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  1. Would like to express my appreciation for your evangelism around DR2 PJ. đź‘Ť Viewed the launch trailer for Dirt 5, and am not interested in a wreckfest ripoff. Sliding around on a frozen lake bumping into others is a waste of everyone's time. The vibe is fairly juvenile, so a big never mind for me, thanks. Too bad, because I thought that i liked Dirt 3 and 4, even the soundtracks. To this day, when I think of Dirt 3, it's ghetto burning! There's another killer track on Dirt 4, something about everybody jumpin' outta they mind. But the courses were so much back and forth, just hairpin after hairp
  2. I cannot get my time to update in F1 2018

    I have set multiple times better than what my set pb is but when I beat it again and again, it doesn’t update

    ive done a 1:17.529 on Spain for instance, but it still says my pb is a 1:18.280.

    and if you could help by uploading that correct time that would be great as well

    please help asap

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