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  1. Bobby1976

    Too short finishes

    Yes, this has been brought up a few times. I think they are trying to be realistic with actual rally finishes, and most are long enough if only just by a hair. Everyone has to drive the same stage so it's not unfair or anything. You could try maxing out the time control braking setting and see. It is partway on by default and I turned mine off because regaining control and not kneecapping the time marshall at the end is part of the experience.
  2. Bobby1976

    "Fix" for audio loss mid-race

    I am on ps4 pro and after a crash sometimes Phil's voice gets muted and hard to hear for the next few turns only. It's always after a big crash and the rest of the audio is still at the same volume. It's never been a big problem because I can still just barely hear his voice over the engine.
  3. I don't play career so just doing one daily event each day would be just like playing the original DR. 3 to 7 minutes and I'm done playing... This way I get to play for at least 30 minutes with all the extra loading times. Plus I get to hoard more credits 🙂
  4. Is there a difference between Group B rally and the RX versions? I didn't do much RX in Dirt 4. Why are there no RWD only RX cars except for the go-cart? Seems like it would be fun. I never heard of RX racing until I started playing Dirt Rally 1 a few years ago. I am not very good at it but it is great fun! I am happy to try anything new as it comes out.
  5. Bobby1976

    Codies' Lighting Team's Favourite Movie

    I thought you were going with the 2009 Star Trek because of the overdone lens flare and bloom... Screen_Shot_2013-09-30_at_4.57.13_PM.webp
  6. Bobby1976

    P mill repair ability

    Definitely. I have my whole team maxed out just in case 🙂
  7. Bobby1976

    P mill repair ability

    When you get the "terminal damage" animation you get a popup on screen where you choose between retire or return to the service area. You get a DNF for the stage you stuffed it on, but you are allowed to repair (even though it might not be a stage with a service stop for everyone else) and continue with the rally. You won't break any records but you get to continue and will end up with more credits or points at the end than if you just quit.
  8. Maybe try driving a whole stage in reverse? lol
  9. Bobby1976

    Favourite corner sequence?

    Now that Germany is out, mine is the section I think of as "the bowtie" because of how it looks on the map 🙂 There really are so many cool choices now in 2.0!
  10. I tried the conical brake mod with my T3PA pedals for like 10 seconds. I had to push so hard on the brakes to stop the pedals were sliding away from me on the carpet. Without the mod my pedals never move around and there is a nice spring resistance built in. I drive with just socks to avoid getting lead-footed into the trees.
  11. Maybe he's driving a tardis or Mr. Peabody's way-back machine?
  12. I have ps4pro and have had the daily community RX stage freeze partway through a couple times. I have to force close the game and restart and get a DNF for my score. Usually it is lap 3 or 4 when mine freezes.
  13. Bobby1976

    more details for stage

    whether it is uphill vs downhill would also be great! Some stages can be figured out by what name they have but for others it is a surprise.
  14. Bobby1976


    I agree the engine sounds were better, and the rain was better in D4. Hated the fog in Michigan and the water splash/puddle sound. DR1 had nice water splashes that really soaked the windshield. D4 didn't really have that and DR2 definitely doesn't although I can feel the car hydroplane and slow down if hit too fast. Definitely don't need to hear waves crashing at the beach when I drive through a puddle... Some sound would be nicely appreciated however 🙂
  15. I have a T300 and it is my first ffb wheel also. I am on PS4 so I can only change my settings in the game menu. I actually spent a lot of time just trying to figure out what each setting is supposed to accomplish then I realized that DR1 explains each setting when highlighted on screen. I took a series of pictures for reference then went back to DR2 to make adjustments. I set my steering saturation somewhere around 35% giving me a tad over 360 degrees of rotation for all the cars. I find them all "twitchy" and the Porsche won't go on a straight line at any speed. Then I practice for hours to only make tiny steering movements except for hairpins. It is easier to fishtail and spin out, but with practice it is also just as easy and quick to catch a slide and correct for it with a tiny flick. Most of a stage my steering is between 9 and 3 o'clock except for hairpins and fixing my mistakes. It is only a preference unless you want it completely realistic with the steering rotation matching each car individually. I would rather keep them all the same. I had the same problem with the rally cross cars especially when trying to brake or accelerate in a turn. They seem to understeer for the wall, so I lift off the accelerator and then spin out with lift-off oversteer. I learned with practice to countersteer slightly (while feathering the throttle and brake to make slight adjustments) in anticipation of the spin to keep control. I am pretty sure that once you pick a preference and practice you will improve. This is my first wheel ever, and after a few months practice I can set times almost as fast I can with my PS4 controller. But the wheel is a lot more fun!