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  1. We are a rebranded start up league looking to start our league with the release of the F1 2019 game. We are currently recruiting drivers of all skill levels, since we are running a two tier system. We are going to use the F2 cars on the lower tier for those placed on that tier. If you're interested in a competitive fun clean racing league please let me know. I'm currently working on the rulebook making a few changes to it to improve it. With that being said season 1 will run the full schedule on both F1 and F2 calenders. If you are interest please hit me up on here or PS4 for any and all details. PSN: DeathStorm6990
  2. DeathStorm6990

    Looking for a North American evening (PST) league...

    Hello Im also recruiting for a start up league of my own. We at GOR (Genesis Online Racing) would like to give you a chance to run with us. We're currently attempting to fill two tiers in the league so plenty of spots are available either as a full time or reserve driver. In either case if you would like more information on set ups and rule please let me know. Looking forward to hearing back from you soon.
  3. DeathStorm6990

    EOR Recruitment Open

    Hello everyone. EOR is recruiting for the upcoming F1 2019 Game in June. Ideally would love to have two full tiers that will implement F1 and F2 cars. If anyone is interested you can contact me on here or on psn. I will give you more details when you message me. PSN DeathStorm6990.
  4. DeathStorm6990

    VFL F1 PS4 league need 15/20

    ok sounds good
  5. DeathStorm6990

    VFL F1 PS4 league need 15/20

    Ok keep me posted thanks
  6. DeathStorm6990

    VFL F1 PS4 league need 15/20

    When do you guys start this league?
  7. DeathStorm6990

    looking for ps4 F1 2018 league

    Hey we at EOR have at least 1 full time spot available. What kind of assists do you run?
  8. DeathStorm6990

    EOR Recruitment Open

    It's PS4 and we have one spot left and I'd like to get you in practice tonight with the league if you can join us
  9. DeathStorm6990

    EOR Recruitment Open

    EOR is running an open try out for two full-time spots in our league. If you're interested please contact me and I will send you all the details.
  10. DeathStorm6990

    VFL F1 PS4 league need 15/20

    I'll have to create a Skype. But my PSN name is DeathStorm6990
  11. DeathStorm6990

    VFL F1 PS4 league need 15/20

    hey I'm interested in running in the ps4 league if enough interest is generated. I run medium tc with no brake assists. manual suggested gears and no pit assists. I also run with manual ers. I'm actually a co-leader to another league on f1 2018 so I have racing experience. I'm from America so I believe that the time gap might put me at 5pm est to run.
  12. DeathStorm6990

    UPL F1 Season 5 / Final Trailer / 1 Week to Go

    ok what time zone is the league
  13. DeathStorm6990

    UPL F1 Season 5 / Final Trailer / 1 Week to Go

    is this xbox or ps4
  14. DeathStorm6990

    EOR Recruitment Open

    Hello everyone, our league is still in it's start-up phase and we are still looking for one full-time drivers along with a commentator for the rest of out season. We are currently 9 races into the season. We are an American based league that runs at 10pm Eastern Standard time. Some assists are allowed so if anyone is interested please contact me via here or on PSN. Username is DeathStorm6990. Hope to hear from some of you guys real soon. Thanks, EOR Recruitment Team
  15. DeathStorm6990

    ILR Season 5 - AMERICAS League - SIGN UP NOW!

    what time zone are you guys?
  16. DeathStorm6990

    URC - Thursday League - 2 seats

    What system and time zone are you based in
  17. DeathStorm6990

    EOR Recruitment Open

    EOR is currently looking for 3 Full time drivers along with a head steward and commentator. PS4 only. League runs on Tuesday nights at 10pm EST. We are an North American based league looking for any drivers in North America looking for a start up league to help build. If interest please contact myself or my co-leader. PSNs: DeathStorm6990 and conojloft.
  18. DeathStorm6990

    OWC F1 league

    XBOX PS4 or PC? and what days and times are you league races
  19. DeathStorm6990

    EOR Recruitment Open

    Hello again. EOR is still looking for drivers to fill a spot left open as well as reserve drivers, stewards and commentators. Just note that we are in mid-season but if you are interested please let me know either here or on psn. Username: DeathStorm6990.
  20. DeathStorm6990

    Looking for League

    Any North American based leagues looking for drivers? Preferably US or Canada. Please let me know. I'm able to go most nights. Only exceptions are Monday night and Tuesday night. PSN DeathStorm6990
  21. DeathStorm6990

    TWO SPACES LEFT: Tuesday night 8PM GMT on PS4

    How many spots left? Im interested in another league. I co-run on Tuesday nights at 10pm so I have that window of time.
  22. DeathStorm6990

    EOR Recruitment Open

    Looking for drivers to fill in holes in rosters. Open to all still levels. Please be a clean racer. If interest in details please contact myself or my other co-leader. PSN conojolft or DeathStorm6990
  23. DeathStorm6990

    EOR Recruitment Open

    Still looking for 3 drivers and a commentator/ stewards moving forward. If interest please let myself or conojloft know. PS4
  24. DeathStorm6990

    EOR Recruitment Open

    Once a week. Tuesday nights at 10 pm est. Were running a practice/tryout tonight around about the same time. If you're interested please let me know and I'll be glad to have you in tonight
  25. DeathStorm6990


    American based league ?