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  1. Bobby1976

    analog handbrake

    Thanks, yes I am using my shifter as a digital handbrake in sequential mode. However, on steam I have seen PC guys use their t8ha in h-pattern turned sideways as an analog handbrake. I was wondering if the analog option will be available for PS4 users with the T8ha shifter.
  2. Bobby1976

    analog handbrake

    Will this allow me to set up my th8a as an analogue handbrake on PS4? I have seen the PC guys do it 😬
  3. Bobby1976

    DiRT 2.0 disappointing loyaltys

    I have never cared for the handling with the WRC series (primarily with the the WRC 6 and 7 I tried on PS4). As far as the DiRT series, I have played DiRT 3, DiRT 4, DiRT Rally, and DR 2.0 and also own and still play all but DiRT 3 all the time because they are that much fun in their own ways. Edit: As far as question number 1, I agree that we are so close to what could/should be expected from our favorite rally game series, so each little bug is bittersweet. My enthusiasm has not been curbed in any way and I have been playing daily since the first day we all couldn't play because racenet was down and required for career mode lol...
  4. Bobby1976

    D+ challenges not featuring the dlc content

    LOL I was forced into buying the season 3/4 just for that one daily stage! It's an outrage 😁
  5. Bobby1976

    D+ challenges not featuring the dlc content

    I was going to buy season 3 and 4 anyway, but I had to buy them yesterday for a D+ event that was H2 RWD and there are no season 3 or 4 cars in that class. I got a 2001 Focus and Scooby STI... Neither the car nor the location was actually a DLC item for yesterday's D+ event. I guess we need to be season pass holders to drive those events regardless of the venue or cars involved. I agree it would be nice if those events featured more DLC locations. Since I was going to buy the season 3/4 pass anyway I am not complaining, but I was surprised when all of a sudden I couldn't enter a D+ event. It would be nice to receive a clearer communication from Codemasters regarding such things..
  6. Bobby1976

    Total cost of Dirt Rally 2.0

    What about Poland, New Zealand, New England, Argentina, Porsches (the whole RGT class, really), a bunch of new RX tracks, etc. There is new content. Maybe not a lot though. I agree that we should have expected all the previous content plus some new stuff right from launch. I also agree that paying for DLC that is just our old favorites from DR1 is a bit disappointing, but they *are* favorites and the more places to rally, the longer I will keep playing the game.
  7. Bobby1976

    Rear View Mirror - what is this option for?

    I usually lose my mirrors to the starting gate or a sign post along the way. Then there's no need to fret about such options...
  8. Bobby1976

    Bring back Delta Daily Challenges!

    There are delta dailies. They aren't marked as such from the menu, but sometimes during a daily event my progress bar on the left will be green instead of red, and for scoring there are only two tiers. I agree it was done better in previous games. In DR I was never sure what the delta time represented. In DR2 I am not sure if I am driving a delta stage until it's half over.
  9. Bobby1976

    Feeling a bit disenchanted...

    It's not dirt WRX. It is not primarily a rally cross game. It was never marketed as such so far as I can recall. Codemasters is trying to attract as wide a fanbase between both rally and RX within the small sim racing community, and the subset within that community interested in driving the dirt. Not everyone will be enchanted but we can find some common ground and have some real fun with what we have 🦄🙂
  10. Bobby1976


    What happened to the shipping containers, ramps, obstacles etc.?
  11. Bobby1976


    I agree the engine sounds were better, and the rain was better in D4. Hated the fog in Michigan and the water splash/puddle sound. DR1 had nice water splashes that really soaked the windshield. D4 didn't really have that and DR2 definitely doesn't although I can feel the car hydroplane and slow down if hit too fast. Definitely don't need to hear waves crashing at the beach when I drive through a puddle... Some sound would be nicely appreciated however 🙂
  12. Bobby1976


    IRL rain definitely reduces visibility. Especially at night with high beams causing a reflection and loss of contrast. Does it *look* like what we have in DR2? No, not at all. It seems like a hurried afterthought, or perhaps the weather dev was on a right bender and thought she/he had nailed it and their boss was out of town (literally or figuratively). The rain doesn't fall everywhere. It seems to be a small circle around my point of view. This, for me, is the most distracting feature. I keep noticing the line where the rain stops instead of the turns, rocks, trees, etc. Let's not bring back anything Dirt4 related. The sounds made when driving through a puddle were like hopping through waves on a jet boat inside a pringles can.
  13. Bobby1976


    Okay, when you're right, you are right! I just tried career mode and see exactly what you mean... I usually just stick to the community daily and weekly events. So much for keeping positive, I guess. 😕😁
  14. Bobby1976


    It would be nice to not have jagged white lines shimmering down in a 10 meter radius about my car. However It's still fun and I keep playing every day. Think of it as your own personal tiny rain cloud. The water on the windshield and hood look great. It's just the animation of the falling "heavy" rain which is peculiar. But still FUN!🙂