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  1. Rockomax

    Set up for tyre wear

    Lower on throttle differential settings do help with controlling rear tires wearing out to fast.
  2. Rockomax

    Unlapping during SC

    All these lapped cars are often reason for another SC after restart, quite annoying.
  3. Rockomax

    Custom Weather in Career Mode F1 2019 ?!

    I really don't understand why in all game modes, dynamic weather is optional, except career mode. Almost everything can be changed to fit peoples needs. but apparently changing weather isn't possible. Even though it's in the menu of career mode, just grayed out. Career mode is single player, thus giving people a choice if they want to have rain or not, doesn't affect anyone else. Codemasters announcement for F1 2020, said there would be more customization for all skill levels, let's hope turning off dynamic weather is one of them. 40% of the season driving in the wet is not my idea of fun.