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  1. Ruehling

    Achtung! Fix Ai before release!

    Really?! Then the game is too easy... I played some stages and if I don't mess up too badly I make first place. I thought I'd up the difficulty after getting the hang of the game and car...
  2. Ruehling

    Achtung! Fix Ai before release!

    What AI level do you play at? I'm at 70 (I think), I was 1st, 5th (many mistakes in the "long" stage as you called it, but all my own fault) and 1st again. I'm 1st overall and find it a bit easy, but I wan't to play for the fun before getting too serious. So if you don't win, why not lower the AI difficulty?
  3. Ruehling

    Remove Always Online for the Career!

    Just one more thing: It was said I bought the deluxe edition for the DLC. Guess what else is unavailable when RaceNet is down.........yes, the garage.
  4. Ruehling

    Remove Always Online for the Career!

    Playing online without Racenet really wouldn't make much sense. I bought Dirt Rally in Early Access too as soon as it came out, I don't even know if there were RaceNet problems, I just played the career at the beginning. It wen't really smooth back then.
  5. Ruehling

    Remove Always Online for the Career!

    God almighty. You only read what you want to read, so there is absolutely no reason to discuss further.... I don't care for the extra Porsche or whatever comes with it. And IT IS CMs fault, who's would it be that RaceNet is mandatory (and down)?! This is my last post in your way, it simply doesn't make sense talking to you.
  6. Ruehling

    Remove Always Online for the Career!

    This has nothing to do with "entitlement" - get off your high horse there. I'm on MarcoMaas side here. I bought it to play it early. This chance is now gone, since I only had time today. Thanks for nothing then. Don't tell me I get early access if I don't get (full) early access. That's false advertising. It wouldn't all be that bad if at least someone gave us a word of sorry. But nothing from CM (that I read).
  7. Ruehling

    Remove Always Online for the Career!

    They could give a word about that. But hey, it's okay, take your time
  8. The German co-pilot is funny. She counts down and before she says go she's like "uuuuuhm" Like: "I guess...go?"
  9. Ruehling

    Remove Always Online for the Career!

    Why in the Hell was such a choice made? Had I known I maybe wouldn't have bought. This is the worse Idea ever, like mentioned: remember the desaster of SimCity. Please... remove that. RaceNet is down, I can't play the career. I bought the deluxe version to play a little bit today, but can't. Thank you Codemasters, you suck....
  10. Ruehling

    Racenet outages

    Yeah, I can't play at all. Thanks for letting me spend more money to get it earlier to not get it earlier. This is just weak.