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  1. Does anyone else have major issues with the multiplayer part of this game on PC? I have been having multiple issues since launch. Below is my experience from earlier today. I have some questions posed at the bottom of it. This was my experience earlier: 1. Tried to enter a ranked 5 lap race and got stuck on the connecting to session screen. Connecting to session flashed for about 3 minutes before I gave up. I have tried to let it "connect to session" for 15 minutes before just to see if it will actually connect..it never does. And of course there is no option for me to cancel, so I am forced to alt+f4 so I can completely restart the game. 2. Tried to enter another ranked 5 lap race and got stuck connecting to session. This time it said I was connecting to some random name which I am assuming is another player. It got stuck at 34% for a few minutes. This happens to me a lot. No option to cancel connecting...so another alt+f4. 3. Tried to enter a ranked 25% race. Usually I have better luck connecting to 25% races. I was actually able to connect, but while qualifying was already in progress...so I started at the back of the grid. I successfully completed the race. 4. Upon completion of the race, I tried to continue onto the next race by just staying the same lobby. However, I never made it back to the lobby screen because one other player got stuck connecting. So I was sitting there at a black screen for a few minutes watching the circle spin next to this guy (everyone else had check marks). After a few minutes, people just started dropping out. I waited about 4 minutes before hitting alt+f4...because of course there is no cancel option. 5. Restarted game and tried to enter another ranked 25% race. Successfully connected to a lobby where qualifying hadn't started yet. The countdown ended and the loading screen for qualifying at Spa started. Got stuck on that loading screen. Alt+f4'd to restart the game. 6. Tried to enter another ranked 25% race. Got connected to the SAME lobby I was just in. Qualifying was now in progress. Figured I'd get stuck loading again, but tried anyway. Got stuck on loading screen. Forced to alt+f4. 7. Tried to enter another ranked 25% race. Got connected to the SAME LOBBY ONCE AGAIN. It said qualifying was still in progress, but it had already been over 5 minutes. One-shot doesn't last that long. Left the lobby. 8. Tried to enter another ranked 25% race. Got connected to...you guessed it...the same lobby. At spa..with the same players. I left the lobby. 9. Searched for unranked lobbies. I only ever see like 12 lobbies at a time. Only 1 or 2 of them have more than 3 players. The most populated is usually 10-14 players. Can't ever find a full unranked lobby. 10. Tried to enter the lobby that had the most players. The race was in progress, but I was willing to spectate until the next race. Got stuck connecting. Alt+f4. 11. Went back to search for more unranked, but there are such few decent lobbies available. Gave the **** up and went to see the new Fast and Furious movie at the theater. It's the first one I've seen since the 5th one maybe? I didn't realize the focus was completely off cars now. Still an ok movie though. ------------------------ So what is up with this? Am I doing something wrong? I haven't experienced this with any other game. I have a pretty solid custom built gaming PC. I live in a metropolitan area with very reliable/capable internet. I play plenty of other multiplayer games...Dota 2, Battlefield, Rocket League, Pubg, WoW, etc etc. No problems. And when it comes to joining the same ranked lobby over and over...are there really such few people playing this game that there's only one lobby at a time? And how are there not more populated unranked lobbies? It doesn't seem to matter what day or what time of day I try. I have also had problems connecting to the weekly events. The only event I've actually been able to race in was Hungary. All the other events, I will be queued up waiting for the next race to begin. I'll watch the clock for the next race to start, but it will get stuck connecting. Whether it's me not connecting or someone else not connecting while we all sit and wait for him...its a frustrating mess either way. Racing against other humans is damn fun...so any help would be appreciated. If y'all could let me know I'm not alone in this..that would also be nice.