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  1. Well.... so as it stands the 2020 season as a whole is in up in the air. now truthfully speaking that sucks cause I dont have races to watch on a race weekend but what just hit my head was, we have classic cars in F1 2013, 17, 18, 19 and probably should have them again in 2020 but how about a F1 2020 PAST-PRESENT-FUTURE Edition wherein you have cars from The Past The Present and The Prototype Car made for 2021 (or 2022 if the current news is to believed) lets admit it we would love to test it out. they can technically introduce it was officially revealed at a F1 press conference. like why not right? we would love to race it now itself. sure it would be SPEC RACING based on an F1 car and not have the unique qualities that each team has normally. Example Ferrari = unbeatable Straight line Speed Red Bull = Best Cornering Mercedes = Best All Round Car but it would still be worth it. and please like I've said before Let the Cars be accompanied by the their tracks as well. so let tracks from the past return. along with the upcoming Vietnam GP of the future. the 2 problems I See with the prototype featuring in is that it may kinda kill off the next game of F1 so if F1 2021 or 22 isnt that much of an upgrade to 2020 players might simply hold off on buying it. FOM might have issues with it being featured in the game. But they did make a spec Car for F1 2019's Multiplayer so there's that. and we can be a really good test run for seeing if F1 improves with these new car you know the race-ability and all (yeah ok I'm willing to say anything to get them to give us that car) Allow us to Select which cars we race in classic car races like when I am racing the 3 2010 cars having Schmi's overpowered F2004 zoom past us is kinda immersion breaking, the problem is the game select the whole decade as the year to race. How about letting me choose who I race so along with the 3 2010 cars i might choose the 2009 car of brawn or recreating a race between Senna And Prost let me race em casue normally in our year class we are kinda the slowest cars and pretty much at the back of the grid. let us make multiple Liveries for each car so even if we decide to have a spec race we can race the Lotus 72D but not only team lotus vs Team Lotus and 8 other Team lotus (yay) seriously give us the Abilty to select the Race cams for the Replay Rear spoiler cam, Front Wing cam, Steering wheel cam on the hood beyond the Steering wheel facing the driver, Real life cameras (this is already done perfectly) , side body cams? ive seen some of it in the replays, Helicopter cams. and the really nice close us of the cars as the cams follow them by zooming in then out as they make their turn (these shots are gorgeous ) along with the rest of the existing cam. Throw in the ability to have a have the leaderboard tracking all the cars when we watch the replays and boy we can literally take care of the current possibly no season this year.
  2. oh its great not Assetto Corsa Great yet as that gives you control over alot of settings to perfect it to your taste but it is crazy as you can feel the bumps on the track like never before. That being said my experience with sim racers is limited to F1 13-15-17-19 and Assetto Corsa Project cars and now compettizione. If F1 can get the track surface detailing up to compettizione's level it might honestly make the driving let alone racing a bit more complex as it tends to wrestle the car out of control but GT3 cars give you some extra control due to weight and lower speeds relativly speaking but F1 being as crazy fast might just knock me outta the damn track or into the barriers.
