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  1. Rockomax

    TV-pod as an assist.

    But why?
  2. Rockomax

    'Radio Check' on Formation Lap

    To be fair, radio check is done on the grid, before the formation lap. In case there is something is wrong, it can be fixed. Can't fix anything on the drivers side when formation lap has started
  3. Rockomax

    Dynamic Weather Changes

    Almost anything can be modified to suit player skills, yet weather supposed to add realism? Someone at Codemasters is being stubborn and unwilling to change it. To make it worse, they added steering assist this year .....
  4. Rockomax

    Stop Jeff tutorials when idle in pits

    Codemasters could have easily added other engineers alongside the new My Team mode. Hiring a few voice actors or some actual race engineers to say some lines shouldn't be that much of a drain on the budget.
  5. Rockomax

    Quali pace of ai

    Pretty sure 1-2 difficulty doesn't account for a 1.2 second gap.
  6. Rockomax

    Quali pace of ai

    Second or even third season perhaps. Lap time of team mate suggests that your time is what the car is capable of, but indeed a long way behind of teams with less performance. Possible time skip bug still exists?
  7. Rockomax

    Non-Linear Weather Changes

    Except A.I. is horrible with strategy when conditions change. I had a race where it went from light rain to heavy rain for 2 laps and all of them went into the pit for full wets and back to intermediates after 2 laps. Was an easy win for me though ......
  8. Rockomax

    Female Drivers

    I just googled for a screenshot. Middle right also female I assume. Certainly there are more.
  9. Rockomax

    Better practice programs

    For years the practice programs have been the same and I think that most players aren't really exited to do them anymore. if you want research points, their mandatory. Perhaps there could be some programs added to the game and mix them up with the existing ones. Tyre Management and Fuel Management are for example not very important in Monaco, but in order to undercut rivals a inlap and/or outlap could mean the difference in winning or not. So a program that needs you to a push lap before pitting and a good outlap would spice things up a bit. A race start program would be very helpful as well One other thing I noticed as someone that hasn't been able to play at 110% A.I., is that it's sometimes hard to get a correct difficulty level to match my skill. Would be great to do the Race Strategy program and have an indication of what an appropriate A.I. level would be based on the average pace.
  10. Rockomax

    Stop Jeff tutorials when idle in pits

    But I need Jeff to tell me when I have understeer it could be because of a lack of rear downforce after 8 seasons lol Seriously though, there should be an option to mute these tutorial messages. Also why is Jeff so fixated on the qualifying sim program......
  11. Rockomax

    Assist Nerf!

    Automatic gears often puts you in a too high gear on exit. Manual just gives you more control when breaking and rotation.
  12. Rockomax

    Dynamic Weather Changes

    It is quite strange that you can have close to auto pilot assists, but adjusting weather affects immersion according some people. Changing AI difficulty, Safety Car, tire temp simulation or even race length in between sessions somehow doesn't affect immersion? 5 lap races in a career mode .... lol I am not total rubbish in wet conditions, but I just don't enjoy it. If it was just this one odd race per season with rain, I could live with it. 10+ races is just too much. Just the options, Dynamic, dry, clear or wet ( for the die hards ) would be fine. I don't need to micromanage on how the weather in every session will be like.
  13. Rockomax

    Female Drivers

    There are quite a few
  14. Rockomax


    With this logic, it seems you would be ok if they removed the tracks that aren't on this year calendar anymore
  15. Rockomax

    League Weather Choice Needed

    I agree that there should be a choice of weather. All game modes should have it. There is no good reason for not allowing people to choose what type of weather they like to race in. Three options should be enough in my opinion. Dynamic, Dry, Clear.