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  1. BRL ESPORTS is looking for XBOX ONE drivers so we could expand for a 3rd tier ! As well as we are looking for a Streamer to work with our secondary commentator to provide great color commentary for the races! Our league was derrived from a previous league where us drivers wanted a more competitive atmosphere with drivers who are clean and fast. Thus we created BRL. We currently have 2 splits. Split 1 is a no assists tier except racing line which runs Fridays at 11pm EST ! And split 2 is assists tier which runs Mondays at 8PM EST! We currently stream both races too the twitch platform! We have a good set of admins / owners that are willing to help all of our drivers and keep an open door policy for communication throughout the league! If any of these opportunities interest you! Please feel free to send me a message via Codemasters forums or via XBOX : BRL Skepii ! Look forward to hearing back from you!
  2. MeriKaSkepi

    I'm searching for US Xbox One league.

    I got back to you snowball. I think 🤔
  3. MeriKaSkepi

    I'm searching for US Xbox One league.

    Hey man! Us at BRL Esports are just about too kick off Season 3 for when F1 2019 comes out! You're more than welcome to join if you want! We have two tiers , Split 1 which is no Assists. And Split 2 which is assists. Split 1 runs Friday evenings at 11pm est, and split 2 runs Monday evenings at 8pm EST. Feel free to send me a message on Facebook ( Donny L'hirondelle ) and I will get you all sorted up! Ill include a picture of my profile ao you can find it!
  4. MeriKaSkepi


    BRL North America is looking for a commentator/ streamer. We have a twitch channel for you too stream too. And before our race starts you can interview a few of the drivers too get their insight on the race ahead. Very competitive grid, so there is always action too pay attention to! We are looking for individual(s) who have F1 knowledge of the tracks and strategy , good internet connection ( able to host 1080p stream) . And can keep the race sounding entertaining and great enthusiasm! If you feel this is you. Reply via here! Or send a dm on xbox too BRL Maverick or S K E P I I ( the I I is lowercase L ). Thank you! And we hope too hear from you soon!
  5. MeriKaSkepi

    Any active Leagues on Xbox?

    Here's the information for the BRL Dirt Rally 2.0 League! Which runs Saturday nights ! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1UWGN5HRsrDPC7PACYD_DPDpGIAIGtGeCxFiSFsDFXL0/edit?usp=drivesdk If interested send S K E P I I ( the I I is lowercase L) a message on xbox to let me know if you're interested!
  6. MeriKaSkepi

    BRL North America

    BRL NORTH AMERICA is halfway through season 1, We will be doing a short sprint season after the main season. Which will have a 2 week break followed by season 2 which will start in f1 2019 League setup: Short Qualifying followed by a 50% race at a selected track. These races take place at 11:00 pm EST Time - Upon signup for season 2, There will be two tiers. Drivers will be placed in these Tiers VIA Time trial efforts and assists used upon sign up. Prize Pool: For Season 2. There will be prizes given too the top 3 drivers. First place will be $50 , Second Place $25 and third place will be $15. ( Amounts will be USD) League assists: BRL Season 1 did allow the use of assists , There is still room for this league if you wish too join mid season , or be a part of our upcoming test season. BRL Season 2, Tier 1 will be a NO Assists Tier ( Racing line may be on ) And Tier 2 will allow the use of assists Our Partners & Social Media: BRL Currently does not have any partnerships on board, But we do have a twitch / Twitter / Youtube that will be posted on regularly. Twitch will be streamed every friday at 11:00PM Est for the F1 Race, Moving on into season 2, BRL will have the Tier 2 Race happen Friday 9:00 PM EST, And Tier 1 will be at 11:00 PM EST. Here are the links too our social media : Twitter : twitter.com/blessedracingf1 , Twitch : twitch.tv/brlesport , Youtube : Youtube.com/BRLEsports Our website: Currently at the moment, BRL Does not have a website as we are an up and coming league, We are taking things one step at a time and building a community of drivers who love too race in our league and ensure they have a good time and keep coming back for some good racing! Any questions? If you have any questions let me know, you can do either of the following: - Reply to this thread with your question - Message me on twitter, my twitter Handle is @BRLskepii - Message me on Xbox, my xbox gamertag is S K E P I I ( The I I is lowercase L ) Thank you for taking time to read this thread 🙂
  7. BRL ( Blessed Racing League) is a competitive league that is looking for 4-5 Drivers willing to finish out the season! You don't have to be the fastest guy on the face of the planet, But you should have a desire to be competitive and clean racing. We are doing the full F1 Calendar, We are 11 races in at the moment! And we would love to see more talent coming into the scene, We are mostly North American based, But depending on internet connection we can add people from all over the globe! we're looking for talented and passionate drivers! and If you love the experience we provide with our league, We will be having a short season 2 as too prepare for F1 2019! Which with that coming forward, We will be expanding into a 2-Tier League system, With different rule set's too be imposed per division!, if this is something that interest's you, Please let us know! You can add me on XBOX at S K E P l l ( The I I is lowercase L ). I would love too hear from you about the league, It's co-owned between 4 people, There's a full stewards panel for racing incidents. And a dedicated host/streamer too ensure the best possible experience for all the drivers! Thank you for the Time, And I hope to hear back from you guys soon!
  8. Hey guys!, Just a reminder that the Xbox One league race for BRL Racing League is Next friday at 11:00 PM EST. We would love to see some drivers with skill and determination to do good in league races to come join us in a fun eventful evening of racing to bring some life back to the game before it's lifecycle ends! If you would like to join in on next weeks race, please read the post above to ensure how to get your name into the leaderboards for our league! Skepii ! .
  9. Hello All! My xbox gamertag is S K E P I I ( The I I is two lowercase L's , I know.. Weird), Myself and 3 other Co-Owners of a league called BRL America's are looking for quick and clean drivers to race in an american based league on Formula 1 2018, And moving forward into the 2019 season!, We have roughly 5 open seats available, Plus a bunch of reserve seats too be filled for this season! The layout of the league is with Strict Corner cutting, Any assists available ( if you choose to use them) , And steward inquiries after every race, the league is running the full F1 2018 Calendar for our league race championship every friday night at 11:00 PM EST. The races are 50% length with a short qualifying session beforehand. Approximately 1 hour before every league race there is an open practice session for whomever would like too join. Moving forward into the second season which more than likely would be in F1 2019, The league will be getting an entire overhaul. Moving towards more E-Sports based league , Multi-Tier divisons with an sign up and time trial effort to make sure every tier will be as close and competitive as possible; The first tier will consist of the highest elite, With the most competitive times, NO assists at all, and a full time stream for the races themselves. The second tier will consist of a more conservative and friendly based side of things with assists being allowed and the competition being competitive but just not up too the elite pace ( Maybe they're just starting out racing! ) If this is something that interests you, Please let us know! We do also have a league for Dirt 4, But we will be moving it too Dirt Rally 2.0 once the game is fully released and approximately 2 weeks after the games release. But back to the Formula 1 side of things! ; If you're interested in joining this league Please send a XBOX one based message too BRL Maverick, MeanFern9676240 , EGC Alderfer Jr , or myself S K E P I I ( Remember! the I I is lowercase L) . Thank you for your time and reading this mile of a post, We hope too see a lot of you drivers coming around to race with other competitive people! Thank you from the team at BRL! Skepii !