  3. I just had fun the last couple of weeks with Assetto Corsa Competizione and the one thing that I definitly want from that game to be carried over is the replay system. you can save your race data and rewatch it from any angle any car (its not saving the footage of your race but the actual data of the so you and every car on the track are saved. whole race as far as i know. I've only tried the 30min races till now so cant be sure of it) you have option of so many camera angles!!! 1] The official stationary race cams 2] Zoom out as the car closer in and Zoom in as the car gets further away 3] Helicopter shots (oh god this is the most gorgeous camera shots seriously check it out online) 4] Cockpit cam 5] Helmet cam 6] Hood cam 7] Rear Spoiler facing the rear cam 8] In cockpit aimed at the driver but facing front 9] In cockpit aimed at the driver but facing rear now lets be honest playing F1 at 60 fps or somthing around is a must but watching it in replay at about 24fps is cool heck even sub 24 till 18fps would be cool but i wanna amp up the visuals like crazy i'm talking 4k ultra setteings so that I can do some commentary and feel like yeah Ferrari beat the **** outta everyone this year or **** Williams is back with a vengence now we can already do that by racing and in the career mode but seriously just getting to make a sexy looking set of shots of being the greatest F1 driver ever would be super dope. so let us have this will ya? PLEASE ITS A DAMN COOL FEATURE IN ACC AND F1 2020 NEEDS IT
  4. Red Demolisher

    F1 2020 - Things to make the game better

    I just had another idea this one is essentially for Classic Cars. let players Recreate Classic F1 seasons by allowing players to make Custom Liveries for Classic Cars as well and give us the ability to Change the Driver Names their Countries their Numbers also let us do the same for the team so we can set the team names ourselves to theoretically recreate up to 18 Classic F1 seasons + more since we are a passionate community. also allow Players to Create drivatars RACE PERFORMANCE SPEC with rating to race against in online and offline modes Maybe even in Career mode? WE all know licences are an Issue especially when dealing with classic cars from before Codies got their hands on the F1 Licence which I believe is F1 2009 on PSP and 2010 onward on PC and consoles as we know it. But we still have a really good collection of Classic Cars. Now except for 3 instances Ferrari, Mclaren (1976) Ferrari, Mclaren (1990) Ferrari, Mclaren, Red Bull (2010) all the cars are from different years and that's cool but when you want to race the F2004 you have the option to either race an entire grid filled with decade specific cars or simple race the entire grid filled with the exactly same car. Making it a sort of Spec Racing Series which trust me I seem to enjoy alot more as its more of an even playing field than Me in a Ferrari vs the Mercedes and Red Bull rest all being F2+ but after a while it really gets sorta boring as everyone is a bloody Ferrari now and its really hard to know who I am racing unless I've got a stress free moment to go through the names of the driver ahead and behind me. Now my suggestion are as follows let us set the following Team Name (Let us Name them or a default name shall appear) Team Livery (Select a preexisting livery or customize and set our own) Team Country ?(Why do we even need this its not like we actually use their anthem or even display their flag after the race) Driver Name (Let us Name them or a default name shall appear) Driver Country (Let us select their their country or the default shall appear) Driver Avatar (Let us select one or a default one shall appear) Driver Ai Skill / Ranking (Lets be honest we are all gonna have Schumacher, Senna, Lauda, Clark, Piquet, Prost, Fangio, Hunt, Hill, Stewart, Mansel, Andretti either in at all times or at least at some point of time and to have them on the grid with us and not be battling us for the win would be ridiculous so if Codies were to let us set them up as the best Ai driver on the grid that would be dope as we can have an entire race going head to head against these legends) Import Friends Team(s) (Allow us to import our friends team. Now we all have that one friend who will painstakingly recreate all the classic F1 teams with the actual year specific challenging TEAMS and DRIVERS and a fantasy version of say F2004 BRM or Alfa Romeo or Benz or Brawn or.......well you get the idea, While most of the rest of us all will most definitely have asdf as Driver 1 qwerty as Driver 2 and their team being AAAaaA so let us import them from our friends will ya!!) Import