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  1. Onrush is awesome but for the past 24 hours I have not been able to sign in. I can access and do other everything else on the xbox but I can't sign in to onRush.
  2. Iowjack

    Missed opportunity

    I agree. I have a big 55' TV mounted on the wall in the living room and have been standing up to play after a long days work sitting in a chair. None of my gamer friends have heard about this game. I honestly think they missed the boat already, but who knows. If they added some more personality to the game (like overwatch animations) and a strong marketing campaign this game could make some noise. They really need to sponsor some big twitch streamers to play the game for a weekend when they open ranked back up. Add a new Vehicle line, Skins and Characters more frequently updated. I'd love to see load out customizations in this game like being able to swap in different abilities or adding enhancers like you would to a gun/attachments in FPS.