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    F1 2019 Game Ideas

    Okay so we will probably be able to form our own team this year, build the car on our own and make a really cool Livery for it awesome I love it, Hopefully Classic cars make a comeback as well they are really fun to drive. I really love Driving on these Classic Race tracks but the reality is that they are Probably tied down to licencing if they are in the F1 Calendar no headache if they arent then the Dev's probably need to go out of their way to secure these tracks at the cost of extra licencing Fees. I had this thought why not let the game have a custom Track Builder wherein we can Build our own tracks, Yes first thing some one does is make Nordschleife, Imola, Brads Hatch, Fiji Speedway then someone goes on to combine a bunch of tracks like say Monza and Silverstone maybe even throw in Spa to really mess the car Balance up and ruin race strategy's, but what would then start happening would definitely be people making street circuits of their own locality I would love to race a F1 Ferrari to victory right outside my home on the streets of Bombay, maybe we get the LEGENDARY London GP finally or a Las Vegas race, New York race, Maybe a Mario cart race track? or some crazy race track that navigates through some dessert Sand Dunes? along a river and then above in like on a bridge? or heck lets have a race in a canyon with hill walls and valleys as our track limits, a 80 km long Sprint track? (305KM official race distance) these are just some crazy thing that can happen more than 80% of the tracks made will be rubbish and undriveable but some real gems might just show up, i'll build a race track that sorta combines the elevation changes on Eau Rouge with the twisty turns of Nordschleife (Forrest version) but still wide enough to handle a 3 way side by side car battle, or a Silverstone based stadium version to more feel like the Suzuka S Curves kinda track, obviously this is not something that can be made and implemented this year possibly not even next year as they would have to build the actual interface and system that works out how the lighting works since there will be no one to manually bake it in (not like ray tracing works here) by simply putting in the sun orientation day light racing should be possible but night time racing will be impossible. (neither do we have head lights) but it should be possible as I have seen a race track builder (App / Game?) which can be used for Assetto Corsa. only major issue that i see may happen is the tracks (custom) wont have accurate buildings trees mountain backgrounds? as such itll have to be alot of reused assets that are already present within the game. another feature that I would really enjoy would be the ability to configure custom races. Now I'll be honest seeing Alonso kick ass in WEC I too tried my hand at sims with WEC cars but they are really difficult to drive to be honest plus I am really used to the handling of F1 car's from CODIES they tend to make it more fun and F1 cars with their central seating position is just more comfortable than running a WEC car through a tight pair of turns while hitting the Apex. (now I have seen others do it I am just saying that I am personally finding it really difficult to do so) so if we can add the ability to have a endurance race with F1 cars that would be super dope refueling would need to be reintroduced obviously (the hardest bit) and engines are something i doubt would last the race distance unless you are able to control the cooling and all, tyres would be the next tricky bit but I honestly believe depending on the grip and temps the Hardest compound would be the most used here with night time probably needing sticker stuff that can pick up heat much much faster.
  2. i'd like to drive the classic ferrari 312 to see how f1 was back in the days before Aero joined the party. ID love to drive on the other circuits that were available back in the day Korea, India, Nurburgring, the classic tracks such as brads hatch, Imola, Estoril the former portugal track, and Jarez the former Spain Gp track, if possible the Fuji Speedway and Nordschleife would be epic to have a run on