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  1. Well.... so as it stands the 2020 season as a whole is in up in the air. now truthfully speaking that sucks cause I dont have races to watch on a race weekend but what just hit my head was, we have classic cars in F1 2013, 17, 18, 19 and probably should have them again in 2020 but how about a F1 2020 PAST-PRESENT-FUTURE Edition wherein you have cars from The Past The Present and The Prototype Car made for 2021 (or 2022 if the current news is to believed) lets admit it we would love to test it out. they can technically introduce it was officially revealed at a F1 press conference. lik
  2. oh its great not Assetto Corsa Great yet as that gives you control over alot of settings to perfect it to your taste but it is crazy as you can feel the bumps on the track like never before. That being said my experience with sim racers is limited to F1 13-15-17-19 and Assetto Corsa Project cars and now compettizione. If F1 can get the track surface detailing up to compettizione's level it might honestly make the driving let alone racing a bit more complex as it tends to wrestle the car out of control but GT3 cars give you some extra control due to weight and lower speeds relativly speaking bu
  3. I just had fun the last couple of weeks with Assetto Corsa Competizione and the one thing that I definitly want from that game to be carried over is the replay system. you can save your race data and rewatch it from any angle any car (its not saving the footage of your race but the actual data of the so you and every car on the track are saved. whole race as far as i know. I've only tried the 30min races till now so cant be sure of it) you have option of so many camera angles!!! 1] The official stationary race cams 2] Zoom out as the car closer in and Zoom in as the car
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