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  1. DSS1970

    Rallycross Issue's

    Thanks for the replies. Hopefully these issue's can get resolved. Great work Codies and a great game.
  2. DSS1970

    Rallycross Issue's

    First off, thanks for the great game. I've had the game crash and the sound cutting out issue intermittently, other than that I'm really enjoying the game. I want thank you guy's for getting me into watching Rallycross, which is awesome. I've noticed a few issue's with the rallycross portion of the game. I'm playing a 2019 RX Custom Championship (custom championships and time trials are all I play) and I have the AI set at 60. 1. Gregoire Demoustier and Mandy August are driving the wrong cars. Demoustier is driving an old Stard Fiesta, not his Peugeot 208 and Mandy August is driving a Peugeot 208 not her Seat Ibiza. 2. At a race in Belgium one of the ai cars (Liam Doran) took the joker lap multiple times in a race. 3. In a couple of races I've had the ai joker from the lead on the 1st lap, which makes it easier on me, but doesn't make sense as it's doubtful a real driver would joker from the lead on the 1st lap. I don't know if these issue's are known, but I wanted to let you know.