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  1. I'm glad you're enjoying. I've always used a controller and it works for me. A wheel set up would be better to have better control instead the off/on of the controller, but I'm not interested in spending the money and I use a standing desk.
  2. I thought that the re-install might not work as everything is uploaded to Racenet. I have stopped doing the Career Mode altogether until they hopefully patch it. I have come to love the Custom Championships. You can change the AI Performance and Hardcore Damage at anytime by going back out to the Custom Championship main page and it takes effect at your next event. You don't earn money in the Custom Championships and as such don't buy or upgrade cars as they are fully upgraded as with your team, but you do get points. While that's a bit of a bummer, the pro's of the Custom Championships outweigh the cons for me. The Custom Championships are different from the ones in DR1 where you couldn't configure anything but the difficulty. Here you can configure what events (you can even have Rally and Rallycross events in the same championship if you want to) you want, what stages you want, the time of day, the weather, and not only whether you want a service before the stage, you even select how long the service is, you can have 15 minute, 30 minute, or 60 minute services, which is pretty awesome. One thing I've started doing, is mimicking what I see in a lot of the WRC rallies, where they run a loop of 3 or so stages in the morning and repeat them in the afternoon. I'm currently doing an R2 Custom Championship. Since I'm not a big fan of the FWD cars, I made each of the rallies, have a long stage and short stage that I repeat, but with different times of day and/or weather. It's a lot of fun. It takes me about 20 or so minutes to make a championship and then I save it, so I can do it again with the same class of cars if I want to. You choose the class of car when you make the championship and you have the option to change to a different car or livery for every event in championship if you want to. Nice if you choose a car you don't like. Since you determine when you want service you can do 1, 2, 3, 4, or even more stages between services, requiring longer services and giving you a reason to use soft or hard tires. I always stick to medium tires for the standard 2 stages as they didn't give us a manual, tool tips, or even an in-game tire wear gauge at the services to see how your tires are or how long they are supposed to last 😞 As for AI Performance as I said above in DR1 I was able to get through all of the levels with too much difficulty until I hit Master and then had to use the Renault Alpine. Masters was challenging for me to get top 10 times, so I started doing Custom Championships at Elite and could do top 3 to 5 finishes. In DR2 I started setting the AI Performance in the Custom Championship at 50 and it was still way too hard. I currently have it set at 30 with the R2 cars and if I'm pushing at the ragged edge of losing control with my skills and using a controller I can win stages or be in the top three. If I make even fairly small mistakes I'll be down 8th to 10th, bigger mistakes will have me in the high teens. I love it that the AI really pushes you and punishes you for making mistakes. When I do my next Custom Championship with the R4's I'll probably drop it down to 25 so I have to push hard to do well, but don't have to be on the ragged edge of crashing if I want to do well.
  3. In your next update can you please let us change the AI Performance level in Career Mode. In DR1 I was able to go all the way up to Elite in Rally. To unlock Masters I had to use the Renault Alpine and after that I found Master to be hard to finish in the top 10 and started doing Elite in the Custom Championship where I could consistently finish in the top 3 or 5. In DR2 I did Career Rally, Open using the Fulvia and beat it easily. I moved up to Clubman and used the H2 Volkswagen Mk. 2 Golf GTI and got destroyed, regularly coming in mid to high 20's if not last place. I finished the championship in 30th place and 0 points. I'm all for a reasonable challenge, but the challenge is nowhere near reasonable, and not fun. I have heard others on this forum, the Steam forum, & the Dirt Redit with the same complaints for Clubman and above levels. Allowing us to change the AI Performance would greatly help with that. Could you also let me know how you would rate the DR1 AI Performance in the DR2 system? PS also could you please fix all the night and rain stages, there are way too many. Thank you for listening
  4. I tried that stuff also. I'm going to stick to the Custom Championships, which should allow me to cut down on all of the night and rain stages. Good look with the 2nd install.
  5. I totally agree with the frustration. I just finished my first Clubman championship and finished dead last and got punted down to Open. I looked all over and couldn't find a way to change the AI Performance either. I'm going to do some Custom Championships and see how those workout.
  6. Is there a way to change the AI difficulty after you've made your initial profile? I have been playing Dirt Rally 2.0 and enjoying it for the most part. Recently I have been getting very frustrated. When I created my initial profile I left the AI Difficulty at the default of 70, medium. I made it through the Open championship using the Fulvia and completed even after having to retire from 2 events. I moved up to clubman and used the Fiat Abarth and I found it crazy hard, I was finishing last or next to last every stage. I finished 26th, 24th, & 28th in the 1st 3 rallies and was getting frustrated. I looked through the options and could not find a way to change the AI difficulty. I even tried a custom championship with one stage and could not select the difficulty as you could in Dirt Rally. I tried an AWD Group A car and finished 19th. Since I was getting frustrated, not enjoying the game, and could not find away to adjust the AI difficulty, I reset my profile and when that wouldn't let me change it, I nuked my whole profile, losing all of my progress and still could not change the AI difficulty. Is the only way to change the AI Difficulty to uninstall and re-install or hack the game registry? For some background on me. I play on PC and use a controller. I have played all of the Colin McRae games and Dirt Rally. In Dirt Rally I was able to proceed up to elite without issue using the older fwd and rwd cars (I prefer the newer cars myself). To unlock Masters I had to use the overpowered Alpine. I found that elite was where I was comfortably challenged doing top 5 or better times, while rarely winning. Dirt Rally 2.0 on Clubman at 70 AI difficulty is miles harder than Master on Dirt Rally. I hope there is an easy fix for this as I like the game, but not being able to change the AI difficulty is a big flaw and the crappy Racenet connections don't help. UPDATE I have to correct myself. the AI performance isn't in the driver profile it's when you 1st start My Team Events along with whether you want hardcore damage or not. There doesn't seem to be any place to view your choices or change them after your initial selection. Hopefully there is and I'm not seeing it as otherwise it's a big detriment to me. A suggestion to Codemasters outside of letting us be able to change these after our initial selection would be to give us some frame of reference, such as telling us what the equivalent Dirt Rally AI Performance is in comparison and it isn't 70 as Clubman in Dirt Rally 2.0 is way harder than in Dirt Rally with the same class car and similar experience. It also doesn't work saying medium as medium means something completely different to say a new player coming straight from the Dirt series games to Dirt Rally 2.0, to a casual sim player like myself, and to high-end sim racers like Jimmy Broadbent.