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  1. Mastoideu

    DiRT Rally 2.0, Version 1.5: Bug Reporting Thread

    @Riggs You can scratch this one from your list. The Historic Championships are now unlocking properly (on PS4 Pro).
  2. Mastoideu

    DiRT Rally 2.0 Car Setups

    Just another happy customer here! Thank you and please keep it up. (if there are any Codies snooping around... fire the ingame engineers and put @2Technical in charge)
  3. Mastoideu

    Dirt Blurry 2.0 - NO MORE!!!!!!

    I know it’s eye candy but still it’s nice to be able to finally read the gauges! Shame that the heavy rain at night is still unplayable. I guess it’s a totally separate issue.
  4. Mastoideu

    Dirt Blurry 2.0 - NO MORE!!!!!!

    So... I’ve just hurriedly put together this video (I’ve been busy playing, now that I can) to show the difference between graphics on the PS4 Pro between patch 1.1 (only clip I made before Codies surprised us with the fix) and patch 1.3 (the second run starts at 2:49). Welcome to El Rodeo (Argentina). Mean comments about the crappy driving are unnecessary, unwanted and unappreciated 😆
  5. Mastoideu

    Dirt Blurry 2.0 - NO MORE!!!!!!

    Just launched it! Beautiful graphics on PS4 Pro, truly crystal clear now! Thank you Codies 👍🏼 PS: I guess I won’t be around the forum much in the near future (your loss, I know). Got some racing to do!!!
  6. Mastoideu

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - v1.3 - found a bug? Post it here!

    @ianism I sense that I’ve failed to make my point (yet again). I’m all in favor of new content; I don’t know (or pretend to know) jack about game developing; I’m fairly sure that Codemasters knows how to properly allocate their resources, But, being in a situation where I cannot play the game due to an issue (blurriness in PS4) that was overlooked before its release and, almost two months after, has received nothing more than a “we’re looking into it”, I resent seeing all this new content being released for a game I’m unable to enjoy. From where I’m standing it feels more like I’m being mocked after having been cheated into buying an unplayable game. This may sound harsh to all those that, despite some bugs, have been able to enjoy the game, but unlike many others that have plainly left this forum and probably the game altogether, I’m still around rooting (in my own special way) for Codies to fix the darn thing!
  7. Mastoideu

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - v1.3 - found a bug? Post it here!

    Maybe they do, maybe they don’t. We can only guess and hope that someone at Codemasters is doing something else other that new liveries and engine sounds (nice as they are to have). As stated many times before, life would be a lot easier for all the involved parties if we’d be getting any info on what’s happening behind the scenes, and I don’t mean any unnecessary promises or timings. Just a simple “we’re currently looking at the following issues [insert list here] and will revert to you with our findings asap” would keep the community a lot happier. As it is everyone (myself included) feels like they have to keep shouting their problems in the hope that someone will eventually listen.
  8. Mastoideu

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - v1.3 - found a bug? Post it here!

    Ups, I guess that single one may have slipped through the cracks! But I’m sure it will be coming soon, eventually even before DiRT 3.0, so all is not lost! @Thierry97 I stand corrected. Blurriness is solved. For the PS4 Pro it looks great!!!
  9. Mastoideu

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - v1.3 - found a bug? Post it here!

