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  1. Sacka

    car setup after U6

    I notice it. Feel the difference of Handling & Brake are needed since update 6.
  2. Sacka

    May 13 Status Update

    Glad you got your acct back @StKnowhere
  3. Sacka

    June 6 patch notes

    Try to start from google play. But you have to connect to google play first.
  4. Sacka

    Latest patch status

    For custom cars is long red line before entering and after the corners. It makes me break too early or miss break point. Another thing is ghost cars stays in front so hardly to see the line. I know it does not happen to purchased cars.
  5. Sacka

    Latest patch status

    @ChrisGrivesMCM How about dynamic racing line? Will it be reversed back or stay as it is now?
  6. Sacka

    What TF is wrong today???????

    🤣🤣🤣.... Inderdaad, we gaan naar de klote !!
  7. Sacka

    Fix the racing line please

    No, I don't believe it will be fixed befire Monaco event. They never fix 3 days prior to the event as long as I remember. I had played this game since right after they released update 1. The best update so far was Update 2.
  8. Sacka

    May 13 Status Update

    Another update is another bugs and problems. Wonder what's in codemaster's developer team head 🤔
  9. Many had mentioned this before since update 4 if I recalled correctly. They don't have Beta tester, we are the beta tester.. 😂😂
  10. Sacka

    Post Update 5 Topics to Address

    Same thing happened to me. Stuck for 15 minutes
  11. Sacka

    Bahrain Event

    My mistake mate. Correction had been made to my post 🙏🏻
  12. Sacka

    Bahrain Event

    I think players under 1:20 in Gold Tier are cheater in this event.
  13. Sacka

    Patch 4.5 - now rolling out

    Thank you @ChrisGrovesMCM Hope 4.5 solves thosr issues
  14. Sacka

    Post-Update 4 topics to address

    Thanks Chris for informing us. Looking forward for that patch 🙂
  15. Sacka

    Post-Update 4 topics to address

    Nope. There was a patch before last update/Update 4. It was fixed the AI behaviour, especially AI irrational speed. Update 4 has another bugs e.g. braking system, driving line, lost of power, (tilt) steering. So besides Update 4 own bugs it brought back old bugs, AI's behaviour & irrational speed. I believe it won't take long to fix old bugs because development team had done it before Update 4.
  16. F Free to download, frustation to play, pay to win.
  17. Sacka

    Update 4 is LIVE!

    The worst update! I noticed the circuits are diffrent than before but the change ruin the fun & excitement of playing this game. Braking system, driving line, losing throttle & accelaration speed. Personal best time is not recorded instead the Last time is recorded. What are all these about? AI is even stealthier than before. Update 3.5 saw AI was faster, in latest update AI is even worse. I lost 1500 throphies in since last night, won 5 times (3 from AI stuck at far behimd) What I can not think of is... There was fix to fixed AI behaviour & its ridiculous speed at corner & (even more) at straight line but now you @ChrisGrovesMCM put it back in this Update 4. If you planned to put it back why did you fix it? It was a waste, wasn't it? I believe you rush this update without testing before. Where are your Beta tester?
  18. Sacka

    Handling and racing line

    It's another problem update. Ai is much faster on straight line, sand does not slowing them at all. Fix before this update fixed the speed of AI but AI is coming back with another problems. It's Revenge of AI... 🤣🤣
  19. Sacka

    Least favourite track.

    1. Monaco 2. Bahrain 3. Singapore (mostly sector 2)
  20. Sacka

    Need to Tune before racing duel

    Totally agree 👍🏻. Saved setup & automatic load would be even better.
  21. Sacka

    Post-patch 3.5 topics to address

    Thanks @ChrisGrovesMCM for tweak. AI slowed down at corner & its speed was logic. It's much better but still competitive. I have suggestions here. 1. Let player know the circuit that will be raced for Duel. 2. There will be time given to do some set up prior to race. Hope these suggestions could help to improve excitement, experience.
  22. Sacka

    Post-patch 3.5 topics to address

    Agree. We are not Beta tester
  23. Sacka

    Post-patch 3.5 topics to address

    Hi Chris, So far tweak from the last update did not give fun or good expriences. Too fast AI in the corner even when they're out of track. Sands doesn't slowing down even a bit, don't ask in straight. They are so perfect, Refer back to previous update please.