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  1. Im running this game on PC with a i7 9700k, 1080ti and 32 gigs of ram and an oculus VR. Even with the reccommended settings that supposedly run good on a 1060 I am still getting a frame drop every 3 to 5 seconds. I have about 40 to 50% of headroom according to oculus debug performance monitor and it will still drop from 90 fps to about 50 fps every few seconds. There is something wrong and it's not a graphics setting.
  2. Rigle

    Do you want the FFB fixed?

    It just needs a slider for surface detail. Other than that I like it the way it is. But a little more feel when going from tarmac to rutted gravel would be nice. I just hope if they release a update that it doesn't change the good things about it. Like I said just adding a slider for road feel or surface detail would make everyone happy. 0 if you like it the way it is and 100 if you want a lot of added vibration.
  3. Rigle

    Pleased with this corner!

    The ice is unpredictable but feels good when you hit it just right.
  4. Rigle

    Wheelspin Gearing in Auto?

    Just shift when you hear it bouncing off the rev limiter haha. Or do what I do and have like 6 things telling you its time lol.
  5. Rigle

    Wheelspin Gearing in Auto?

    Even if that's the case the wheels are spinning so the car still thinks it needs to change up a gear. My advice is just go lighter on the throttle so the wheels aren't spinning as much and it should stay in a lower gear.
  6. Rigle

    Wheelspin Gearing in Auto?

    Sounds like it's doing what a real car would do. If the tires are spinning the car thinks it's going faster and therefore needs to change up a gear.
  7. Rigle

    No Wet Tire Option in the Rain?

    You can only pick wet tires on tarmac stages in Spain. On the gravel stages you only have the dry options. But the soft seems to work fine on wet gravel.
  8. I've had one and it worked great! I got rid of it after I built a PC.
  9. Rigle

    Stiff competition on the horizon...

    I hated wrc 7 so this game will have to improve the physics dramatically for me to buy it. Probably a game better suited for controller users. Felt too arcade and cars were unpredictable. Not to mention all the problems I had trying to get my wheel and other things to work with the game. I do hope they can sort those issues out and bring us another realistic game. Some competition would only make future games that much better. But if they release another arcade game then codemasters will just keep giving us broken games and promises because there is no competition to keep them in line.
  10. If your handbrake, shifter or button boxes don't work after the update, here is the fix. You have to create a new device. This only works for PC. Go to Steam/steamapps/common/dirt rally 2.0/input/devices/ Open device defines with notepad. Example: <device id="{00000000-0000-0000-0000-504944564944}" name="he_handbrake" priority="100" type="handbrake" /> The first 8 numbers need to be changed to your device PID and VID numbers. To look them up go to printers and devices and find the device you want to add like your handbrake or shifter. Double click it, go to hardware, then click USB input device, then click properties, then click events. You'll see VID and PID followed by the numbers. Just use the first 4 after each one. And put the PID numbers first. The example line can be used to copy and paste. Just change the first 8 numbers as I described and change the name and type to whatever you're using.
  11. I posted a fix for this under the general section. None of my controllers worked either but I fixed them all and they work again.
  12. Has not happened to me. I have a csw 2.5
  13. I agree. Its a mess. Glad I figured it out because I'm sure they won't patch this issue.
  14. If you haven't fixed it yet I made a post how to get everything working again. It's in general discussion.
  15. Go to my post. I have the fix.
  16. <device id="{8B8210C4-0000-0000-0000-504944564944}" name="he_handbrake" priority="100" type="handbrake" /> Copy and past that into Steam/steamapps/common/dirt rally 2.0/input/devices/ Open device defines with notepad. The first 8 numbers there should be the same for you as I am also using a HE handbrake. If it doesn't work you'll have to look up your PID and VID numbers. For that you have to go to printers and devices and find the handbrake. Double click it, go to hardware, then click USB input device, then click properties, then click events. You'll see VID and PID followed by the numbers. Just use the first 4 after each one. And put the PID numbers first.
  17. The game is showing me everything is connected it just doesn't let me assign the inputs. I'm attempting to create new devices in the xml document now to see if that works.
  18. This does not work right on all wheels. In fact it feels much worse on my fanatec csw 2.5. When turning it up this way it makes the wheel pull hard to the left when you let it go. So they still need to fix it the right way. There are also a few forces they have completely missing.
  19. Yea its weird how usb's can mess things up. I just recently built my pc and used a motherboard with 9 usb's and then added 2 more usb cards with 4 ports each because I didn't want to run usb hubs for that reason. But even this setup gave me some issues where my wheel and oculus rift weren't working right if I plugged them into the motherboard. They worked fine in the usb cards though.
  20. Rigle

    fps issues is there any answers ?

    Also reset the game after changing the graphics settings.
  21. Rigle

    fps issues is there any answers ?

    I turned off msaa. Leave Taa on. Big improvement. I'm on a 1080ti at 5836x1080 with most settings turned up to ultra except a few that don't really matter like crowd. I get 60 fps no problem with room to spare on the gpu. Go to this post to see my settings. You can probably go even higher since youre running less pixels.
  22. It's probably not the nvidia drivers if its not affecting every game like it did for me. If it was me i think i would still try a fresh install of dirt rally and oculus software just to rule them out.
  23. And you tried deleting the hardware setting config file in your documents? Thats fixes the problem for most. Nvidia drivers are up to date? Ram is all working correctly? A while back I had a bad vr stutter when using any nvidia driver newer than 388.xx if i recall correctly. Unfortunately the only fix I found for it was to basically format my computer and do a fresh install of everything. It sucks becuse it can take days to download and reconfigure everything but sometimes its needed to get rid of lingering software you no longer need but is causing issuse with new software. But I had this problem in all vr games not just dirt. You can probably just get away with uninstalling dirt rally and your oculus software and do a fresh install of both.
  24. Oh good glad you got it figured out. If you're on a 1080 or higher I think you can disable it for just about any game. I've found when its on I get weird frame drops. And it's smooth with it off. I have no idea what timer injection is though haha.
  25. Rigle

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - V1 - found a bug? Post it here!

    If you werent really moving they probably wouldn't. But seeing that light flash it has something to do with the brakes I think. Could be a glitch. If your on a wheel and pedals maybe try calibrating them again. Other than that I have no idea.