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  1. Hello Madace, yes that works for me in all the dirt titles now. With older hardware long time ago - no problems. For me i need to deactivate only this in the picture below. If i disable more devices i cant use my mouse headset, i have the he shifter to. So now i can use the wheel and shifter without stuttering every few seconds...thank you very much, thats it. But now i want to know why 🙂
  2. Hello, i have the same problem, here with the accuforce v2 and HE seq Shifter. Setup ist 9900k, win 10 version 1809 (everything is up to date) msi 2080 ti trio Viewsonic XG20703 G-sync Wqhd, 32gb ram, hero xi wifi and so on. Its the same with Dirt Rally 1 and Dirt 4. Every other racing game (e.g. Iracing,R3e, both assetto corsa titles and all the f1 titels are great and no issues). Also no issues or stuttering in all the other games... here in the dirt titles stutter every few seconds, by unplugging the wheel its ok...but you know - i need the wheel for the game. There are a lot of threads round the internet. But it doesnt help. Running in compatility win 7 or 8 modus not ok, as admin...and all the other solutions round the web. is there any macigal setting which i can try. Because of this i have to refund. The game is great but mostly unplayable...with my old setup years ago, there were also no issues by these titles...i tryed everything like the first poster here. I understand you 🙂 Best regards Tobi Posted 3 minutes ago (edited) so i have found the issue, its a little bit wired but very easy. Only with plugging in my HE Sequential shifter and the plugging out. It works as it should, no stuttering, nothing. When i plug the shifter in again...then stuttering. how can we solve this.... So then restarting the game, the same error occurs, again while driving, pulling the shifter in and out, then it works. i can drive now without the shifter, pulling out the mouse cable or other devices doesnt help. Same procedere in Dirt Rally 1 and Dirt 4. Hm whats going on. I have no hubs and devices...every other game works. SO THERE MUST BE SOMETHING BEETWEN THE USB CONNECTIONS WITHIN the game by some users, not everyone has this problem. SO ONLY MY SHIFTER PULLING IN AND OUT solved the problem - on every new start 🙂 deleting the hardware config in my documents...doesnt help. Edited 1 minute ago by Tobi1234