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  1. I played around with the settings more and now i think it's close to as good as it can be. Still very minimal road feel, absolutely none going over curbs for example. Otherwise I'm pretty happy with it. PS4 + T300: Self aligning torque 50 Wheel friction 0 Tyre friction 125 Suspension 150 Collision 85 Soft lock 100 Steering centre force 3 Btw, why am I not able to change tyre slip and engine values? They are locked at 100. It seems like being able to adjust tyre slip could have a big effect. Perhaps they know it's not quite working and locked it for future patch? Default values are all rubbish and there's alot of work to be done here with overall feel, so definitely not what I was expecting. Great game otherwise so it's quite unfortunate.
  2. Same here! I'm using T300 on PS4 and the FFB is very disappointing. With default settings it was very very stiff, had to tone it down alot. Dropped wheel friction and centering force completely, tire friction way down and self aligning torque to 50, suspension to max. Now it feels playable but the road feedback is almost minimal and the steering feels just oddly stiff and numb. Not getting the kind of feedback from bumps, slides, ruts, etc that you would expect. Going offroad and collisions seem to work how they are supposed to, it's the road/steering feedback that's completely lacking. Can't believe they managed to mess this up. I hope it gets fixed ASAP!