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  1. I crashed my car in the second stage and no light and a broken engine for the thrid stage....i will do my best for the rest ...
  2. Just 4 seconds between us this time, that was really closed , Nice run dude !
  3. Nice battle between us in australia dude ! See you next stage !
  4. Freddygore

    Wales Setup?

    Yes the tarmac could be better but that s better than the first dirt rally for me, that s the essential 😉
  5. Freddygore

    Wales Setup?

    I play with a pad not with a wheel and you don t like the game choose another one !
  6. Freddygore

    DiRTy Gossip

    You can change the timing if you want check in the options....and as a french i have no problem with the co driver !
  7. xbox france donc tu parle francais donc pour toi l australie n apas de bosse , de creux ou autres  tu devrais mieux règler ton volant  , a mon avis 

  8. Freddygore

    Wales Setup?

    That s not the same roads for me, and about bumps compared to Argentina that s no so difficult !
  9. Freddygore

    Dash Cam

    You can do it with cockpit view 😉
  10. See you for revenge for this new season 😉
  11. Freddygore

    Wales Rally: Available Now

    Good for me too.thanks
  12. Freddygore

    Always same bug for xbox deluxe content

    Thanks dude !
  13. Another time again store asked to pay wales but i have deluxe content, hope this will be fixed soon...
  14. Freddygore

    Wales Rally: Available Now

    Always the same bug xbox deluxe edition he asked me to pay wales again...
  15. I m on xbox but when it s happening i queat the game, back to xbox menu, and re open the game ! the sound come back every time 😉