasters (as a pad user)
  7. getting hyped for this now. the game probably won't be mm perfect(what game is) and the dlc plan might put a few penny grabbers off but i think people should just be grateful were getting a new rally sim full stop.
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