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  1. Iowjack

    Please revive OnRush!

    Everyone I speak to or play with say the same thing about OnRush. Great Game, Can't Get Enough, Exciting, Fun! How did such a great title get so little publicity? I never even knew about until after it was already dead. Even then I played it for a year on Xbox pass until finally having to buy it. What's it going to take to get some attention on this Title?
  2. Is this codemasters or is this EA? Seriously. Can we get some sort of update on the games future, a small update to fix some bugs or maybe, just maybe a new season or 2.
  3. The orange bar graph is network latency issue with that player. The players with red or green block and a number have not completed placement matches yet. The number is their level and color changes style as you level up higher. 400 is max level. The OnRush 'O' icon for a player indicates that it's a Bot player.