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  1. So I’ve not bothered playing this month other than 30 mins with a pad (which has decent rumble feedback tbh). It’s now been nearly 6 weeks since release and I’ve spent 70 quid on nothing. This game is a load of tripe in its current state and shame on you. Maybe if you concentrated on the game and not monetisation through DLC you’d have a good game. No more posts and no more spending on your unfinished software.
  2. I’ve got one and it works flawlessly. Play my t300 on Xbox one X...if only there was decent FFB in Dirt 2.0.
  3. Just been back on DR1. The FFB is excellent, 1000% more feel and fun and with lowly T300RS GT.
  4. Redperil68

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - V1.1 - found a bug? Post it here!

    The simple fact is I won’t buy any more Codemasters games. The games are good but there are always a multitude of issues plaguing them. I’ve not touched Dirt Rally 2 in 10 days as there is no point until the FFB is fixed. Back to Assetto Corsa Competizione, which despite only in early access and a few cars has brilliant FFB and is a great drive.
  5. I can understand PC issues but on closed platforms there is no excuse, except you wanted to get the end of year income figures up.
  6. It’s not perfect but using the dashboard view is closer to a “right” FOV. I was 7-10 seconds faster per sector rather than cockpit hand and wheel setting.
  7. I’m using a T300 and it’s so faint as to be hardly there. Much easier getting feel with a controller. Codemasters do you have any thoughts on why it’s so poor (again).