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  1. We are a 2 PS4 household with 2 accounts. One account is used to buy all Digital download games, and these are usually fully functional on the second PS4 on the second account. We have the Deluxe Edition for Dirt 2.0 and have all the additional content usuable on both accounts. However on the account that was not used to purchase the game we cannot enter the online D+ events and get a message stating we need a season pass. We have the season pass with deluxe content pre order edition. Is this a bug or a design decision?
  2. Simple_B_69

    Handbrake not assignable with TH8A

    I have a TSS+ shifter/handbrake, a TH8a Shifter and a T300rs. I have it setup the following. Connect the TH8a shifter you want to use for changing gear direct to PS4 usb, select the controller options for the thrustmaster shifter and assign gear up and down (this should show as gear up/down not r1 or l1 when assigned here), or if using h gate to the relevant gears, the second shifter for the handbrake (in my case the TSS+) connect direct to wheel. This controller is then part of the wheel, go to the thrustmaster t300 wheel options and assign the Handbrake this should then appear as R1.
  3. Simple_B_69

    DiRTy Gossip

    Try turning up to Max!
  4. Simple_B_69

    DiRT Rally 2.0 Road Book - 20/03/19

    Specs aside, I guess you just have to experience how bad it is on PS4 Pro to appreciate the level of critique and just how downgraded it looks on the platform compared to the much crisper experience of DR1. It is truly genius to get it to look so strange, almost like a cell shaded game in some areas. Anything not in the immediate area surrounding the car. i.e. the areas you focus on while driving are a smudge fest with little to no detail. Trees for example, not so far in front of you as to be where you are looking to go next, often looked to be just 2 coloured shaped blobs to represent the foliage, dark green, with a smaller light green section. Puddles and watermarks on the road the same. It looks like it's hand painted with a fat brush and a very limited colour pallet, and no colour mixing was allowed. It is the most odd experience they have managed to produce. For me It was so odd I ditched it for the P.C version and had to rebuild my 10 year old tower and my driving rig to accomodate it, it is now glorious in 4K, the windscreen rain effects when it is chucking it down are intense (on PS4 Pro the wipers go, you see fat shards of rain in front of you but you get next to nothing on windscreen for wipers to clear), the headlights work and I can actually see where I'm meant to be going. That said even on PC it struggles in some circumstances to maintain steady FPS, dark/rain/dust/ heavily crowded sections can cause it to chop in 4k without downgrading extensively some of the graphics options, and having worked through a range of settings to get it consistent and enjoyable in all situations, I can almost get it to look like the PS4 Pro version, just to see how low it had to go. I wonder if the Standard PS4 on a 1080p screen delivers a more acceptable experience. Given my experiences I can see now why there will not be a PSVR update anytime soon.
  5. Simple_B_69

    DiRTy Gossip

  6. Can I get some love for a MK1 Vauxhall Nova rally car....
  7. Simple_B_69

    PS4 PRO 4k Samsung TV Blurry

    I have a 4k 49 inch curved Samsung TV and a PS4 pro and agree it is a shocking blurry mess to the point of being almost unplayable and a spoiled experience especially in the wet/dark. I've come to the conclusion from others comments it has nothing to do with your equipment, it is just how it is. For me it was so unenjoyable that I dug out my PC after a colleague donated me their old GTX960 card, and bought the PC version. Even at 1080p i get 60fps with a mix of med, high and ultra settings and the game is beautiful and enjoyable and looks like a completely different game from the console version, and it will be a masterpiece if they could just sort out the FFB feel.... For those without the option, force the PS4 pro to 1080p in console settings menu, the extra grain actually helps define the image imo and prevents the enhanced blurring of the 4k upscaling of the 1080p image, until and if Codies do something about it later down the line.
  8. Simple_B_69

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - V1.1 - found a bug? Post it here!

    Or on PS4 (PRO), also no way I was 38 seconds slower than top times with a clean hard run. Another issue is on the leaderboard for the daily I couldn't get above 600 to see the top times.
  9. Simple_B_69

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - V1 - found a bug? Post it here!

    Agree with the PS4 Pro washed out/ blur fest looks so bad, rain looks like ps3 graphics and their is no clarity down the road other than about 10 feet in front, it's just a blurry, smudgy mess which makes it difficult to focus on the road ahead especially in anything other than sunny conditions.