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  1. On 4/4/2019 at 6:30 AM, DocStrangelove said:

    Thanks! Found it. The other stage is in the same location (they cross at that memorable point), but some of the roads aren't even registered on Google Maps even though you can see them when zooming in, so I can't use the directions function.


    edit: 23 min? Hah I do it in 15 min


    edit 2: Location on Google Maps:

    Mount Kaye Pass start: -30.703619, 152.85127

    Chandlers Creek start: -30.702161, 152.821328

    They're probably not on google maps as a lot of them would be access roads for emergency services/parks management in the state and national parks (i.e. they're not public roads and would be behind locked gates outside of the rally events).