    Hmmm, tricky! Let me see... 1. The problem with dark stages and no visibility has been poorly resolved and now the cockpit of the car is completely dark and some stages over-exposed. HDR needs to be fixed for good, no matter how much time it takes. Headlights also have nearly no effect in dark zones (such as New Zealand forests, Australia forests and Monte Carlo's tunnel) during day time. This is as prioritary as FFB, because it's a gamebreaker. (https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/35657-dirt-rally-20-v12-found-a-bug-post-it-here/?do=findComment&comment=411207 and https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/178-dirty-gossip-thread/?do=findComment&comment=409909 ) 2. Some cars' headlights lack proper glass texture opacity and some of them lack proper mirroring texture within the bulb case (Lancer VI for example) ( https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/35466-whats-wrong-with-dr-20-cars/?do=findComment&comment=406760 ) 3. Tyre wear is too forgiving at the moment, making any choice besides Soft and Wet nonsense. Tyre wear, at least on softs, needs to be improved so that it wears way faster than it currently does, so that Medium and Hard compounds are a viable choice whenever there are bigger stages. And if possible, make it so that tyre wear rates also depend on how you drive (if you push harder, higher speed and higher sliding will cause the tyres to wear faster). ( https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/35154-tyre-life-and-running-order/ ) 4. There are a few details missing from tail lights when the lights are on and brakes applied ( https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/35466-whats-wrong-with-dr-20-cars/?do=findComment&comment=407285 ) 5. The Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI lacks halogen lights during night stages. The game only places the 2 in the front bumper, but it lacks the set on the bonnet. ( https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/34816-dirt-rally-20-v11-found-a-bug-post-it-here/?do=findComment&comment=408600 ) 6. There's no mention on these patch notes about the grip bug happening intermitently to some players. Some get no grip, some get partial grip and some don't have any problems. It's as if the car had no gravity and the wheels didnt touch the ground ( https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/34816-dirt-rally-20-v11-found-a-bug-post-it-here/?do=findComment&comment=408243 and https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/35657-dirt-rally-20-v12-found-a-bug-post-it-here/?do=findComment&comment=409135 ) Being fixed in Patch v1.3 7. There's no mention on these patch notes about AI scoring irregular points in the My Team career. Not sure if this also happens on custom events. ( https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/34816-dirt-rally-20-v11-found-a-bug-post-it-here/?do=findComment&comment=408152 ) 8. After a stage when you're in the service then go to the main menu and back again in the service, the tyres you used lose their used condition and just display as "New". 9. Some materials while in wet conditions seem to lack proper roughness, making them extra shiny and bland ( https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/34816-dirt-rally-20-v11-found-a-bug-post-it-here/?do=findComment&comment=407693 ) 10. Running order seems to be class dependent. Example: Group A will never start 1st on the running order regardless if they lead the entire rally, and not just the class, making the running order and track degradation a bit shady. There's also the issue where the championship leader will start cleaning the first stage of the event (correct), except if you are on another class other than R5, but then if you lead the rally once again you don't get the best order position for the best grip. Not sure how you're gonna do it, but something needs to be done about this, as older classes get 90% of the time rutted stages. 11. Splash VFX and SFX are missing when passing through a splash (New England stages). 12. Splash VFX and SFX are missing on wet stages on little puddles of mud and water (all gravel stages that have wet condition). Not sure if this is a bug or an intented design decision. If it implies a significant performance drawback, discard. 13. PS4|PS4 Pro - Rain drops are pitch white during night when lighted by the headlights. ( https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/35657-dirt-rally-20-v12-found-a-bug-post-it-here/?do=findComment&comment=409302 ) 15. There are more reports of stuttering since v1.2, which didn't exist before. ( https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/35684-stuttering-since-update-12/ ) 16. Audio is still cutting out in the stages. Being fixed in Patch v1.3 17. Some co-pilot pacenotes are not given in custom multiplayer races. ( https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/35657-dirt-rally-20-v12-found-a-bug-post-it-here/?do=findComment&comment=409334 ) 18. Headlights still need to light the road farther in dark/rain conditions (Poland specially). 19. PS4|PS4 Pro|Xbox One S - blurry graphics, unable to turn off TAA, low resolution textures overall, faulty HDR and unable to adjust FOV. Being fixed in Patch v1.3 20. Probably related to bug #6, the rear end of the cars is levitating in some rare cases. There's definitely something there with the gravity. ( https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/34816-dirt-rally-20-v11-found-a-bug-post-it-here/?do=findComment&comment=409901 ) 21. Some of the R5s have their wheels wrongly placed ( https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/35466-whats-wrong-with-dr-20-cars/ ) 22. Rally events are appearing twice in the same career championship, omitting one rally ( https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/35657-dirt-rally-20-v12-found-a-bug-post-it-here/?do=findComment&comment=410026 ) 23. There's a set of graphic bugs on PC Steam version v1.2 (still to confirm in consoles) while in headcam, such as water splashes not rendering properly, objects levitating, etc ( https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/35657-dirt-rally-20-v12-found-a-bug-post-it-here/?do=findComment&comment=409819 ) 24. Screen tearing and black screens problems on Xbox One ( https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/35657-dirt-rally-20-v12-found-a-bug-post-it-here/?do=findComment&comment=409736 ) 25. Some buggy UI graphics overlaying during Car Setup (can't confirm platform) ( https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/35657-dirt-rally-20-v12-found-a-bug-post-it-here/?do=findComment&comment=409572 ) 26. Buggy dialog box showing code instead of text concerning insufficient funds to repair car damage in the main menu ( https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/35657-dirt-rally-20-v12-found-a-bug-post-it-here/?do=findComment&comment=409684 ) 27. Stability issues on PC, causing crashes d3d11.dll and stack related, game freezing mid-stage and consequently PC freezing ( https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/35657-dirt-rally-20-v12-found-a-bug-post-it-here/?do=findComment&comment=410083 ) Being fixed in Patch v1.3 28. There's reports of the co-driver pacenotes notebook 3d object not appearing in head cam. 29. To get the trophy "watch the delta" and "living the dream" you have to buy the Group A and B cars that are already included in the Deluxe Edition. 30. Despite the 7th rally being added to the game (Monte Carlo), championships only have 6 events. Should get adjusted as locations get added. 31. In the Rallycross Daily events, people get forced back out of the event, rather than back to the pits after a practice run. 32. During replay, tyres are squealing on snow/ice/gravel surfaces like if it was tarmac. Being fixed in Patch v1.3 33. Xbox One X - There's a report of the big black graphics bug still happening as of v1.2.1 ( https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/35657-dirt-rally-20-v12-found-a-bug-post-it-here/?do=findComment&comment=410821 ) 34. In Monte Carlo rally, the italian co-pilot's first words at the start are not in italian. 35. Wipers remain automatic even after being disabled in the settings. 36. In Monte Carlo rally, headlights are ineffective in the tunnel during day time. This is the same problem as with the dark forest areas in New Zealand and Australia. 37. Invisible object collisions in Monte Carlo near the wall (trees) ( https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/35657-dirt-rally-20-v12-found-a-bug-post-it-here/?do=findComment&comment=411526 ) 38. In Monte Carlo rally, when you go to the service area after you finish a stage, the ground floor is black like if it was missing a texture (i'll make sure to get a screenshot on this one soon, it happened to me on a GTX 770 with the latest nvidia driver) 39. The french translation of "clear weather" should be "dégagé" and not "vider". 40. When overwriting a setup it resets its name instead of keeping the old name. 41. Rev counter analog display is upside down in the Mk1 Golf ( https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/35657-dirt-rally-20-v12-found-a-bug-post-it-here/?do=findComment&comment=412114 ) 42. We are unable to scroll up to the top or down to the bottom in the leaderboards right after finishing the stage ( https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/35657-dirt-rally-20-v12-found-a-bug-post-it-here/?do=findComment&comment=412353 ) 43. Sometimes windscreen wipers are duplicated. Being fixed in Patch v1.3 44. On the R2 Ford Fiesta most of the liveries have too wide (or actually too high) black bar on top of windshield, which make the car almost impossible to drive. The liveries 1 and 2 are ok, rest are not. Being fixed in Patch v1.3 45. PS4 - There's reports that "Unexpected Moments" stop appearing after a certain time spent in career. 46. PS4 (and maybe Xbox) - Modern Classics achievement is not unlocking. 47. Argentinian flag flickers in one of the argentinian stages ( https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/35657-dirt-rally-20-v12-found-a-bug-post-it-here/?do=findComment&comment=412905 ) Nope, I think everything has been covered! Edit: forgot to credit @Riggs for the above list
  10. Mastoideu