Friends Drivatars (allow us to import our friends profiles so that we can battle them something very similar to what Forza has done. but take it a step further we already have the perfected TIME TRAIL MODE where we are battling other racer in the car of their choice with their specific setup. Now for races we cannot use ghost but what we can do is have Each Driver have their Own RACE PERFORMANCE SPEC something that takes into account How fast they are on each track (Great at Belgium, Silverstone, Hungary but **** at Monaco and Spain) How fast they are on wets, Inters, slicks, the different compounds. How fast are they during race the race with varying levels of fuel on-board The Car Setups obviously gets repeated from Time Trials but it can be taken a step further by letting the player set 3 separate Car setups one for the dry race, one for the full wet race and one for the partial wet and partial dry race? intermediate conditions? something in between you get the idea!! These are the things that are possible within the existing game and should be relatively easy to achieve (yeah right spoken as if I know anything about game development) The following bits should be much harder to execute though and even then how it actually works in game I cant even begin to wrap my head around that Tyre wear and fuel consumption (now I personally prefer to load up on the maximum amount of fuel do alot of fuel saving till i have about 5+ or even 6+ laps of fuel start with the medium compound Tyre and then make 2 pits for the the soft compound while setting the engine in Max Mode to go real aggressive in the second half of the race after playing it really safe in the first half waiting till the cars have sufficiently spaced themselves out) how this works in my friends race I have no idea i think we have to be realistic about this part and not expect this level of stuff here cause lets be honest I might as well show up for a multiplayer race in that case. that being said I have an idea on how all of this can be recorded and built. just like how Track Acclimatization works we have the player go to each track and setup his or her RACE PERFORMANCE SPEC by running in different weather conditions (3) for lets say 10-15 laps with their desired Car Setup. now unlike Time Trials where its a clear objective (Beat --- time) and Achievement (Set --- time) in RACE PERFORMANCE SPEC thats not really possible so instead we can have a sort of Performance ranking (1 being the best 100 being the lowest) so I can have a Belgium rating of 24 but will have a Monaco rating of 80 and Silverstone rated at 28 and Hungary rated at 35 so you constantly have a reason to keep updating the RACE PERFORMANCE SPEC or based on your actual race performance have the option to update the Rating and PERFORMANCE SPEC. this can also be used online to tie into the multiplayer rating system? God knows thats messing with Esports and stuff I dont play much online so I'll not make any Comments here. My suggestion are mainly aimed to let us Recreate the Classic F1 World Championships and race them as I am a fan and this would really be a dream come true to race these car against the legends in their Chariots of SPEED. Being able to race online in co-op or singleplayer with my friends would be super DOPE, other than that if it can be used for the modern F1 Drivatar that would be pretty cool my friends would be hate racing against me but I would love to race aginst other racers and keep improving my Race Craft. If the above is somehow worked on we can in theory have a total of 18 CLASSIC F1 world championship seasons recreated and lets be honest we all know we some guys will make much more so if possible try and greenlight this Codies fight the licence issue and let us do it estimated by counting the various Classic cars available in the F1 2019 2010 Red Bull RB6 2010 Ferrari F10 (F1 2019 Legends and Anniversary Edition bonus) 2010 McLaren MP4-25 (F1 2019 Legends and Anniversary Edition bonus) 2009 Brawn BGP 001 2008 McLaren MP4-23 2007 Ferrari F2007 2006 Renault R26 2004 Ferrari F2004 2003 Williams FW25 1998 McLaren MP4-13 1996 Williams FW18 1992 Williams FW14 1991 McLaren MP4/6 1990 Ferrari F1-90 (F1 2019 Legends Edition bonus) 1990 McLaren MP4/5B (F1 2019 Legends Edition bonus) 1988 McLaren MP4/4 1982 McLaren MP4/1B 1979 Ferrari 312 T4 1978 Lotus 79 1976 Ferrari 312 T2 1976 McLaren M23D 1972 Lotus 72D just a wild thought imagine a Single player Career mode like we currently do but you can swap out a few driver names with some of your mates so you and your mate can be fighting for the championship even if they do not play F1 how Insane is that?
