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  1. I didn t play since a long time, i am really bad actually cause of my decease, it is a really good result for me, hope it will be the same for the next !
  2. Same for me ! I vote for more days For thé weather what i can i chose exactly ? And happy new year 😉
  3. Damn i wasn t too bad compared to sweeden but i have to restart 2 times in the 6th stage. But i won few points, could be worst !!
  4. You may forecast the Weather-Rally (Pick one location and cherry-pick the weather options to your liking. Night has to be less than 50% though)
  5. Je will choose finland as Dropout-rally for the next season !
  6. Not to bad in montecarlo ! 3rd place for me !! it's the first time since i am in this club that s clearly awesome ! The final battle in sueden against @Snoopy43 will be interesting but that s my worst country so i think i will loose more points ! It will be a great fight too for the first place ! Wait and see ! Good luck everybody !
  7. Bonne course pour moi, j'ai eu beaucoup de chance en ss3, j'ai eu un pneu crevé juste avant la fin mais j'ai pu finir avec!
  8. Not too bad this time, I always take soft tires, but i m asking myself if medium are not better for australia ??
  9. Damn i lost my internet and i didn t run in sweden...i will be back only in 2 weeks, i m so distuged....
  10. No crash again ! I was slow but i could finish with no big mistakes ! I do not think it will be the same in sweden where i m usually bad ! Wait and see !
  11. No fault this time again, i tried to accelerate to catch @Dytut but not enough faster, happy of this run !
  12. Since a long time i didn t make no mistakes in wales, i m really proud of this run, and first time i finish front of my compatriot yabbi lol !
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