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  1. I suggest removing the 5 restarts limit from the career modes.
  2. Mastoideu

    DiRT Rally 2.0 Car Setups

    Just another happy customer here! Thank you and please keep it up. (if there are any Codies snooping around... fire the ingame engineers and put @2Technical in charge)
  3. Mastoideu

    Dirt Blurry 2.0 - NO MORE!!!!!!

    I know it’s eye candy but still it’s nice to be able to finally read the gauges! Shame that the heavy rain at night is still unplayable. I guess it’s a totally separate issue.
  4. Mastoideu

    Dirt Blurry 2.0 - NO MORE!!!!!!

    So... I’ve just hurriedly put together this video (I’ve been busy playing, now that I can) to show the difference between graphics on the PS4 Pro between patch 1.1 (only clip I made before Codies surprised us with the fix) and patch 1.3 (the second run starts at 2:49). Welcome to El Rodeo (Argentina). Mean comments about the crappy driving are unnecessary, unwanted and unappreciated 😆
  5. Mastoideu

    Dirt Blurry 2.0 - NO MORE!!!!!!

    Just launched it! Beautiful graphics on PS4 Pro, truly crystal clear now! Thank you Codies 👍🏼 PS: I guess I won’t be around the forum much in the near future (your loss, I know). Got some racing to do!!!
  6. What part of OCD didn’t you get??? (I’m obviously joking, well... mostly). Rationally I couldn’t agree with you more. But then there’s that tiny little devil sitting on my shoulder and whispering “you can do it, just give it one more try precious!”
  7. @CatBadders Ironically I got my OCD problem in DR1. The AI was so relentless that in order to win the Masters all runs had to be nearly perfect (and the AI didn’t mess up much, or at least not enough to give me a fair chance) so I just got used to instantly hit replay at the slightest mistake. I guess I’ll have to lose that nasty habit now. It shouldn’t be as difficult as to stop smoking (hopefully, since I didn’t manage that one yet 😞)!
  8. Bullseye!!! I admit I may have a bit of OCD. Whenever I make a driving mistake I feel like the run is ruined and want to start over until I get it right! Thanks for the constructive advice!
  9. @ale81udine Ah, I believe I get it now. You don’t oppose to having those options in the game, you just personally don’t make use them, which is perfectly fine. @_BorisTheFrog_ The topic - or my suggestion - is a bit more specific: to enable the option to have unlimited restarts on career mode. Judging by the lack of support for my suggestion I’m starting to think that I’m the only one having trouble on clearing the career rally with only 5 restarts (which unfortunately tells a lot about my driving skills... or lack of them) 😔 so I guess it is not such a good idea after all. And I definitely will be enjoying the rest of this great game.
  10. I’m afraid I totally miss your point - my bad for sure - because you do have the choice, on all playing modes, to turn off all assists, the automatic wipers and not to use any restarts. And if that’s not hardcore enough for you, why not just turning off the volume on the co-pilot’s voice? Maybe you’d be kind enough to let us know what’s the rational behind your suggestion? ****** Back to topic - the option to have unlimited restarts in career mode - and this goes almost without saying, I would be totally in favor of rewarding players that would opt for a no or limited number of restarts career with special achievements, extra coins and/or reduced repair times (as in previous games of the DiRT series) or in any other way that would adequately reward their skills!
  11. I’d be fine with that as it wouldn’t change much for me. Unfortunately I’m not a good enough driver to go through a rally and clear all stages at the first attempt and still be at the top of the table. As for being real... well, no, it wouldn’t, actually! And that’s because there’s still the possibility of pausing the game (yep, also not that realistic) before finishing a stage, going back to the main menu (and losing the progress on that stage) and then going back to career mode where you’ll be starting the same stage again. It’s a convoluted and unpractical way to get unlimited restarts... but it’s there. Like in all simulations, even in the hardcore ones, the developers always have to make concessions (like being able to pause in the middle of a run) to ensure that there’s a fine balance between realism and playability. After all, they don’t spend their time trying to make a game so real that it is not fun to play and that no one will be willing to buy. As for the unlimited replays conundrum, there’s still another possibility: give the players the possibility to choose between limited or unlimited replays in career mode.
  12. Clarifying my suggestion of having unlimited restarts (like in DiRT Rally, btw): 1. It doesn’t kill any illusions that this is a simulation, not an arcade game. Having 5 restarts is as realistic as having an unlimited amount. In real life you only get one chance to get it right. And if it’s true that this is a hardcore simulation it is not less true that it is also a game, and games are supposed to be a source of fun, not of frustration. 2. Human players are competing against an AI that knows the tracks and makes the most out of it, leaving little to no margin for mistakes (depending on the difficulty settings). In other words, human players start with the handicap of not knowing each and every detail of every stage, but the AI sistematically achieves times only possible after becoming totally familiar with them. 3. Having unlimited restarts on the career mode won’t spoil anything. After all the players have access to all the rallies and cars - with unlimited restarts - in all the other game modes. But having the 5 restart limitation definitely spoils the career mode for me. Why even bother if I can create the exact same championships with unlimited restarts.