  5. Why on earth does Codemasters not have their own WORLD OF MOTORSPORT GAME? I mean Assetto Corsa with mods is Literally a never ending game. Project cars 2 does alot of stuff really well. but I am not really good at SIM RACING to be honest sure I can Survive and Win a difficulty level 90 race in F1 but F1 lets me really push hard without having to worry about alot of stuff. These more serious sims even with traction control and other assist enabled and Tyre wear and Fuel consumption disabled. (obviously you leave mechanical damage on this isnt NFS) are a mighty challenge I haven't really been able to conquer. Causing Race Wins to feel more like a fluke that came my way rather than strategic brilliance and superb race craft. so I would really like Codies to give this type of a game a go F1 is not a fully serious sim its a perfect balance between SIMULATION AND ARCADE I would love to see their version of simcade WORLD OF MOTORSPORT GAME. before anyone says GRID AUTOSPORT, been there tried it yeah its more like 85% arcade and 15% maybe slight SIM like feel. and the GRID (2019) feels like it embraces ARCADE even more after seeing the gameplay vids. What I would like from a game like this is F1, Indycar, Endurance, LMPs, GT series, Rally (I personally suck at Dirt games) but not only that but these Race disciplines over the years so imagine F1 racing from 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s, 2010s, 2020s, and race at the legendary tracks with their track layout respective to that decade Remember monza and its highspeed straights with a bunch of turns that freak you out as the track lifts, to what we see today remember parabolica how if you over shot it you'd park yourself in gravel, now you have a run off to make things oh so easy. Imagine the F1 2019 graphics thrown in the mix. I personally own Assetto Corsa and am pretty decent at it I can clock a 1.50. something at SPA in the F1 SF17H as opposed to my 1.46. something in f1 2017. Project cars 2 I tried it at my friends place, that game was beautiful but man did it feel strange. but none of these games give me a feeling of being A Racer in a High Stakes Motorsport race like CODIES DO WITH F1. JEFF no matter how annoying and weird is massively important mid race even if it is just to ask how the guy ahead is doing? and how far is he? am I closing in on him or no. sure you can simply see the timer up on the screen when you complete a lap or a sector in other games but THESE little things along with how streamlined F1's in race menu is make a huge difference. after race celebrations feel good and deliver a sence of acomplishment to see the guys you battled with on screen next to you. (lets be honest we all yell at them and say how does it feel to be a Looser. thats not just me right?) rather than just staring at a screen saying you came first. so I would really like to see Codies take a shot at this now. Now I know Codies already has F1, DIRT, GRID and 3x 60$ games are better than 1 game. Thats not only increased profits but also reduced stress on the studio to make sure that the game has to achieve a certain amount of sales to achieve monetary success = Grid doesnt have to sell (Example purpose) 100 copies to make it a success, as F1 sold 500 and Dirt sold 250 so even if Grid sells say 80 its pretty cool as long as its above 50 to break even. so with that logic I dont think we will get a game like this especially when you consider that a game like this will eat away sales from almost annualized Franchises such as F1 and Dirt. But AutoSport happened right maybe they give it another shot with a more SIMCADE experience similar to F1 2019 with those gorgeous visuals. Edit : So today (11/29/2019) news is out that Codemasters is acquiring Slightly Mad Studios. and thats pretty dope. kinda explains why after kinda making A World Of Motorsport Game in Grid Autosport they made Grid 2019 and kinda scaled things back. I was under the impression it was to probably try and get back to the roots of the original game but what I wanted was Project Cars, Assetto Corsa competitor from Codies because I really love their Car Physics not really Hardcore Sim and definitely not Arcade a really perfect Balance between both while Assetto Corsa is kinda a really serious Sim and with MOD's can be upgraded to insane hardcore levels of authenticity which is amazing in itself (and something I personally enjoying and just getting into) but my main Racer Heck my most played game series this decade has been F1 20XX series mainly cause its that perfect balance and lets me really push hard but still enjoy every bloody moment of it. In Assetto Corsa its a challenge (mostly cause I'm Not that great at it YET!!!) and only upon completing a hard drive or finishing a tough race in the points is when I am like yeah that was fun. The possibility of a Codies World Of Motorsport game now is purely on the extreme's. We get Another Grid along side Project Cars with Project Car's as it is and Gird having the same engine same cars same tracks different menu and Arcadey Control systems the problem with this senario is that they will have a game competing with itself. What I find more likely is They release Project Cars 3 with A Dirt 4 Style control scheme 1 Arcadey and 2 Sim like how the first 2 were. The Reason why I think this is likely is cause there were talks of Project Cars 3 going back in some form to what was the Nfs Shift series. Business rules dictate a niche title is going to do much less business than a more Mainstream easy to access and play title. not many like this statement but its true. none the less I'm interested in seeing how this goes.
