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  1. Grumps82

    The Patch - Graphics are WORSE - PS4 Pro

    Its perfectly acceptable for a consumer to complain about this game. This isn't Codemasters first rodeo gents. Anyone is entitled to moan about this just like anyone is entitled to enjoy this game. The fact of the matter is the fact that this game should have been delayed, tested, tweaked and then released. Or put into early access and improved via the public. Again, this isnt a new thing. Pretty much every game comes out with issues day one and we know that "eventually" it will be fixed. Honestly as a consumer we shouldn't pre order, we shouldn't buy in to the marketing hype or BS. Its our fault that developers make "deluxe" editions or "play early" editions, because we are the ******* idiots that buy into it. Again, this isnt the first racing game that Codemasters have made, one would assume that this should have been a solid release. Its fair to say its been pretty rocky to be honest. The only thing you can do is vote with your wallets. I got a refund after 17 hours, im glad i did. Yeah I'll buy this again but not for a good few months when everything is sorted...
  2. Grumps82

    ffb fixed, some comms from devs

    So as i said nearly a month ago. Just a simple increase of strength in the xml file like my guide. My guess is they won't rewrite the FFB code. 1. It will take too long. 2. They have no idea what to do. We can onlu hope for a templar type mod like he did for DR1. I managed to get a refund on this after 17 hours playtime. I'm absolutely staggered its still in a mess. Not just the FFB but the other issues everyone has reported. Yeah ok so in there somewhere is a great rally game, but we are a good 3-6 months away from that.....
  3. Just want to thank you all for the positive vibes for this guide. Ive managed to get a refund on this game after 17Hours playtime. https://gyazo.com/71abc58ca8b036dd834773bc1e0414cc https://gyazo.com/daa2d56b7cae3babd5ddfb5c5e36966d I'll revisit in a few months when the issues are sorted. All the best gents.
  4. Grumps82

    Track Degradation

    150 progressive steps ? Is this actually true, or what has been said ? 🤔
  5. All of my tests / conclusions have been built around the old school cars. The newer ones have no interest to me.
  6. People saying about the XML tweak amplifying the FFB. Well, that is exactly the point. You have to amplify the FFB massively and then tweak / lower the in game settings to get the balance right. The fact that the FFB is SO WEAK is the reason why you increase the default value in the XML file in the first place. (If it's even there). Im not sure why some people are getting agitated by this. Look, it either works (feels better) or it doesn't do anything and that's all there is to it. And for some people they don't have an issue at all...... Let's be clear here. There is obviously an issue with the strength of FFB (or lack of) for the majority of people here and elsewhere. And we have to do something to try and rectify the issue or in our eyes make it feel better. If it "works" for you then great, post your wheel, control panel settings, in game settings and job done. As far as I know (after hours and hours of tweaking my guide) there are only 3 forces present in game : SAT. Suspension. Collision. Im my guide it's a very fine balance between overall strength (ffb_force), SAT and suspension. And unfortunately you have to play with the SAT and Suspension setting every time you change car or every time you change track country. To be honest it's not too bad, because the amplification is so high ffb_force it doesn't take a lot of tweaking in the settings. I think the current physics in DR2 are very good indeed and I assume they have some sort of bearing on the FFB (I say assume, remember something isn't right though....). But I do feel, in my own opinion that the current FFB by design is completely intended and is absolutely how it should be in Codemasters eyes. There are too many similarities between DR2 FFB and the FFB present in Dirt4. The fact that the XML file is nearly identical to DIRT 4 says a lot. And remember the FFB in Dirt4 was weak or was very vague ??? We somehow forgave that due to dirt4 being more arcade than sim...... So to finish. (I'll Keep plugging this) Do check the guide I posted in steam, it does contain some useful information. But also check the other thread I created which also contains useful information about this issue from different people. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1663123655 https://steamcommunity.com/app/690790/discussions/0/1798529872643319472/ Codemasters have responded to this and that's great. Fingers crossed they come up with something..............
  7. Attention to detail. These self appointed guardian angels of Codemasters need to get a grip.
  8. Fear not gents. Allegedly : "Short Stage : No Stone Wall" "Long Stage, : Stone wall" Did anyone ******* test this game ? 🤨
  9. Grumps82

    ffb fixed, some comms from devs

    100% mate, 100%.
  10. Grumps82

    ffb fixed, some comms from devs

    Its the lack of clarity that's probably bothering everyone now, its starting to grate on me now to be honest. Im not fussed if there is a fix tonight or next week, i would just like some news on the issue. They could simply say : "Yes we are aware of the issues " "We are currently doing (insert answer here)" "We are planning on (Insert answer here)" "All going well the fix should be out in (insert answer here)" At the moment is seems like it is currently : "FFB is an issue we're on the case!, but we have no idea what is going on so we are staying quiet"
  11. Yes i did. Ive been faffing around so much ive changed all sorts of settings and forgotten some
  12. Thank you. Deleted post and that's my bad. I did not realise they are related.. Apologies
  13. Test : Track : Argentina - Huillaprima - Heavy Gravel Conditions : Dry Cars Tested : VW Golf, Ford Escort, Ford Sierra, Lancia Delta S4 & Polo GTi R5. Test Conducted : To test the "Suspension" value setting on a Thrustmaster T300GTE Method : To test every car while heavy accelerating Braking Method 2 : To test every car around corners and then letting go of the wheel. Conclusion : Every car listed above in both methods above veered to the left. No matter what the angle of camber, collisions position or starting angle of the steering wheel. I thought it may of been the camber of the road. So i turned the car around and did the same thing, it veered to the left !!!!!! This may be the reason some users have reported always steering to the left ?!?! *** is going on ??
  14. Right. Bear with me. I have some interesting results to share with you all...................................................