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  1. The audio dropouts seem to be worse than ever. I've had numerous dropouts in both Australia and Argentina. It's really taking the fun out of weekly and monthly events as on every one I've entered recently I've encountered this issue. It usually drops out mid stage and sometimes stays off for the whole of the following stage before dropping back in again. The AI times are all over the place too. I did the weekly today and was more or less in the ballpark but on the monthly I was dropping around 30 seconds per stage, even on stages where it felt quick and I had a solid clean run. Phil then always adds insult to injury by telling me it felt quick.
  2. Thing is, from a players perspective I'm not seeing any kind of upgrade over DR1 in this area. I'm sure this overhaul has had many benefits from a development standpoint but as a player I'm just left wanting for features that didn't get carried over from DR1. Having to constantly manually adjust transmission types depending on the car is deeply irritating at best and the lack of true analog handbrake support is baffling. I'm seeing pretty much what I saw in DR1 only missing a few features and now hidden behind a more convoluted UI. As stated above it appears to be a case of fixing things that weren't even broken in the first place.
  3. Tim451

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - V1 - found a bug? Post it here!

    Noticed a few issues with pacenotes. One corner called as "right 3, tightens 2" when it's actually a tight entry which opens on exit and I recall at least one chicane called as right entry when it's actually left entry. I'm also struggling to get used to the pacenotes system in this game (I know, this is just personal preference) with the bend radius called before the direction. In some respects it feels very flat compared to the calls in DR1. I get the overriding sense of Phil Mills sat in a big comfy armchair as opposed to being strapped into a rally car. There's also the complete lack of surface information though ffb (already discussed to death so I'll not add any more). It's also annoying having to manually change between h pattern with clutch and manual sequential depending on what car I'm driving. An option to force mirroring of the actual cars transmission would be great. The fact that the handbrake input seems to function as an on/off switch is also infuriating as it makes good handbrake control almost impossible. It would also be nice to see a value in degrees next to the fov slider because as it stands it's not possible to accurately set fov for those of us using a rig. Then we come to the racenet issues. Suffice to say I haven't been able to complete a single multi stage online event without a stage dnf due to racenet issues. I haven't even bothered starting a singleplayer campaign yet due to this. I've also had a couple of random crashes over the past couple of days that have kicked me back to the desktop. The game feels like it has a lot of promise but personally I'm not able to enjoy it with the issues as they are. The physics feel great (tarmac feels vastly improved) and visually I think it looks fantastic but all the little issues added together make the game in its current form a frustrating experience.