  6. Red Demolisher

    F1 2020 - Things to make the game better

    NOTE: had posted this on reddit a week or so ago found this thread thought it fits here perfectly First of all I am loving the career mode and driver swaps this is insane!!! this is seriously the first true CaRPG but there is always room for improvement right? My suggestions are hopefully logical and kinda possible let F1 2020's Career mode simulate the entire F1 career of a driver for say 12-15 years long. cant say I've put any time in the F2 cars cause after a few time trial runs I simply went full speed ahead with the career mode (first time that I've ever actually attempted more than 1 season) so personally if f2 is dropped from the series it makes no difference to me personally speaking. My suggestion are mainly to have the Racer experience evolve over various seasons and witness how F1 changes over the years by having The Cars models change (every couple of years) The Technology change (Engines, Hybrids, Aero) The Race Calendar Change (tacks comes in and go out get reshuffled) The Teams Change (Force India To Racing Point, Lotus To Renault,) Team Livery / Colors and Overalls change (yearly) The presentation format change (Old Logo to New Logo ? maybe add the official theme music what else over here? maybe lets have the commentators change and add Nico Rosburg and Jensen Button post their retirement and shuffle through Crofty, Brundle, Davidson, Chandhok, Kravitz) heck lets even have experimental things like the Double points (last 2-3 race for the 2014 season) The Elimination Style Qualifying (is used for the first half of the 2016 season) (The suggested Qualifying Sprint Race on Saturday - Love this idea Alot) (And the always suggested Revers grid- Personally I dont know if this will be a good idea or how it can even work in F1) ADD PLAYER CREATED TEAM TO THE F1 CAREER MODE (so that we can all feel like Lance Stroll at-least in the digital world) Full scale Telemetry + Ai JEFF race engineer to help us improve our driving style and tune the car to our preferences. Race replay Save feature My solution of how to implement them are as follows Now adding cars from the all the various teams (12-11-10) over the last 11 years is insane amount of work so I suggest just like this years F1 game had 3 cars from the 2010 F1 season (Red Bull, Ferrari, Mclaren ) we have only the top 5 or top 4 or top 3 teams from 5 years and 1 common car for the other team's (non top 5 or 4 or 3) NOTE F1 2019 already has a common car made by the F1 management Ross Brawn for online racing I am simply suggesting that you either make a common car or make use of the cars already made (the top 3 or top 4 or top 5) and replicate those for the other teams with only their respective team colors applied and their own Steering wheel (this should be relatively easy than making an entire car) I am suggesting these following years to be picked up for the Career Mode 2010 Cause you already have 3 of these cars ready 2013 The last V8 before a significant Rule Change 2015 Cause lets be honest no one likes the 2014 cars there were massive reliability issue and those front wings for almost all teams were HIDEOUS so 2015 is the next solution plus 2015 was a more competitive field as opposed to 2014 where Mercedes ran with it till the end 2017 Massive Aero Change 2020 cause its the F1 2020 Game and there is gonna be a full grid of these cars (have the 2020 season car stretch out for 3-5 years so essentially we have a F1 Career running up till 2023-2025) Have the Livery and team overalls of each team change every year as they normally tend to in real life. this makes THE RACER feel that something new has just happened (A NEW BLOODY SEASON) and its not just a repeat for 10 years straight (Mclaren went from Silver with Red streaks to Carbon Blackish??? to The Classic Papaya Orange) (Hass from Black red and white to LETS BE HONEST THE LOTUS COLOR SCHEME) Have team go out and come in (SRT, Catheram, out) (Hass in) Also allow Team To convert (Virgin Racing to Marusia to Manor) (Lotus to Renault) (Force India to Racing Point) Another point which can be utilized is that if there multiple teams fighting for the championship till the end then those teams could be starting on the back foot for the next season's initial races as they would have diverted more time and resources to develop the car till the end of the season while the other teams would have already begun the development of the next season car once they were out of the championship race. (sure I get it a bigger team like say Red bull or Mclaren or even Constructors like Ferrari, Mercedes, Renault would be trend setters as it is their power unit that charges the entire grid but lets be honest