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  1. today's delivery completely destroyed the ffb on my small mige and simucube I do not have any ffb add <device id="{0D5A16D0-0000-0000-0000-504944564944}" name="simucube_osw" priority="100" type="wheel" official="false" /> in device_defines.xml
  2. herve45

    Dirt rally 2.0 championship

  3. herve45

    Dirt rally 2.0 championship

    nobody ?
  4. how to create, in TWO CLICKS, a personalized championship with all the specials of a country?
  5. Hello the ffb on my small mige is very average impossible to apply automatic rotation. it remains blocked at 900 ° a lot of jerks despite the "collision" parameter close to zero it comes from the "suspend" setting as long as it's too high regarding jolts, I also had this problem on dirt rally 1; problem I had fixed by downloading another effectsetup_v2.xml file that corrected this problem. But there is no xml file on dirt rally 2 on dirt rally 2 there is also a lack of information about dirt and gravel tracks. We do not feel bumps like in dirt rally 1 concerning bitumen tracks, it's actually better. The Porsche in Spain is a treat but these jolts ruin the pleasure this ffb looks more like dirt 4 ffb and does not feel like dirt rally 1 sorry for my bad english