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - v1.3 - found a bug? Post it here!

    I believe that this is what you get: Consider yourself prevented!
  11. Mastoideu

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - v1.3 - found a bug? Post it here!

    At long last! Now I can die happy! Comforting to see how priorities are keep being handled!
  12. Mastoideu

    Description of the FFB you would like to have.

    The FFB I would like to have is the one that would please (almost) all the players. I can hear you screaming: that’s impossible! Is it? Take a look at how they do it in Project Cars 2: ”There are three Feedback Profiles (known as “Flavours”) in-game, and each has its own preset settings. This is where you begin the process of tuning the FFB to suit your driving style, as well as how you want the game to convey what the car is doing out on track. —Immersive: This setting replicates the feel of road surfaces, kerbs, tyre slip, weight, and suspension movements felt through the steering wheel, and as experienced in the real world. —Informative: This is designed to give more of a detailed feel of road surfaces, kerbs, tyre slip, weight, and suspension movements, to ensure the driver can get as much information through the FFB as possible. —Raw: This is an unfiltered Force Feedback setting that allows you to feel the full strength of the various forces felt by drivers.” On top of these flavors there’s a plethora of fine tuning possibilities (if you’re interested you can read more about it at: https://www.projectcarsgame.com/the_insiders_guide/episode-4-setting-feel-force-feedback/) that is guaranteed to satisfy every possible whim. All it would take is a little more commitment from Codemasters to implement something similar for a game that definitely deserves it! The only counter to a solution of this sort is: what would we all be complaining about then? Oh, wait...
  13. Mastoideu

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - V1.2 - found a bug? Post it here!

    Are you saying that a nice Portuguese wishing you “boa sorte” is a bug? Shame, shame, shame! 😆
  14. Mastoideu

    DiRT Rally 2.0 Road Book - 08/04/19

    I would never do that!!!
  15. Mastoideu

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - V1.2 - found a bug? Post it here!

    Got it. Thank you for your reply.