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  1. I would like to see the 'IT Sardinia rally' simply because I live there 🤩
  2. Hello! if I had been on pc I would have already solved already looking for the problem on the hardware😁. unfortunately I'm on ps4 and I'm having many problems: 2 crashes, 1 block total (the post you answered), connection problems racenet, problems of classification of community events (sometimes does not load the times of those who were more or less than 50 positions faster than mine), ffb problems (absence of vibrations and sensations with t150 but now I'm getting used to it). in 6 years the only game that gave me so many problems was "Subnautica" but unlike dirt 2.0 it was already released a few months. we hope everything will be resolved as soon as possible. Thanks for your interest!🤞
  3. A few minutes ago while I was running the daily plus RX, the game got stuck. I made a video (I attach it) after I restarted the application and of course the D + was no longer accessible due to withdrawal from me (I attach the photo). I can not wait for the 12 March so along with the dlc we will have the corrections at least for the instability that we are experiencing a bit all.😅. (Normal playstation4) DiRT Rally 2_0_20190309164353.mp4
  4. a few minutes ago while I was about to start the stage "bondi forest" "Australia" in my team and appeared the error attached. play with normal ps4.
  5. I add the T150 with the same problems on ps4
  6. yesterday at around 7pm Italian time, total block in a custom match offline while I was trying for the first time my steering wheel. console ps4 steering wheel t150. I attach image
  7. there is a problem with the times of the daily challenge, I have attached a picture to understand what it is
  8. MCasu

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Server Connectivity Issues

    I confirm, at this moment I had to try for at least 5 minutes before being able to connect to racenet, I have been playing for at least an hour and for each stage I have to try several times before succeeding.