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  1. For me the times are not that important. When i play the game i dont compare what i do in the game to what Lewis does in real life...
  2. I would love the option to turn drs off. To have some real racing. Unlike in real f1, i know but anyway. Is that ever gonna be an option?
  3. Villewoook

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - RaceNet Connectivity Issues

    I recall with the last game i could login online and see my stats from the game, distance driven etc. I think on the games homepage. Cant find this anywhere this time around or where should i go? Sorry if this is a newbie question 🙂
  4. Villewoook

    D2.0 career difficulty

    Is there a way to up the difficulty in career? Or i hope it becomes more difficult once you advance? Gets kind of booring grinding through the rally cross qualifiers when the ai is so slow.