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  1. Mastoideu

    DiRT Rally 2.0 Car Setups

    Just another happy customer here! Thank you and please keep it up. (if there are any Codies snooping around... fire the ingame engineers and put @2Technical in charge)
  2. Mastoideu

    Dirt Blurry 2.0 - NO MORE!!!!!!

    I know it’s eye candy but still it’s nice to be able to finally read the gauges! Shame that the heavy rain at night is still unplayable. I guess it’s a totally separate issue.
  3. Mastoideu

    Dirt Blurry 2.0 - NO MORE!!!!!!

    So... I’ve just hurriedly put together this video (I’ve been busy playing, now that I can) to show the difference between graphics on the PS4 Pro between patch 1.1 (only clip I made before Codies surprised us with the fix) and patch 1.3 (the second run starts at 2:49). Welcome to El Rodeo (Argentina). Mean comments about the crappy driving are unnecessary, unwanted and unappreciated 😆
  4. Mastoideu

    Dirt Blurry 2.0 - NO MORE!!!!!!

    Just launched it! Beautiful graphics on PS4 Pro, truly crystal clear now! Thank you Codies 👍🏼 PS: I guess I won’t be around the forum much in the near future (your loss, I know). Got some racing to do!!!