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  1. SquadBruce

    Favourite corner sequence?

    I know what you mean. The only thing missing is the mums pushing buggies on the stage.... I'm about 10 minutes from Chepstow Park Wood/Trellech so thats my local rally.
  2. SquadBruce

    Favourite corner sequence?

    I always used to tell my driver off for doing Scandinavian flicks on tarmac! Not fast IRL but definitely more fun!!
  3. Don't think anyone knows but I wouldn't blame them if they left it a while until everyone settles down on here.
  4. If they do release Ypres then I'll be determined to get further than the bend that gave me a trip to hospital on the Monteburg rallysprint a while back!
  5. SquadBruce

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

  6. I noticed last night the Weekly and Monthly I was doing kept saying I was 52nd on every stage and then when I toggled to friends and back again it would then show me in the correct place. I'm a bit worried that one thing gets fixed and is replaced by 2 more issues. Going to be a very long haul!!
  7. SquadBruce

    Season 1 Germany

    As much as I like to defend this game, this is pretty indefensible. Why promise something that you are incapable of upholding. If they said it would be midday on Tuesday at least they have time to sort it if it goes **** up.
  8. SquadBruce

    New ffb impressions

    G29 I've dropped down to 60 and it's pretty good. Think a bit more tweaking needed but it's between 50 and 60 for perfect I think
  9. SquadBruce

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    I can't wait to use this thing. A sign that I'm getting old I think!
  10. Another small thing which is a design fault rather than a bug is if you run interior cam but without any HUD you can't see the starting gantry lights on most RX circuits
  11. It's like buying a Fiat Punto and then complaining it's not a Ferrari even though it's from the same company and you paid less.
  12. Already been mentioned possibly but when doing Weekly and Monthly challenges it only shows me the stage time and never an overall leaderboard. I like to see how badly I am doing overall!!
  13. SquadBruce

    Career mode AI on elite level

    I'm Elite Level but dropped down to Pro just so I could have fun in the events. I suspect I will just jump back up to Elite and then leave it to do weekly's etc as they are far more fun.
  14. SquadBruce

    New ffb impressions

    Was running my G29 on 85 last night and I genuinely couldn't tell you what the FFB was trying to tell me about the road. It was just random knocking and was so vague that it was making me put in excessive steering which was inducing understeer. Might have to whack it down to 40 or something later and give it a go. Also had trouble with the braking being very ineffective since the update.