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  1. Xoloth

    Update 6 feedback hub

    Hey Chris, I didn't play F1MR for quite a while and just came back to check out the new patch which was announced as mainly a bugfix release. Can you give us a proper list about this? It basically says "We've done things!". OK, but what exactly? What I see is: Duel start time and speed sync - not fixed. Timing issues, missing sector times - not fixed. Unfair penalties - not fixed. Ghost car - not fixed. Cockpit view is still unusable in qualy duels or GP event qualifying. You can't see the track and have to go blind in the first corner. AI - not fixed. I see some progress here, but it's still far from good. Setups - not fixed. No point anything other than aero setups. Car handling change - I'm not against making the car more difficult to drive, but whatever Eden did is not right. The car is jumping randomly on track bumps which cause weird shortshifts and longer brakings or just lauches the car into space. It's very unpredictable. Adding handling to setup does help, but it makes the car slower compared to pre-patch. That means every change to car control messes up GP events. I wanted to do most GP before the summer break. Now, with this car I'm sure I won't waste credits on it, because it's obviously slower than it was. I think these were the most commonly reported issues by the community and not much happened with them. Also, weird thing going on with Spielberg, read this: 2 ways of doing Austria. Can you explain it? My guess is that the sectors are different on Iphone and Android. But why? Maybe next time... See you after Update7!
  2. Xoloth

    About updates, freemium model and R&D

    You're right, I didn't check sector times, just saw the 1:05. He possibly cuts the last chicane and maybe the turn after the back straight, too. Another thing devs have to fix before the upcoming event...
  3. I'm very disappointed. Again. There's so much potential in this game and it just fails to deliver. 😞 Updates: This was the fifth major update to the game. All previous updates had serious issues after release, but I couldn't imagine things could go this bad as they do after V5. I'm sure it was a command from above to come out with the 2019 content as soon as possible. I hope they see how much damage they did to this game's reputation with that. There's not one part of it I could say it works well. It feels like I'm playing with an alpha version. Suggestion: We asked you several times, but here it is again: test updates internally or make a beta version in Google Play / Apple App Store before release. Freemium model: F1 Mobile Racing offered advantages to it's paying users from start, but seeing you give more and more benefit to them makes me really sad. There are a lot of financially successful freemium games out there without making free-to-play users a prey for the ones who pay. The only thing you achieve with this, is that over time you'll lose free users once they realise they are inferior. With a trademark like Formula 1 behind your back, you could have chosen another way to earn money, it would have been a guaranteed success, too. This is what we have to race against thanks to this: That's around $1500 spent and 01:05 in Barcelona. How could an average player possibly compete with that? Suggestion: None. I'm sure you won't change the current model. I just hope you consider this for the future. You can't make a fair competitive game with a model like this. R&D system: This system is plain bad, it's way too slow. By opening 6-8 boxes a day, I don't think I'll have a fully developed car within a year, which is crazy. Changing the single item research system to the current box system didn't help. I mean it did, I'm getting more common parts, yay! Also, this system doesn't encourage me to play. After reaching 9999 CP, why would I play the game when I don't have free research slots? Getting VIP with multi research helps, but again, this made the gap bigger between paying and free users. You put a potential solution to the problem behind a paywall. Currently I have ~2000 credits and I see no point in buying loot boxes, because it wouldn't make any difference. Let's say I buy 6 Large Packs, I get lucky and receive 5 epics from each box, that's 30 epic parts. There are 12 type of epics, so chances I can upgrade a part I need are very low. That's ~$60 worth of credits spent for nothing. You have to spend hundreds of dollars to make noticeable changes to your car. That's way too greedy on your side. Suggestions: 1) Make ALL research slots capable of simultaneous research. This way we could play more because we could get more boxes. More boxes would mean faster car upgrades. This would also reduce the gap between paying and free users. Instead of the current (insane!) +100% research rate, VIPs would have +33% advantage. 2) Adjust the required parts to upgrade rares and epics. It was alright until 12 parts needed. 30 and 60 is just too much. 3) Make some kind of crafting system. I have hundreds of common parts, and can't do anything with them, they're just pure trash. For research points, let me craft an epic from 100 commons or 10 rare parts (and a rare from 10 commons). This would also speed up car upgrades and make use of currently worthless parts. 4) You could increase the max level of a part can be upgraded to every season. This way there's always potential improvement for both paying and non-paying users.
  4. Xoloth

