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  1. mshagg

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Server Connectivity Issues

    Shameful. Absolutely shameful. I can only assume they have a hard time finding support staff to work over the weekend due to poor staff engagement. How could you work on this game and still enjoy showing up to the office?
  2. mshagg

    Noticeable head tracking lag with Index

    This is also present in a Vive Pro here, it received a number of upvotes in the v1.7 VR bug reporting thread. I would stress that I am not getting bad performance - the game looks great in medium settings and is comfortably hitting 90Fps with system specs per signature. Further, there is no lag between control inputs and the car's response. The issue appears to be entirely related to the positional and rotational tracking of the headset. It is extremely noticeable when stationary at the start gate, but with less exaggerated head movements whilst moving, becomes less obvious. Again, it is not a performance issue per se, it is a head tracking issue.
  3. mshagg

    DiRT Rally 2.0: Version 1.7 VR Feedback

    Another user reporting severe head tracking lag, using Vive Pro. 9900K/1080Ti. Performance is actually really quite good, from an outright framerate and image quality perspective. Better than I expected having read the initial reports. But yes, despite hitting 90Hz there is a severe - and frankly bizarre - head tracking lag. Same regardless of SteamVR branch.
  4. mshagg

    Dirt Rally 2.0 real life locations

    They're probably not on google maps as a lot of them would be access roads for emergency services/parks management in the state and national parks (i.e. they're not public roads and would be behind locked gates outside of the rally events).
  5. mshagg

    Rallycross - no way to play with friends?

    Nope. The implementation is inherently flawed and was identified as such by players on day 1. It's one of the games more puzzling design decisions. Like. Who could possibly have thought this is how people would want to play multiplayer Rx?
  6. mshagg

    How often do you use the handbrake?

    When Phil drops a "1 right" on me at the last moment and I've already got two feet on the brake pedal.
  7. It may seem a small thing and I'm sure we all have different issues we'd like prioritised (*cough per car transmission type cough*) but really appreciate this informative post, thank you.
  8. mshagg

    DR 2.0 - One Month Later

    I'm optimistic for the future of the game, and am still playing plenty. That I've clocked 30 something hours in a game with some fairly glaring issues speaks to the strength of the underlying product. But yeah, it's kinda getting to the point where permanent damage is being done to the game's reputation. The shill professional reviewers have done what they're paid to do - spin some good press - but now they've moved on to the next shiny thing there's little to do but watch customer ratings tank. A game that has a near 40% negative review rate on Steam, with such a disparity between customer ratings and what the paid publications gave it (9/10 all round) should, I would have thought, be of grave concern to the people that made it. This strikes me as problematic as nothing will make a developer give up on a title quicker than poor sales to fund that additional development. Cant help but wonder if the commitment to 6 months worth of DLC impacts their ability to support the game, given the ongoing resources the content sucks up. Actually couldnt believe what I was reading going through the minor issues in the v1.2 patch notes and seeing hardly a single major complaint had been addressed. Their response to the community's feedback really makes me question how well they understand the market. I get that these things are difficult and they cant fix stuff overnight, but "sit tight and wait for more information from us" doesn't cut it, not for a driving sim. That's how a bank deals with its customers. The lack of engagement (repeating the same thing doesn't count as engagement btw) feels like such a lost opportunity to build goodwill with a community that wants to see the game excel.
  9. Just experienced the audio bug in New Zealand. Fourth stage of this session, about half way in. No audio apart from gravel flicking. Damn near cost me the championship as I dont use any HUD.
  10. Hard to overstate how much of an improvement the full size rim is. I find it really versatile as well - feels right for pretty much everything apart from a modern F1. Be aware that the suede will deteriorate with use. I dont mind a bit of a rugged, used look on my racing gear, but if you want to keep it pristine (and keep the black stuff off your hands!) you'll want to use it with gloves.
  11. I compared the device_defines.xml files before and post update - it would appear you've changed/broken something to do with the way that devices which arent specifically named by PID/VID in the xml file are being handled by the game. i.e. before v1.2 - button boxes, handbrakes etc worked fine even if they weren't specifically defined in the xml file. after v1.2 - these devices now need to be manually added in order for people to get them to work.
  12. Urgh, what a mess. One of the things I gave codies a huge amount of credit for at the launch of DR2.0 (I even mentioned it my steam review!) was the openness of its input mapping system compared to previous titles - all of the assorted gaming devices (wheel + shifter + button box + handbrake) I have on my sim rig were plug and play and could be mapped out of the box. It now appears we have reverted to DR1 where we had to dig up PID/VID values and hack them into the xml if we wanted to use input configurations outside of the narrow set of defaults baked into the game. What's bizarre is that I backed up my device defines xml before downloading the update and compared it with the new file which was created post-patch. There's no discernible difference between the two, so something has changed under the hood with the way that the game is dealing with undefined devices.
  13. Still no per-car transmission setting (aka "Sequential and H-Pattern + Clutch")
  14. mshagg

    Vive support?

    Given it's not really a part of Valve or HTC's business model to bankroll developers in their efforts to implement the OpenVR SDK, Im not hopeful. That said DR1 through Revive was flawless as far as I'm concerned so hopefully people much smarter than me are able to get it working via similar methods.
  15. Probably my main gripe is these feel a bit canned. "Did the car feel good? Do you want to change anything in the setup?" Uh... sure phil, but isnt this daily challenge a single stage?