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  1. Shameful. Absolutely shameful. I can only assume they have a hard time finding support staff to work over the weekend due to poor staff engagement. How could you work on this game and still enjoy showing up to the office?
  2. This is also present in a Vive Pro here, it received a number of upvotes in the v1.7 VR bug reporting thread. I would stress that I am not getting bad performance - the game looks great in medium settings and is comfortably hitting 90Fps with system specs per signature. Further, there is no lag between control inputs and the car's response. The issue appears to be entirely related to the positional and rotational tracking of the headset. It is extremely noticeable when stationary at the start gate, but with less exaggerated head movements whilst moving, becomes less obvious. Again, it is not a performance issue per se, it is a head tracking issue.
  3. Another user reporting severe head tracking lag, using Vive Pro. 9900K/1080Ti. Performance is actually really quite good, from an outright framerate and image quality perspective. Better than I expected having read the initial reports. But yes, despite hitting 90Hz there is a severe - and frankly bizarre - head tracking lag. Same regardless of SteamVR branch.
  4. mshagg

    Dirt Rally 2.0 real life locations

    They're probably not on google maps as a lot of them would be access roads for emergency services/parks management in the state and national parks (i.e. they're not public roads and would be behind locked gates outside of the rally events).
  5. It may seem a small thing and I'm sure we all have different issues we'd like prioritised (*cough per car transmission type cough*) but really appreciate this informative post, thank you.
  6. Just experienced the audio bug in New Zealand. Fourth stage of this session, about half way in. No audio apart from gravel flicking. Damn near cost me the championship as I dont use any HUD.
  7. I compared the device_defines.xml files before and post update - it would appear you've changed/broken something to do with the way that devices which arent specifically named by PID/VID in the xml file are being handled by the game. i.e. before v1.2 - button boxes, handbrakes etc worked fine even if they weren't specifically defined in the xml file. after v1.2 - these devices now need to be manually added in order for people to get them to work.
  8. Still no per-car transmission setting (aka "Sequential and H-Pattern + Clutch")
  9. FYI - the update hasnt been pushed to Steam...
  10. mshagg

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - V1 - found a bug? Post it here!

    Game doesnt seem to provide an option that selects the appropriate transmission type for the car. i.e. I have an h-pattern shifter and clutch, as well as sequential shifters on the wheel. In Dirt Rally 1 (and F1 2018) you could set the game so it would enforce the appropriate transmission type. For example, h-pattern and clutch for the Ford Escort and sequential shifting for the R5 polo. Has this been overlooked? Are we expected to go into the settings each time and change the transmission type to suit the car we are driving?