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  1. BRL ESPORTS is looking for XBOX ONE drivers so we could expand for a 3rd tier ! As well as we are looking for a Streamer to work with our secondary commentator to provide great color commentary for the races! Our league was derrived from a previous league where us drivers wanted a more competitive atmosphere with drivers who are clean and fast. Thus we created BRL. We currently have 2 splits. Split 1 is a no assists tier except racing line which runs Fridays at 11pm EST ! And split 2 is assists tier which runs Mondays at 8PM EST! We currently stream both races too the twitch platform! We have a good set of admins / owners that are willing to help all of our drivers and keep an open door policy for communication throughout the league! If any of these opportunities interest you! Please feel free to send me a message via Codemasters forums or via XBOX : BRL Skepii ! Look forward to hearing back from you!
  2. MeriKaSkepi

    I'm searching for US Xbox One league.

    I got back to you snowball. I think 🤔
  3. MeriKaSkepi

    I'm searching for US Xbox One league.

    Hey man! Us at BRL Esports are just about too kick off Season 3 for when F1 2019 comes out! You're more than welcome to join if you want! We have two tiers , Split 1 which is no Assists. And Split 2 which is assists. Split 1 runs Friday evenings at 11pm est, and split 2 runs Monday evenings at 8pm EST. Feel free to send me a message on Facebook ( Donny L'hirondelle ) and I will get you all sorted up! Ill include a picture of my profile ao you can find it!