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  1. FleX13

    Restarts, Repairs, Credits

    I would like to see more realism, like option to turn off restarts totally. And definately also hard core damage in career mode. I'm on the point where game feels liiitle bit boring (still loving the game), because also Pro career is still very easy, so you just have to grind, grind, grind a lot before getting challenges.. I started also Fia RX champs with very hard difficulty (I think it's the hardest what you can get, bcs slider is on max) and for me it's just too easy at the moment. Winning every heats etc with 10-15secs gets it boring, so basicly you just drive through whole championship. But I'm still going to do career with all difficulty levels 🙂
  2. Thanks man, will definately try those. But what I actually ment was your fanatec wheel settings: ff, dri, for, spr, dpr, sho, fei ?
  3. What are your wheel profile settings?
  4. FleX13

    Career difficulty

    Thanks for answer man 👍 my best guess was something like that, because haven't found any place to adjust difficulty.
  5. FleX13

    Career difficulty

    Admins can remove if answer is somewhere already, didn't see myself. Is there anyway to change career difficulty or has it somekind of proggressively increasing difficulty? I drove first career, 4 stages per rally, difficulty way too easy. Started second one, 6 stages per rally, difficulty still pretty easy. So do I have to just grind up career after career until rallies has 12 stages (like DR1 master level has) and AI would be hard enough?
  6. Yea I thought same today BloodCat 😁Was playing and suddenly 1million credits popped up and I was like *** I rushed to purchase cars just in case that was some kind of mistake 🤣
  7. Hopefully we could get the one and only snow rally, Sweden also at some point Edit. Wasn't aware that monte and sweden are already included in Season 1. Nice!! Really enjoying this game.👌