    Qualifying Ghosts

    Agree. This was annoying in previous versions, but it's much worse now. Please make it more transparent. Also, an option to turn it off completely would be welcomed, too.
  5. Xoloth

    Post Update 5 Topics to Address

    This. I was in gold tier, but redone the Bahrain event for the new livery. Now I'm in bronze tier (so didn't even get the livery...) because of this bug and my previous results got deleted completely. This also affects my overall rank. 1. There's some serious issue with the point system. 2. Why are previous results overwritten if you can't improve them? This won't encourage me to redo past events at all. 3. Because I received bronze tier rewards for the rerun, now it says that I won't receive anything for redoing the event again. So, chance to get the new livery is lost. 4. Since car physics / handling changed radically, we're racing against times which were done with the old Mercedes. Pretty much impossible to beat those times with the new cars. 5. It would be nice to see the leaderboard before entering an old event and not just a medal sticker.
  6. Good idea, but I think this is very unlikely to happen because they'd need separate contracts with every single sponsor to include them. But purely cosmetic items like this or helmets should be the only things they sell as moneysink for whales instead of game breaking things like faster cars or daily epics of your choice.
  7. Xoloth

    2019 Season Update Announcement!

    There's a badly designed R&D system, which everyone hates and devs putting some kind of fix behind a paywall. lol
  8. Xoloth

    Paid cars vs custom cars

    After seeing the V5 release video, I guess this issue will resolve without the devs acknowledge and fix this bug. All cars will have the same chassis for a while, paid cars will be liveries only. I hope the problem won't reappear when they introduce 2019 models.
  9. Xoloth

    Paid cars vs custom cars

    So, this question left unanswered again... I decided to check this out myself, so I threw some money out on the window and bought the Mercedes yesterday afternoon. If the custom car is the same as the Mercedes, after more than 2300 duels played, you'd think it's quite unlikely to do a new track record on the very first duel with it. And it'd be unbelievable to make 12 new track records within a few hours. Well, this is exactly what happened! And I didn't play qualifying duel on some tracks yet. The car felt different right after the first braking zone. It has better brakes compared to the custom one. I still didn't adapt to it, I'm like "Frak, I braked too early!" all the time. It also accelerates better, this is what Stepen referred to, too. And like IIIDanteIII said, the biggest difference is that the Mercedes has huge oversteering, which allows you to take some corners without even tapping the brakes, what you would normally do with a custom car. This is also it's most vulnerable point, it's very easy to lose the rear end and spin, this is the only reason I lost some duels. I never had that behaviour with a custom car. Another thing I noticed is that the Mercedes doesn't get slowed down drastically if you leave the track, it's very similar like how AI cars behave when they do that. My profile after I bought the Mercedes and at the end of the day: 35 duels played, only 3 duels lost, all due to losing the rear and spinning out. Track records before and after the purchase: Huge time difference in some cases, not so big on others, but like I said I still have to adapt to the Mercedes. What has to happen for the devs to say that they will at least look into this issue? The only thing you have to do is play one qualifying duel without assists with both cars to notice the difference. After this gets fixed, I'd love to get a refund. I'd rather use a custom car. /s
  10. This has been brought up a few times, but always brushed aside. Most players here, on Facebook and on Reddit agree that paid cars are faster. There are comparison videos proving that. So instead of just saying "no, they are not", can the team investigate this? There are some videos on how to achieve a fast lap in the current event for example. With the same parts used on my custom car, I can keep up within a second in the first two sectors, then I lose ~2.5 seconds in sector 3. Which is basically a long straight... I experience the same in qualifying duels. I only lose if I make a mistake or get matched up against a paid car, usually a Mercedes. Chris, can you provide some data on how many players used paid cars in League 1 top 50 from the 3 events?
  11. Xoloth

    Update 4 is LIVE!

    This is your problem. See the posts above you. They messed up the acceleration / brake part of the racing line and auto throttle is probably following that flawed line, so it brakes too early and accelerates too late.
  12. Xoloth

    Update 4 is LIVE!

