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  1. i have 3 screens so no problem in that regard but i don´t think its an issue from discrod as no other game does it i assume its either windows or the f1 2020 game that does something different and causing the issue. Also if i race in a league i can guarantee you that iam 100% muted during the race and if its a team race every team need´s their seperate channel for the race so they can communicate with each other.
  2. yeah i already told you how i fixed it. ( and the discor overlay is always off for me )
  3. Nope Listen to this device is unchecked (it could be my headset as mic and speaker cable run trought the same cable, ive already tested every other possible solution) even if i mute my mic all my sounds still get played into my mic already tested another external sound card the same **** the only thing ive not done yet is tryed a different headset) Nope Communications Radio button do nothing < nope its already set to do nothing ( for me i had to remove the exclusive access as ive writen in my prevoius post)
  4. Nope this also happens on wired headset´s but for me the issue can be different as i have an audio bug and all the sounds my pc makes get re-echod in my micorphone and maybe therfore my voice commands are not working 95% of the time. (i also needed to uncheck "give application control over this device" for my speaker and microphone in windows sound settings otherwise other programs like discord would half their volume when i tab into the game)
  5. Thats interresting the last possible thing you can try is to re-bind the steering ingame and check your logitech sofware. And then ingame rebind left and right steering select steer left turn your wheel full to the left select steer right turn your wheel full to the right. And see if that get´s rid of the issue. Additional information Because i said plug the wheel in after the pc bootet this is done because the wheel calibrates itself right after it gets plugged in if you would have it plugged in during boot some motherboards tend to power the usb ports then de-power them and power them again wich ruins the calibration of the wheel until you re-plugg it. ---- I don´t think your wheel is damage because you would have the same issue in other games then. Don´t know if you have other configuration software running in the background if so try to close them. Try disable steam big picture mode < in steam settings Steam->settings-Ingame - uncheck use big picture overlay if that doesn´t work i would say something is wrong with the game.
  6. when you start your computer have the wheel unplugged after computer started plug the wheel in and see if it fixes the issue
  7. In muiltiplayer as soon as the first hits the ready button the countdown starts The countdown is way to short to plan your strategy or getting your setup changes right.
  8. Ok first up on let me say that´s stupid and i explain why, and also list you another issue. For me Iam using a G25 wheel this wheel has only 2 buttons therefore i mounted an ps4 controller onto the wheel to have enough buttons. First problem i run into is that i cannot save a control sheme on the controller without binding every buttin wich is stupid as iam already have a wheel and pedals connected and i don´t want the controller interfeer with gas brake or steering. ( i found a workaround to this but it was a 4 hour pain of work wich would have never worked if steam would not have controller integration where i can disable the buttons i don´t need, i even needed a secondary software to then bind keyboard buttons onto the gamepad to be able to use it at all.) So i binded X - O < witch fuel up down and Square, triangle with ERS up DOWN < the fact that ERS up down works in race and training fine and in qualiy not makes me litterly miss out the last corner before i get to my hotlap round as i need to use the stupid D-Pad to set this up its just a poor design choice and make´s no sense at all.