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  1. Hi, My achievements for completing all scenarios haven't unlocked. I have not completed them in order, I have completed last challenge before one other challenge that I've missed by mistake. I've tried completing the last scenario again afterwards, but it didn't unlock either of the Achievements. In this link you can see that I've completed every scenario on very hard difficulty: https://gameclips.io/fifomaniakPL/cc3f6525-687a-4b20-87b5-5229680a3af9/embed
  2. I would recommend dropping that F1 rim, too. Get something round. Then you could up the wheel rotation to 540*, it's optimal. Yeah, ultimately you can be faster with less rotation, but as you're learning, you need more control and smoothness and 360* and less is starting to be very sharp and unforgiving, you have to be super precise. And - my personal opionion - I don't like suspension FFB setting, I have it either down to about 40 or 50 or completely off, I don't remember at the moment and I can't check. It might seem good, cause you feel the bumps, but it is distracting you from the feeling of grip of the tires and in real car you feel that through your body, not really the steering wheel.
  3. fifomaniak

    How's the Tire running distance?

    If there is rain, you're better off choosing rain tyres, they're way faster in wet than Softs, not to mention Mediums and Hard. Even if earlier you have a dry stage. You might take a risk if you have 20 kms of dry and 5kms of wet, otherwise it's better to get wet tires. Same with Monte Carlo and ice sections, you'll lose so much time with slicks there.
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    DiRT Rally 2.0: Seasons 3 & 4

    @PJTierney You wrote in roadbook that price will be the same as first deluxe content pack? I paid (Polish currency) 87,99 PLN for first one right after the release, and the new one is 124,99 PLN in the store. That's more than 40% rise in price compared to the first one...
  5. fifomaniak

    dailys not changing

    When we will be able to see more than top 10 times on these leaderboards?