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  1. GamerBlades

    Estering, Germany - Available Now

    Xbox one. Still want me to pay for it with deluxe.
  2. and if you upgrade your staff they can figure out fixes for parts sooner so you can repair them istead of replace them resulting in lower costs. kinda. I think that was the point Adriano1976 tried to make 🙂 Sure helped my buddy out when i told him as he spends most of he's time outside the road faceplanted in a tree.. heh
  3. GamerBlades

    Sooo many H-class events

    I dont mind H-class events as long as its H2 ore higher. I do agree H1 is way to much as the game has been out for a while and new players doesnt need to play the game long to have higher classes cars.(and credits arent hard earned either) I have stopped playing H1 fwd community events as its three cars in the game. sick of them allready and maxed out weeks ago. I do mind rally GT events as im playing on xboxone. The FPS isnt good/stable enough IMO on xboxone to make these kinds of speed in this game fun(some locations better then others). Only my opinion as im sure others enjoy it. As i can se on LB, some people are really fast in them but xbox players are not the majority here, maybe a handfull of players as i have seen can make top 100 ore even top 200 on xbox. and those that are, are probably playing on xboxoneX. Personally i would like more 2000cc, R5, R2 and A-class community events
  4. GamerBlades

    We ask please hotfix the audio-cutting

    Dont know if its relevant, but the only time it has happened to me latley (xboxone) is when the xbox is updating another game and i play DR2 at the same time. My internett is more than good anough so i dont se the logic in it. otherwise i havent had any audio cuttouts, but i have stoppded playing in cockpitmode and started playing with the bonet camera as i find im going faster that way. maybe relevant maybe not..
  5. Practice, practice, practice. and you dont have to practice 24/7. I have a fammily and a full time job. I also have another hobby wich takes up most of my free time in the spring, summer and autumn. 2 months ago I struggeled allot with DR2. Now i can the drive the defaults settings without issues(unless its group B awd for some reason) so i guess practice ore just keep playing the game will give you some skills over time. Give up and say its unplayable will not make you any better. I dont have time to learn how the tuning works, but i dont need to either. I even play with controller on xbox.. lol
  6. GamerBlades

    AI Times Are Completely Off

    Good.. Im not going crazy! This needs some antention by the devs. I have stopped playing career because of it.
  7. I play often with one buddy of mine in RX MP. we often meet in the finals at the end. Sometimes before but thats not often. I kinda like how we meet in the end, and all hell brakes lose in the finals. lol Edit: Xboxone
  8. GamerBlades

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - V1 - found a bug? Post it here!

    racenett is down and the sound cut off after about 4-5 km. of driving (Only tested it in freeplay so far) Xbox one, controller. Not playable for me atm. when the sound cut off.