do you want a truly authentic season creation of do you want a much better game where you actually would be driving yourself cause otherwise you just need to go with Red Bull from 2010-13 then Mercedes 2014-17 Spend 18 with Ferrari cause they actually had the better engine, good aero the overall package was undoubtedly the best but Vettle threw it away and rest is history, return to Mercedes for 19 again. God Knows about 2020) beginning development for the next season car in between a current season or towards the end of it, but also have a risk factor associated to such development along with a degree of how aggressively you pursue the development something like a Mild Development or an Intense Development for example (mercedes focus on 2014 V6 hybrid engine development through 2013 and lets count this as an aggressive development and the result is only achieved in 2014 which show they have got a massive lead over the rest of the field) to challenge this (Ferrari go on a aggressive Low Down force development aimed at 2019 but it fails and they have much lower grip though the corners) both of these were Intensive Development examples as intensive development is essentially focusing mainly in a single department Engine, Aero, powertrain and what not Mild Development is mainly trying to balance out the Development (Williams started 2014 as the best of the rest sometimes challenging Mercedes itself like in Silverstone 2014 ) now sure we know it was the lack of down-force for that car plus Mercedes engine that helped it really have that incredible straight line speed but lets make a gamey scenario and call it mild Development wherein you have balanced development for the car next year. The benefit of Mild Development over Intensive development is that Mild has fewer points of failure but still giving you the initial edged over the rest. While Intensive development give an extreme Risk / Reward ratio you either have complete failure and are near the back of the field or you are leading like a king Have all the race circuits from 2010 to 2020 India, Korea, Malaysia, Nurburgring, Vietnam even have classic tracks like Imola, Estoril, Circuit De Jerez, Brands Hatch, Kyalami and I have a presonal request of Circuit de la Sarthe and Nordschleife, Indianapolis Motor Speedway . Full scale telemetry so that I can see where I'm slower compare it online for races and time trails. would be cool in career mode as well. and if you can add a feature to Jeff to have him explain to me what car tuning i should consider to get the car to work more according to my race style. sort of have me run through a few scenarios to detect my racing style and driving style and then suggest way for me to improve it either by tuning my car or by tweaking my driving a bit. I bet this would be some advanced Ai implementation which would make it the hardest to achieve. the reason why I suggest this is because I've tried to look at videos and guides and try to tweak stuff but there's no way for me to tell how I am actually doing other than this feels good this feels not so good and then try 5 laps in time trails to see if I can break my own personal best. this feature would be super insane if you guys figure out how to do it. heck I would probably becomes best friends with JEFF as opposed now where cool motivation before the race and then shut up the rest of the time except when I want to know stuff about the guys before and after me on tack The ability to save the race replay along with after race celebrations, there are some dope moment in my race career and it would be super cool to watch those races and cherry pick camera angles and drivers to get some sick race footage montage. THE race Highlight is in the right direction but I am into video editing and would love to cut my career highlight myself it myself Please do maintain the collection of classic cars you currently have as they are a treat to drive. and please address the random fps drops and stutter it forces me to use the flashback if I am on turns these changes should make one hell of a F1 Career mode if you guys bring the F2 content back then even better as more content is always better never a bad thing but seriously I would really enjoy this F1 content alot more. you guys already have done a superb job and for that I Salute you Codemasters.
  7. i'd like to drive the classic ferrari 312 to see how f1 was back in the days before Aero joined the party. ID love to drive on the other circuits that were available back in the day Korea, India, Nurburgring, the classic tracks such as brads hatch, Imola, Estoril the former portugal track, and Jarez the former Spain Gp track, if possible the Fuji Speedway and Nordschleife would be epic to have a run on