    Initial thoughts after ~30 mins gameplay with the new patch: The most important: insane engine penalties against AI drivers are fixed... ... BUT still happens against the opponent driver. I got pushed out of the track from behind by the opponent driver and got an engine penalty, while he just went on. Another one tried to spin me right after a sprint race start and I was the one who got a penalty. WTH? Matchmaking (at least in my case) now finds more real players. However significant performance differences are allowed. I think it's good, I rather play againt a real person (no matter how much his CP or PI is higher) instead of a bot. Timing is still a mess. Sector times after races doesn't add up at all. Personal records page got fixed. Is 25 the max level in the new XP system? My XP circle is full and just counting aquired XP to the max. So higher level players gain nothing from the new system? Sprint and qualifying starts are still not in sync. Grid starts are better, but the AI in front of you still pulls away like crazy. Sometimes however they slow down in sector 3. AI straight line speed is still too high. They pass you easily while you drive at 300+ kph. Still can't make the corner without braking in curved straights with DRS. This is not how DRS should feel. In real life it reduces rear downforce. So when you turn the car with DRS flap open, it would simply spin. Quite the opposite what happens in game. But it shouldn't affect these kind of light corners like there are in Sochi, Singapore and Melbourne at all. The new R&D box system is much better than the previous one with single parts. There's no credit reward for the GP event. Previous events gave 165 credits in gold tier. Bummer. Credits for watching ads got halved. You already decreased credits for watching ads in the previous patch, and now again. Not nice! I don't think it's worth it anymore, 1+1 credit every 3 hours is just too little. Some challenges give only 30 RP. Is this a bug? Some challenges give way too few RP compared to another. Example: "Perform 3 perfect start(s) in a Grid Start Race" worth 30 RP while "Finish 1st in a 3 lap Single race on Hard difficulty" worth 150 RP? That can't be right, and there's a lot more like that. There's something wrong with the racing line throttle / brake indicator. It shows red when you should go full gas, sometimes even in straights. Please give us an option to turn it off completely. I'm not sure how I feel about this overall. There are some nice changes and we got rid of the most annoying bug, but issues known for weeks or months are still not fixed. Edit after playing a little more: boxes that could be bought for RP are removed from the shop. I don't like the boxes as much as I saw them for the first time. Epic part drop rate from boxes is only 1%, which means we need to open 100 boxes on average to get an epic part. Until now I managed to get an epic part almost every day. Now, if this drop rate is true, with opening 8 boxes a day, it'll take 12 days to get an epic part. That's awful. It looks like a lot of changes were made for the sake of pushing the game towards pay to win players (worse epic part drop rate, less credits for ads, parts for RP removed from shop). The most hyped part of the patch - the XP system - doesn't do anything for higher level players. It's just a number going up, nothing more. Meanwhile only 1 crucial problem was fixed, a lot of well known bugs are still there (and new ones emerged aswell). I will take a break from this game, it's not going into the right direction. I will check out the next patch and see what happens there. I think outsourcing the development to a small company was a huge mistake by CodeMasters. You can do this with a noname game, but not with a brand like Formula 1. Millions of F1 fans expect a quality F1 game, it's very far from that at the moment.
  13. I added a poll to the thread. I'm really curious how others feel about playing against bots in duel mode.
  14. Uhm... I still can't find that topic and my post in it is also missing from my post history, but ok. That sounds good, but like I said in the other thread, I didn't play against a real player in weeks (I think since the new patch arrived). And I would rather play against an actual person with 9999 CP and 1500 PI instead of a bot. Especially the AI's current condition in mind. But if we're matched against a bot for some reason, it would be nice to indicate it somehow and not fake a real player's identity. Just make us race against F1 drivers (like the other 10 bot in grid or sprint races) when the game can't find a proper opponent. Or an idea: if the game can't find a real player to play against, then make a qualifying duel with a random player's last qualifying data from the given track. This way we could race against a real player, just not live, but a recorded ghost car. It wouldn't matter in qualifying mode.
  15. There was a new thread discussing that we're facing AI instead of real players in duel mode pretty much all the time. Why? Racing against real players is a fundamental feature of F1 Mobile Racing. Without it, it's just a boring single player game. Can we get an explanation instead of censorship?